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Note. This will spoil the ending of Father Daughter Day a link has been provided in the description, if you care read that one first and then come back.

Quibble Pants was reading the newest batch of books sent to him to critique, while his daughter was out doing things with her friends. The day was shaping up to be a good one. Until Rumble nearly breaks the door down. The frantic colt tells Quibble, his daughter has hurt herself. Hurt herself bad enough for Apple Bloom to run to the hospital.

The day was going great Scootaloo had just invented a new scooter trick and her three bestest friends in the whole wide world were going to be the first ones to see it. The next thing she knows her wing is broken and she's laying in a hospital bed. She also discovers one more thing, one very important thing, She can't remember something unequivocally important about her mother.

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Art by HerrEsel

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The good first. I enjoyed the story. It is a bit sad, the accident and all, but it's a good little slice of life read. And those nods to the lives outside the scope of the story. It might be because you are the only author I've seen that has used Quibble, but I like the characterizations and quirks you continue to add to him. His job as a critic is a good one, that fits him as a fanboy as well.

The 'bad'. The forgetting bit seemed a little random to me. I just didn't get how it happened. The wrap up and handle of it from Quibble was a nice moment though. It's making me feel the Parent/Child connection more. It's a cute little pairing that I really like. All in all, it left me with a good feeling and a little smile on my face by the end (I still love the Scoots/Rumble ship).

8096506 It happened over time, the accident didn't cause the amnesia she was about 4 1/2 years old when her mother died and so the memories will naturally be few and far between coupled with the fact that the event was a over seven years ago. I hope that kind of clears things up.

8096633 Ah! Now I get it. The transition sorta implied the knock to the head did it, which made it seem random :rainbowlaugh:

i thumbs up all 3 ,i like that it is a happyer tune then is genraly given to scootalo

8100620 Merci beaucoup I am very glad that you liked them.:scootangel:

8096662 I can see the confusion sorry about that.

This is adorable!!!! I love how close they are.

The three stories that Quibble had on his table are, in order: Project Horizons by Sombra, Bat Ponies Aren't Scary by NephoxVenom

... That's two stories

Nerp the third one was mine. I just left it as a foot note.

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