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After Scootaloo has had a bad day at school she comes home wanting to do nothing but go up into her room so nopony can see her cry. Her dad how ever notices, and despite her not wanting to be a tattle tale eventually spills the beans. Now that Quibble knows what's wrong he'll see it fixed, but first things first his little filly is hurting and he's going to make the pain go away.

Made Popular 06/20/2017 Merci Beaucoup Everybody!

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NIce one. Beautiful Lullaby!

It's just I'm six and still blank, a Pegasus without flight. I don't even have mommy to kiss good night." And she squeezed her dad tight. As the tears started to pour despite her might. "It's just not fair, it isn't right. And then Diamond and Silver started a fight.

Nice ryhm too

Merci I am glad that you enjoyed it. There are a ton of words with the -ight ending.

I love that you made it rhyme, it made the whole thing a whole lot more fin and pleasant.

Yerp all of my lullaby stories follow the same rhyming format. This one was the easiest of the three though.

I used to think the CMC were six, but considering how much Sweetie Belle has grown since she was 5 I can safely say they're older.
Kids grow up fast but not that fast.

True, but I think they were around seven or eight when they met for the first time.

Comment posted by Ellington deleted Jun 20th, 2017

And they haven't changed size since then.

Nerp in these stories they are changing size. Besides in the show Pound and Pumpkin should be about three but they still look like new borns.

Except it's been less than 2 years since the first episode. So says Twilight's Kingdom.

It's AU naturally the time lines will be deferent.

Nice father moment for Quibble.

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