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Twilight and Princess Celestia are in love. That's great... isn't it? But as they begin to tell their friends and family, how do they reconcile their relationship with the vast gulf in their experiences and the distance that an immortal alicorn princess must keep between herself and her subjects? Maybe this was a bad idea after all. Maybe their friends will just make things worse. Particularly since some of their friends are having their own relationship problems. And a secret society of masked ponies with their eye on Celestia's throne are looking to make the whole question irrelevant.

The followup to Correspondence and including the events of Moonshy. Includes pony makeouts, breakups, hookups, crying, flirting, melodramatic plots, political intrigue, OCs, and the occasional magical beatdown. I regret nothing.

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Inspired by Friendship with Benefits is Magic. Not intended as a direct followup as much as my own take on the idea. What is Celestia to do when Twilight Sparkle shares a little too much? And why doesn't Twilight have any idea what she's talking about? And why is Luna smiling so much!?

Followed up by yet another epistolary conversation between Twilight and Celestia about the magic of not knowing what the hay that other pony is talking about. Features a special guest appearance by naughty!Luna.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

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A collection of some of my shorter or more experimental pieces of fanfic that don't really merit standalone status. Updated at random as I write additional bits and pieces that I can't do anything else with. Rated teen for bathroom humor, drug use, and sad ponies.

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Princess Celestia is not having a good week. But is the fish in her mane merely an accident, or is something more sinister at work? What's wrong with Pinkie Pie? And... are those zombies? Only the coven of mysterious robed ponies plotting her downfall know for sure... and they're probably not going to tell her.

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A new darkness has taken root in the Everfree Forest, and ponies are going missing. Does Fluttershy's new pet hold any answers? Or is Ponyville, and eventually all of Equestria, doomed?

Special thanks to SoFDMC for the cover art!

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Twilight always thought that being able to send the Princess her letters instantaneously through Spike's fire breath was the best thing in the world. Instant correspondence with her mentor and secret crush could never be a bad thing, right? Unfortunately, Twilight has a habit of writing her secrets down on flammable materials. Now her secret's out, so what's a panicky unicorn to do? Panic, obviously!

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