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..........well that escalated quickly...

Looks like the CMC's mission was successful and their next mission should be do stuff with Spike.

Damn it! I was going to do a foursome featuring the CMC and Feather Bangs, but you beat me to it. :fluttercry:

Oh, I hope someone makes a clop with Feather Bangs and those three 'Bimbette' mares.

8192789 Considering your writing style, I would still really like to see it.

This story was great as well!

great story, I liked it, keep it up.

More or less

I would like to see that too. :twilightsmile:

Was not expecting that


Well, alright then. :twilightsmile:

Send me the link when it's up, I'd love to read it. :twilightsmile:

I have two questions: (1) What is this book?!? (2) Where can I find a copy?

Question:- Who did Sweetie Belle lose her virginity to? Maybe we can get a story about that as a prequel.

Just doing it by the book....

Heheh.... uuuuhhh.....:rainbowderp:

you need a proofreader for this. too many grammar errors. Otherwise a good story but i can't enjoy it with all those errors popping out every two sentences.

2 years later.
Still so many grammar errors

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