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How Did I Get Here? - k12314

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Chapter 5: A New Friendship


I grinned as Rainbow Dash tried to pick up her jaw. "The plushies... They're... For me?" She looked at me, teary eyed.

I smiled even wider, and nodded my head. Her dam broke. She bawled, and I was now fully aware of the sentimental value of these plushies.

I walked over to her and kneeled down next to her to bring myself to her eye level. She looked at me, still crying her eyes out. I smiled. She wrapped her forehoof over my neck to hug, and I hugged her right back. I just barely heard her whisper...

"I'm sorry I ever doubted you."


Me and Rainbow Dash walked through Sugarcube Corner, chatting about the Wonderbolts (Whom I had read up about after giving Rainbow Dash the plushies) and looking at more knick-knacks to buy. I was beaming with joy: I was finally friends with the pegasus who saved my life. I felt Rainbow Dash poke me in the side, and she pointed to a poster advertising a Wonderbolts performance coming up in about three weeks. I checked my coin purse, I had about 2000 bits, thanks to the shoulder pad and apple bucking. The tickets were 300 bits each. I looked at Dashie and nodded. She squee'd in fangirl-ish joy. I couldn't help but chuckle at that. I went into the store and asked for the tickets. I was actually pretty excited, and I wondered if it would be like those shows back on Earth where planes did a bunch of tricks. I asked Dashie, but she didn't know what a plane was. Go figure.


I was sitting in Twilight's library, typing on my (One of the few things I brought with me in my parachutes storage space) and remixing some music. I was really getting into it whenever Dashie walked into the tree-building. She saw me, and looked at my quizzically. I explained what it was to her, and she suggested I talk to DJ P0N3 about working with her. What a clever name. It had been almost two weeks since I bought the tickets, and the show was tomorrow. It was in a town called "Cloudsdale'. it must be up in the mountains. I asked Dashie about it.

"Oh, Cloudsdale! I live there. It is where all of the weather is made! They make snowflakes, rainbows, thunderize clouds, and all of that cool stuff. And it all happens on the clouds!"

"so it is up in the mountains?" I asked, even though I knew it was.

"What? No! It is ON the clouds."

"What...?" I pondered for a second, and looked up. I saw a weird looking cloud... Wait, no... Buildings? Cloudsdale... OH MY GODDESSES.

"Cloudsdale is IN THE CLOUDS!?!?"

"Well... Yeah! Where do you think the name came from?"

"Ugh..." I couldn't believe it. How was I going to get up there?

"Pinkie Pie has a hot-air balloon." Dashie said.

Good information to have.


"Sure! Going to Cloudsdale again sounds fun!" Pinkie said.

"Wait, again?" Do what now?

"Yes. I used my magic so that they could walk on the clouds. I even gave wings, which ended up being a bad idea."

"But Twilight, I couldn't help myself! I needed to show Cloudsdale the grace and beauty that is ."

We all rolled our eyes.

"So what you're saying is, you can enchant me so that I can walk. On clouds. Against the laws of physics."

"Yeah, pretty much. I could even enchant an article of your clothes so you can fly. If the item is small enough, the enchantment can be permanent."

It keeps getting better, doesn't it?


When we arrived in Cloudsdale, we headed straight for the stadium. We all took our seats, and waited for the Wonderbolts to be ready. I looked at my shoes, and grinned when I saw the wings on them. Twilight had enchanted my shoes to fly, and since my feet are small, the shoes were small enough for the enchantment to be permanent. I looked back up, but then Dashie poked my side. I assumed she wanted conversation during the wait, and i was right.

"Hey, do you know how to catch people who are leaving junk on my doorstep?" What?

"What do you mean?"

"Some weirdo keeps leaving romantic-y stuff on my doorstep I found it sweet at first, but now it's annoying me."

"Well, he sounds like a romantic to me."

"Yeah, well, he isn't the one I am interested it." She immediately looked away from me. Huh...

Before I had time to think about it, the announcers voice boomed across the stadium.


The entire crowd roared with cheers and whistled. My ears popped.


More shouting and cheering. Blimey, I think my ears are going to bleed.


"THE ONE..."



And at that, I stood up and cheered with the rest of the crowd. Dashie was bouncing up and down, screaming. Sheesh, fangirl to the max.

Then I saw them. They were very graceful at first, flying out and waving to the crowd. There were three of them. One had a long, fire-ish dyed mane, the other had a dark blue mane with light blue outlines. The other had a long, blonde mane. Right after I noticed these details, they disappeared in one big, blue streak. There was smoke coming out from behind the three. It was absolutely amazing. But then I saw a tall pegasus pony, staring straight at Dashie. She didn't notice, but I sure did. He had a dark-ish tan colored coat, a violet mane, and bright green eyes. He jumped up, and he flew out towards the Wonderbolts.

Me and Dashie stared in horror...

"Oh boy..."

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