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How Did I Get Here? - k12314

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Chapter 56: Oh, This Is Just GREAT


On the way to my friend's house, Dashie began to question my choice.

"Kyle, are you sure you should have slapped her? I mean, I know that what she said was not cool, but she is your Mom..."

"Dashie, you have no idea. Ever since I was little, she has told me and implied that I was a mistake, and that she never wanted me. Everything I did was labeled as wrong or stupid, and I was reprimanded for it. I couldn't do anything right, and I was always the bad kid. My little brother constantly bothered me and screwed everything up, yet he was showered with praise and babied to the fullest extent. When she said that about you guys, I snapped... Whenever I ended up in Equestria, I wanted to go home, but I soon realized that I could carve out a new life. A good life. But I guess not... I'll stay here, if it means Equestria not being torn apart through space and time."

We all fell silent. Not even The Doctor said anything.

"Well... In that case... Way to go!" Dashie jumped up for emphasis.

"Yeah. She deserved it, Kyle." Zephyr gave me a friendly smile.

"I can say one thing: She is NEVER getting any muffins from me."

"Oh, here we are." I stopped walking and turned to face an older house. The windows were cracked a bit, and the wood was splintering on most spots.

"Just like always."

We walked up to the door, and I knocked.

"Who is it?" A muffled voice yelled from behind the door.

"It's me, dude. I'm here for some spare parts."

"Kyle? Jeez, dude, we thought you were dead!"

I heard a bunch of locks being un-done. I turned to all my pony friends.

"OK, now just don't say anything... This guy is pretty nuts, so he won't be freaked out unless you talk."

Then, the door opened. A very large man in his mid thirties stood there, smiling. He wore a dirty T-shirt, some , a pair of socks, and his glasses.

"Hey, Don."

"So, you need some parts? And what's with the horses?"

"Yeah, I need some. And don't mind them. It's just something I'm doing."

"Another one of your hare-brained schemes, eh? Alrighty then, come on in."

The Doctor whispered behind me. "Hare-brained schemes?"

I whispered back. "I used to do a lot of weird stuff in my spare time, don't ask."

"So... What are you looking for today?"

"I was hoping you could give me some of your old computer towers."

"Need any screens or mice?"

"Nope. Just the towers."

"Alright, gimme a sec..." He walked into the back room. I heard some shuffling, a loud crash, and then yelling. He came back with a box of old computer towers.

"Here you go man. Just make sure you don't end up doing what you did last time. That dude is still locked in his house out of fear."

"Are the chickens gone?"


Everypony just stared at me.

"Umm... Well, thanks Don, it was nice seeing you again!"

"As were you. Later. I gotta get back to my 'business...'"

"You're playing Runescape again, aren't you?"


"Well, don't forget to eat again. Seeya Don!"

With that, I walked out the door, carrying the box of old computers. Dashie trotted up next to me.


I smiled, remembering what I had done. "Yeah... Man, I remember that. There was grease everywhere..."

The Doctor just stared at me. "What on EARTH were you doing?"

"You don't wanna know."


By the time we had managed to get halfway to the TARDIS, we had a large group following us. I heard a few whispers of "Horse breeding" and "Experiments," but I couldn't hear all of the conversations.

"Ummm... Kyle? We have a problem..." Zeph was looking around at the crowd.

"Yeah, I know..."

"I have an idea, but use the time I give you!"

"Zeph, don't do anything stupid..."

He trotted over to the crowd, and then...

"Pony rides for everyp- Everyone!"

Then, almost everyone in the crowd gasped. But the kids who were there started laughing and running over to Zeph.

"Ummm... That wasn't such a good idea..." I just stared.

"Well... It is a distraction... Fantastic! Alright, lets get back to the TARDIS." The Doctor turned around and began walking again.

We kept on walking, Zeph being bombarded with children.


"So... You're going to take Dashie and everypony else back to Equestria?"

"Yeah. I'm sorry, but you're not coming back with us. You can't."

"I know... It's just... I have my family..."

"Yeah! You can't just take him away from me and Scoots!" Dashie gave The Doctor a piercing stare.

"Well, would you rather your world be torn apart?"

We all fell silent after that.

I felt a firm tap on my shoulder.

"Hm?" I turned around, and saw a large man in a black suit with sunglasses and an earpiece. Just take a guess at who it could be...

"Oh no..."

"Young man, you and your 'ponies' are coming with me."

"Doctor... Diagnosis?" I looked at him, hoping he could do something.

"Hmm... Well... Hello sir... I'm The Doctor."

The man took a step back. "So they do talk..." He put a finger on his earpiece. "Yeah, I've got them right here... Yes sir."

"Well, we aren't going with you, mister." Derpy gave him an angry look... At least I think so.

"I'm sorry, you don't have a choice."

Then, I saw a few vans pull up, and men jumped out, grabbing all of my friends and dragging them back inside. I looked back at the man, who promptly punched me in the face. I fell right to the ground.

Why can't anything just go according to plan?

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