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I'm the reason when you search Quibble you'll find Scootaloo too. PM me if you want to talk about anything one on one. Well I finally set up a patreon...Hazaa???


This will spoil Father Daughter Day, link provided for those of you who care.

Rumble takes Scooctaloo to the park, Sugar cube corner and the Lake, and sees his relationship with the orange filly become more than just friends. He finally finds the courage to ask the dreaded question if they could be colt/filly friends.

Scootaloo has just spent one of the best days of her life with her friend Rumble. Somethings on his mind though, and she's just not sure what. She wishes he'd hurry up and spill the beans.

Rainbow Dash has been seeing Quibble regularly for the past nine months, but the relationship hasn't really gone anywhere despite her dropping major hints. So she gets Rumble to take Scootaloo out so that she can finally confront him with it.

The day Quibble dreaded has arrived his little filly is going on a date away from the house. Before he can follow the two of them however, Rainbow Dash stops him at the door and quickly explains their having a date. And she has a question that will shake his world to the core.

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Why do so many of your stories have the same cover art?

8193361 Cause I'm paresseux and I don't want to ask HerrEsel to make another one. For obvious reasons.

Hey, relationships are progressing. Both of them, if awkwardly. Scoots and Rumble are adorable together though.

8194454 Well glad that you liked it. If only the nay sayers would tell me what was wrong I'd be a million bucks. Thank you mate for your input I'm glad that I can always count on you.:pinkiehappy:

8211520 I think there's hope for that ship yet. After all once you hit the bottom of the ocean you physically can't sink any lower.

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