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Applejack and Rainbow Dash talk about their parents after looking through Apple Family photo albums

Edited by Atrodilla and SolidFire

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Great story. Gotta love AppleDash :heart:

This story got me all choked up with tears. :raritycry:

:applecry: It's so sad...

5383852 Radiohead are, like, da wurst

5383855 I don't know, I really liked "Wonderwall" :D

5383860 The Gallagher brothers are the most original musicians ever

5383875 e-except radiohead did actually cover wonderwall

5383882 Because they was feuding!

5383888 well oasis sucks anyway
nice trips (^:

5383895 They have some good albums, but they get #rekt by Radiohead

5383911 no, pretty sure they just suck

5383919 Gonna write a story based around Oasis' albums just 4 u

Nice story I'll read more of your work if it's good which it probably well be but im not the romantic type good day or night.

This story did a great job at conveying emotions. I could totally feel Applejack's and Rainbow Dash's pain, and their interactions and conversation were totally believable. Well done!

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