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For no reason whatsoever, Rainbow Dash flies up to Sweet Apple Acres to request a hug from her dear friend, Applejack. Surely, it can't be too much to ask, can it?

My goal: to have this written down in 1000 words or just above! Let's see if I can do it!

Now with a YouTube reading by Winged T. Spears and FireRain (Myself!)

Credit for cover art: http://danehribeh.deviantart.com/art/Happy-Hearts-n-Hooves-Day-Dashie-354216752

Written purely out of nowhere, and it's also so bad that it's laughable!

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Comment posted by Douglas Granite deleted Jul 26th, 2017

Hello! My name is Midnight Dash, a VA on YouTube who would like to start doing fanfic readings? May I do a reading of this?

Wow, really?? Golly, that's surprising!

Yeah, of course, feel free! I don't mind.

Wings popped?

I like it. Short, straight to the point and a rather slice of life feel.

This is far too pure for my black, sinful soul.

Author Interviewer

The second reading link in the description isn't available anymore. :/


Oh, that. Yeah, I'm not really sure what's up with that. One day it was all still there, the next, NOPE! :ajsleepy::applejackunsure:

Comment posted by PresentPerfect deleted Feb 8th, 2018

Oh, you know they did.

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