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Scootaloo x Rumble story.
Quibble Pants has finally convinced his daughter to invite her colt friend over for a play date, though he was sure to put it in more awesome context. His reasons, Rumble is the first colt his daughter has had a crush on, and he wants to see if this could be more. He really hopes its not.
Scootaloo has invited her friend who is a colt over to her house for dinner. and R&R. Now if only her dad would stop acting weird and Rumble would actually relax this date could go as planned. Wait did she just say DATE!!!

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Art by HerrEsel

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Ah, we get to see Quibble being a bit more of a dad here. A tad dorky dad (nitpicking XD) but I like the traits you've given him. Scoots over reacting about everything being perfect, Rumble coming early. Another good slice of life entry. The ending is cute too. You passed the Father Test, Rumble!

There were a few grammatical errors in places but none enough to drag me out of the story

8075150 Glad that you liked it thank you for your critique. It is greatly appreciated. I've been hunting down the errors for a while I was watching someone else's labtop and was a bit distracted by other things as well when I wrote this. I'm glad it feels natural as a slice of life looking at the ratings I was beginning to worry.

I like where you're ping with this story. It's nice! Although I did like the idea of scoot as an orphan, lol
In your quotes, there weren't many commas. Other than that, it's a lil' heartwarming story, and Quibble is 100% in character here. :3

Stories in same universe

In what order do you read the stories ?

There's not really an order but, time line wise it goes.
A Father's Lullaby
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Dad Coltfriend, Coltfriend Dad
Hospitals and Honeysuckles
Sick Day
Double Date

8243582 thanks

p.s. Links please

Concern dad Quibble is funny.

It's a cute story.

Quibble is protective of his daughter. He even expects the worse from him. My goodness! He was a good dad though.

You can tell Rumble and Scootaloo like each other even if they can't admit it. They both want the other to be happy. It's nice Scootaloo who is a little more proactive is helping the slightly shyer Rumble with their date.

You can tell they have some hormones and they're starting to get interested in each other. 😂

It's a sweet wholesome fic of young love and a guardian dad. It's nice that Quibble is protective of his daughter because otherwise if he were Rumble were a sleazeball he would probably get his Daring Do whip and teach him a lesson!

So nice fic. Also I just like Rumbloo.

Merci beaucoup, I agree I too enjoy Rumleloo.

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