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There exists an ancient text as new as yesterday.
Bound in things best left ignored, it has one thing to say.

A simple message told in rhyme, it waits for one to read.
Until such time as it is spoken, so to it is freed.

The Corvus Prince, Penumbral Son, the Uncrowned King awaits.
From Neverwere he rises up, and marches on his gates.

A step before a step again he walks in patient stride.
Unwavering and steady on, he rises like the tide.

Read not the words, the Prince's creed, be silent, walk away.
From the moment that the words are spoken, you have but one day.

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How do I know this story won't die after only one chapter?

...because I've been writing 4k words a day for the last month?

Luna.....you are old enough to know that your don't read strange ancient books aloud.

Ooh my, now it's getting REALLY dangerous!

Interesting. I do find it strange that the Elements haven't tried to use the, well, Elements yet. It is implied that they're still functioning at this point (considering the "should they need the Elements, they would need ALL the Elements. " line.)

I also note that Corvus has not actually answered the questions yet.

Herding cats? That is incredibly difficult. Hilariously so 🐈

For when the call comes out for me
I shall return posthaste to thee

My life eternal and patience long
I shall return with verse and song

Each lyric spoken and line orated
Shall bring an end so orchestrated

As to turn the world from light
from dawn, from dusk, and even night

No longer shall the world doth turn
Once the Corvan Prince returns

The Crow Prince better watch his step.
The world certainly has changed since the last time he has walked Equestria...

The world's moved on and now there's rules
Governing the use of spells and tools.
Wise is he who avoids the rancour
of Equestria's Bureaumancer.

Two things eternal; death and us
For we are agents of the ERS.
An audit shows your payments few,
Centuries of back-taxes due.

The Insurance Adjusters would like a say
About what you plan to do today.
Before you rend and tear and maim
You must first submit a claim!

The Thaumic Board needs to review
Just what your spells and curses do
Before you form a dark alliance
We must first check for compliance

We the grey-maned scholars and seers
Represent the Bureau of Peers.
Before you lay the claim of "Prince"
You must present us evidence

The EDF schedules events
For all the former Elements
They are all off today,
Pencil you in for Saturday?

Paperwork you will find
Soothes the bureaucratic mind.
The Reign of Terror will have to wait
'till we have forms in triplicate!
:moustache: :derpytongue2:

All silliness aside, I certainly am looking forward to this story.

I need more.

So much more.


Herding cats? That is incredibly difficult. Hilariously so



now it's getting REALLY dangerous!


I am getting a certain "Nyarlathotep" vibe from Coruvs here, serving the will of Elder Things lurking outside the world...


I do find it strange that the Elements haven't tried to use the, well, Elements yet.

Maybe Luna does not realise they are part of Twilight's castle now? That could be an awkward conversation...

Since Corvus can be affected by modifying his book, I wonder I they can employ Haycartes' method and engage him on his home turf? Alternatively, maybe they could alter the text with charcoal and trap Corvus in a footnote labyrinth?


...initial interviews with Daraing Do suggest that the Corvus Prince can not12 be trapped by uttering the phrase "KLAATU BARADA NIKTO". Further information given by Discord mention the possibility...

1. Ignore this
2. Increment by 2 before following
3. Not true32
4. Ibid.
5. True263
6. Actually a 122

All Hazard’s Final Words

I understood that reference!

"...wait. What did you mean, a few?!"

Luna better check and make sure that All Hazard's other works (written during his "rebellious Goth teenager" years) did not go missing: the Necrotelinomicon (Phone Book of the Dead), and the Necronomnomicon (Cookbook of the Dead)...

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