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How Did I Get Here? - k12314

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Chapter 64: Determination


I had been wandering around Cloudsdale for a little while, looking for something new to do. I eventually stumbled upon Zeph and Spits, happily enjoying lunch. I approached them, and they smiled when they saw me.

"Oh, hey Kyle."

"Hey kid."

"Hey Zeph. Hey Spits. How goes it?"

"Zephy was just going to tell me the story of how he cleared most of Sweet Apple Acres of snow with a new trick he learned." Spits turned back to look at him, and he grinned. I pulled up a chair and sat down.

"I wanna hear this story too. I must have been getting the birds when you did this."

"You were. OK, so I was just flying around, using the wind to blow the snow into piles, right? Well..."




I flew over Sweet Apple Acres, flapping my wings like mad. I was gathering more and more speed, and I eventually started throwing the snow I was "sweeping" everywhere. Eventually, ponies on the ground stopped and stared at me.

I started to feel a strange sensation in my tail, and then my entire body. It felt like a burning sensation, but a pleasant one. But then, something shocking happened.

My tail and the air behind it erupted into flames, sort of like the smoke behind The Wonderbolts. I kept flying, keeping my composure, and flew over the snowy areas, being careful to avoid the trees. After a few minutes, I had melted all of the snow.
Everypony just stared at me, and then they cheered. I had finished all of my work, so I decided to go home, and Lil' Fire decided it would be a good idea to not let me get any sleep.




"Woah... That sounds AWESOME! And that part at the end..." I started to laugh.

"Yep. Hey, Lil' Fire, wanna get going?"

"Sure... I can't believe that story. I also can't believe you added that bit at the end... I think I might have to punish you..." She looked at Zeph seductively, and I decided it would be a good idea to leave.

"Ohhh... I see some dirty thoughts in here..."

"Torrie, GET OUT OF HERE!"

"I thought we were 'friends?'"

"Ugh... Well, don't even think about trying anything while you're in there."

"Oh, I would do no such thing!"

"Sure you wouldn't..." I lowered my tone to a quiet mutter. "You dirty no good son-of-a-"

"I can still hear you. You know that, right?"

"Ugh... You should really find a better way to watch me than sitting in my head."

"Oh, but this is how I communicate with you. I'm watching you through gleaming eyes..."

"Gleaming eyes?" I remembered the foal who and the yellow eyes. That glowed...

"No way."

"Yes way. I've been watching you this whole time. Might I say, your wife is a very sound sleeper, knowing she has a homicidal maniac sleeping next to her."

"Hey, I've never killed anyone!"

"But you've thought of it. With some people, and even a few ponies, all you wanted to do was end their lives..."


"Oh but I do! I'm in your mind, Kyle... I can see everything you want. Everything you think... Everything you feel..."

"That's it. You're getting out of my head, one way or another. I tried to be nice. I mean, you tried to KILL ME and I gave you a second chance. You just don't understand the meaning of compassion. Of happiness. Of love. And I couldn't feel more sorry for you."

"Why would you feel sorry for me? Without such emotions, I have nobody to lose."

"And you're lonely. Under that 'big bad Evil Traveler' crap, you're just a sad, lonely, and angry guy. I think you just need a friend, and you just won't let anyone get close enough to you. No, you would rather just kill and destroy. I pity you, I really do."

"I don't want your pity..."

"Well too bad, Torrentican, you have it. I feel so sorry for you, not having any loved ones, or even any friends. You know why Omnius always kicks your rear-end to the curb every time you try something?"

"Because I haven't perfected my plans..."

"No. Because he has an advantage over you every time."

"And what's that?"

"Friendship. Care. Love. All the things you don't have. I doubt you'll ever even get the upper hand over him, let alone beat him. So, my good sir, I bid you adieu."


"Finally, glad to be rid of tha- Oh no."

I saw a little shade of black jump behind a tree. I walked over, and reached back. I picked up the little foal. I knew then why I didn't see his mouth... He didn't HAVE one. I stared right into his glowing yellow eyes.

"Way to go, Torrie. You gave away your spying plan. You won't get me now."

I threw the "spy drone" of sorts against the tree, and it exploded into a black mist.

"And good riddance. Sheesh... Why can't I just have ONE normal day...?"

And Torrentican wasn't through yet.

All night, it was just one bombardment after the other. Whenever I even tried to relax or even go to sleep, I would just get one horrible mental image after the other. And after I had finally managed to get to sleep, Torrentican made me have a nightmare of being left all alone, doomed to wander Equestria in total silence. Dashie told me I was sweating that night.

I swear, no matter how long it takes me, I'm going to hunt Torrentican down, and put an end to his evil, with or without Omnius's help...

I was done with the evil. I was done with the torment. I wanted to put an end to it. And I was going to make sure that I did.

No matter the cost.

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