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Starlight has invited Trixie over to her room to show her something. Something that she hasn't shown any pony in a long time. This prompts Trixie to ask a question that's always been on her mind. Why did Starlight go so far for Sunburst? Why did him leaving crush her so much?

Starlight isn't the only on with a secret though. Trixie has a secret as well, one that she's been thinking of finally revealing to her very best friend whom she has a serious crush on. But like with Starlight, this is a big secret, and it might be too much for Starlight to handle.

When the truth comes out, will these two friends be able to look at each other the same again? Or will the truth only bring them closer than ever.

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I really enjoyed this story! Keep up the good work.:pinkiehappy:

“Just a bit,” Starlight called out from her personal bathroom, “It's been a while, so I need to make sure everything looks right.

Forgot the quotation mark.

Trixie was so thankful for that reflection, and how everything came together. Her figure was curvy, not too thick, but with a decent bust line and nice ass and hips, accented perfectly by her long blue and white tail, and her matching mane fell alluringly over her shoulders and down her back. Nothing Trixie wore was simple, hence why even now she looked like she was ready for a magic show, wearing a blue and purple leotard that accentuated her breasts and complemented her blue coat, fishnet stockings, and blue high heels. Over top that she wore her long purple cape, and on her head was her matching witch's hat.


Unlike Trixie's more extravagant attire, Starlight's was far simpler, consisting of a purple suit shirt, black tie, black tight skirt that stopped right under Starlight's on shapely hips and rear, dark sheer stockings, and black high heels. What really caught Trixie's attention though was Starlight's mane. Normally curled to the side a bit, right now it was simpler, the bangs straight and falling more naturally in front of her and the back of her mane tied in a high ponytail.

Oooh, oh this is familiar...

“Au contraire, Mademoiselle,” Trixie said in perfect Prench, “While the Great and Powerful Trixie is true beauty incarnate, she is only one example of beauty and perfection. You Starlight, are radiant in your own natural way, one that is so different than myself there is no comparison.”

You have a silver tongue.

“What if… I told you my biggest secret?” Trixie asked slowly, not meeting her friend's gaze, “Something no one in my current circle knows about.”

Oh? This is getting interesting.

Trixie took a deep breath, “Moment of truth time,” Trixie sat up straighter and turned to the side away from Starlight, “I'm transgendered.” she closed her eyes wincing, waiting for Starlight to shoot her down and turn her away.

Oh. OK.

“I really took to the hormones,” Trixie said, “It helps that I was somewhat feminine even as a colt, and I started my hormone replacement therapy so early. I'd at least started hitting puberty, so other operations could be successful later on, but it was caught early enough where the hormones didn't have much of a fight.”

Fair enough.

“My Mother was really curvy, and the way HTR works is you end up developing in a manner similar to the mares in your life when going from male to female,” Trixie explained.

Plus, magic.

“Why wouldn't I accept you, Trixie? You're my best friend. Even if you weren't born a mare, the Trixie I met is a mare, so that's what matters to me.”


“You're… an orphan,” she realized. Now the picture thing made sense.

Oh, oh, jeez, that, wow...

Trixie cut Starlight off by turning her around and pressing their lips together.

GOOD. The Shut Up kiss is always fun.

“Trixie… you're a… lesbian?” Starlight asked slowly.

Apparently. And besides, considering the male to female ratio of ponies, you're more likely to find a lesbian ship than a straight one.

Trixie would be her family from now on.

DAAWW! *BOOM!* Ah dammit, my Daaw meter exploded. Now I need to get another one. Wonder if Ink Rose has spares?

Not sure how necessary it was to have the characters be anthro instead of ponies, but I really did like this one-shot. Startrix is my third favourite ship in MLP, and I really wish there were more good stories about them. Starlight's motivations make perfect sense in this interpretation, all while staying faithful to the source material, and Trixie as transgender seems legit.

Here, have a like from Flufux the Velociraptor!

Okay, I have to admit, I wasn't expecting the twist with Trixie being Trans, but it definitely makes this far more different than the norm for StarTrix stories. Also, I need to question why this story was anthro, could have worked with regular ponies but to each his own I guess.

Also, Starlight's backstory and reasoning for being furious with Twilight? Top notch.

very good story loved it and that twist ws great

Huh... Also small nitpick.

Trixie's revelation is two letters too long.

I'd say more, but I'd have to spoil it to make sure what I have to say is seen.

Plus, maybe you either don't want to hear it, or don't care, but if I'm wrong, PM me.

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