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Scootaloo and Rumble have been fillyfriend/coltfriend for some time, and this is their first Hearts and Hooves Day together.

In universe Stories:
Father Daughter Day
Dad, coltfriend. Coltfriend Dad
Hospitals and Honeysuckles
Sick Day
Double Date
A Father's Lullaby
Rainbow's Crash

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Awww, this was short and sweet. And of course Quibble couldn't leave them alone. His stealthy dad skills are legit though.

"It's fine, I've already asked Zecora to get them, back now let's go."

The last 4 words seem out of order here.

Rainbow Dash lead Quibble out letting Scootaloo and Rumble to enjoy the moment for just a bit longer.

Looks like you maybe missing a comma between "out" and "letting".

Other then that, yet another excellent entry in this series.

Merci glad your still liking them. I thought people might like that one.
Merci Beaucoup, and yeah I put the comma in the wrong place in the first one. Glad to hear that Merci!

Cute! Can't blame Quibble, beter safe than sorry

This was a cute one. I was waiting for quibble, the over protective dad, to make an appearance lol

This was adorable.

Merci Beaucoup, I'm glad that you liked it.

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