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On the night of Shining Armor's wedding, Dash finds Applejack dancing alone in her hotel room. Eager to put her hooves on the cow mare's body, the pegasus offers to teach her the fine art of the slow dance.

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I liked it. I will say it needs the sad tag or changing complete to incomplete and adding another chapter. I never like getting an unpleasant surprise, even a mild one like that. I dunno. Maybe it hit a little hard for me as I've been in the same shoes as RD before, so it called up a little more emotion than was normally applicable.

Still thumbs upped, and still a good story though.


>Sees description...

Aww poor Rainbow. Good story. I really liked it. :ajsmug:

Well I liked it, nothing wrong with an Appledash story, curious to see who Applejack is going to dance with though, I can't help but feel that the next chapter will not end well for him. There is going to be a next chapter right?

damn you, this could've made for an awesome AppleDash story but you just had to tag this complete huh?

where can i find part 2 ? ^^ good read

Somepony doesn't have to be gullible to be successfully guilt-tripped. (Although in this specific case, it helped.) :applejackunsure:

Still, Dash at her most opportunistic is always worth a read, and this was handled nicely.

Cool. Can't wait for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

Wait. Complete?

Dammit. :fluttershysad:

Agreed, really needs a 'sad' tag.

Y'know I really didn't mean for it to be sad.

Though the tag has been added.

If I can think of a happier ending that doesn't just seem tagged on then I'll update.


*cough* update *cough*

More please. Poor rainbow she is totally not seeing the signs, *cough* AJ lie *cough*:applejackconfused:

Still waiting for you to write more :twilightsmile:

[anticipation intensifies]

Aww right in the feels... I love it! I hope you plan to write more soon!

I really enjoyed reading this, but now I hate myself for reading something that clearly said incomplete and was uploaded in 2012 :facehoof::fluttershysad:

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