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The Crystal Empress, Mi Amore Cadenza, and her aging husband Prince Shining Armor spend some time together as a happy couple. Nothing more.

Only, wandering thoughts among the everyday have a way of invading the quiet moments.

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Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 18 )

Interestingly, I feel like this first chapter could actually work as a one-shot in and of itself.

This was a nice little surprise to see in the update que.

Thanks! I'm working on it, though a lot slower than I'd like, I suppose.

You know, I really like the examination of a Mortal loving someone a little less mortal than himself. I thought the story was good before, but as of this chapter I really love it.

Thank you so much! It was a fun story to work on, and I really like writing ShineDance and their dynamic.

no mistakes in the writing itself that i could find
but one in the author's note? shame on you

and there's the end. fak
now what am i supposed to read?

you could wait for more icewords
pm me for suggested reads

And it's a good thing I read this chapter in the morning,
because if it had been at night, I don't think I'd have been able to sleep.

Sleeping is overrated. I wish I could live with less of it.

I simply don't like my mind finding itself on the topic of my mortality late at night, lest I find myself kept awake by whispers that I will die as soon as I fall asleep. Not a fun experience.

That was an interesting read, but it sure wasn't easy. I feel that it is ultimately about love and saying goodbye in the context of Cadance and Shining's relations, but there are at least several times when the story trails off from that path - it actually begins with the workings of the Crystal Empire, there are a few paragraphs about Skyla, and some world-building (Ouroboros, Queen Ezmeralda) and shout-outs to other characters (Spike in the 2nd chapter, Luna in 3rd).

That made appreciating Cadance and Shining's relationship a little difficult - which in itself was presented nicely, through simple gestures and even some playful teasing. I suppose that taking out some of the things I mentioned earlier would bring those two out a little more. Nevertheless, I can't say the time spent reading it was a time wasted. Have a like!

On a technical note, you have a "Sklya" typo in the first chapter. :raritywink:

The story is about the daily life and relationship of Cady and Shiny - that includes their daughter, their kingdom, and all the little things that creep into their day. It is about how life can happen, and in the arrangement that Cady and Shiny have, death will come eventually, and that it is natural for many creatures - the two of them included.

It's basically impossible for me to write anything without an assortment of details about the world, inhabitants, and cultures (also lore!) that are present in my stuff, and even SoL stuff from me is victim to that. But really, it's only natural to muse on life and what is in it for many.

On a technical note, you have a "Sklya" typo in the first chapter.

The inclusion of a version of Skyla over Flurry Heart was entirely intentional. :derpytongue2:


The inclusion of a version of Skyla over Flurry Heart was entirely intentional.

That I know (and for the record, I also prefer the name Skyla over Flurry Heart), I meant there's a typo in how the word is written - Sklya instead of Skyla in the following passage:

Mostly, she thought of Sklya among the dripping sounds of the room.

Ooooh shit, I misread that. It's fixed now.

Honestly, I like Flurry, but when it comes to my usual stories, I don't really have her.

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