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How Did I Get Here? - k12314

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Chapter 25: Revelations


I went to open the door. I was surprised to see it was Big Mac.

"Hey, Mac. What's up?"

"Ah' need t' talk t' ya'." He sounded serious.


We sat down.

"Ah' know Ya' want me an' t' be together, but... Ah' got a feelin' she likes YOU."

"Well of course she likes me, I'm her friend."

Big Mac facehoofed.

"No. I mean, she LIKES ya'."

"Wha- OH." Well... GREAT.

"Ah'm yer' friend, so I wanna help Ya'. We need t' think of a way t' get her to understand how ya' feel, and how Ah' feel."

"Hmmm... Maybe she isn't after ME." I had an idea.

"What d'ya mean?"

"I mean, she might be into DJ 1NS4N1TY, not me." I remembered how much of a fangirl she had been.

"Hmmm... That sounds like it could be it. Now how d' yah reckon we figger that out?"

"I will spend a day with her as plain old me, then a day with her as DJ 1NS4N1TY. I will note any behavioral changes." Good thing I liked studying psychology.

"Sounds good." He smiled. I did too. It felt good to be helping a friend.


I walked up to Fluttershy's cottage, nervous as to how I would go about doing this. I mean, this was technically like asking her out on a date. I felt weird asking a member of another species out.

I knocked on her door, and she opened the door. She smiled when she saw it was me.

"Oh, hi Kyle. How are you?"

"I'm great, Shy. Hey... Do you wanna... Y'know... Hang out?"

She looked at me, confused, then looked away, drifting into thought. Then her face turned red as she realized what I was asking her. That made me feel VERY weird.

"Oh... M-my... Ummm... Y-y-yes!" She perked up, some of the red leaving her face. I put on a fake smile.

"So... Wanna go do something now?"

"Sure. I just finished feeding the animals. I'm free for the rest of the day... How about a picnic?"

"That sounds great."

She nodded, and ran inside. I heard some shuffling, and the sounds of cupboards opening and closing. She came back after a minute.

"I've got the basket ready. Let's go." She didn't seem as shy as she normally did. I guess it was the excitement of the situation.

"Alright. Onwards and upwards, allons-y!"


We went up to the hill where I had first met Luna. Fluttershy rolled out the blanket and set the picnic up. I have never felt this awkward in my LIFE.

She finished setting up, and we sat down, eating the sandwiches Shy made.

"Wow Shy, these are really good!" I used to think vegetarians were a little kooky, but now I see why they do it!

"Oh, thank you. I had those from yesterday. Angel helped me make them."


"My pet rabbit."

"Oh, I saw some pictures of him in your cottage."

"Yes, he usually hides in his little house when strangers come by."

"Well I guess I have to be more than a stranger then."

I immediately noticed what I had said, and turned my head in embarrassment. Fluttershy's face color changed to a deep crimson.

"Oh... My... Well, I would... Like that."


"Kyle, there's something I've been meaning to tell you..."

Oh Goddesses, Big Mac was right.

"After that day you and I stayed together, I started having these... Feelings..."

I tried not to blush, but I couldn't help it. This was the first time a living creature had ever felt this way about me.

"I wondered what these feelings were..." Her face was getting redder by the second. "So I started reading through my novels..."

"Oh no..."

"Kyle..." What she said next nearly made me keel over.

Big Mac is going to KILL ME.


After Fluttershy said... What she said... I made a mad dash for Sweet Apple Acres. I needed to tell Big Mac, and hope he had some mercy on me.

I ran up to the door and started banging on it.

Applejack opened the door, looking bewildered. "Kyle? What th' hay is up with you?"

"No time to explain. Where's Big Mac?"

"In his room."

"Thanks AJ." I looked around the rooms, and I saw Mac sitting on his bed. He frowned when he saw my expression.

"She likes ya', don't she?" He sounded both disappointed, and angry.

"Y-yeah..." I was still trying to gather my thoughts.

"Welp, I guess this was bound t' happen. It ain't yer' fault, Kyle. I'm not mad at ya'... I'm mad at mahself."


"Fer' not havin' the courage to fess up t' her sooner."

"Well, I need to find a way to make her stop feeling this way about me... FAST. I honestly don't want this kind of stuff in my life. I stopped believing in love a LONG time ago."

"Well, sorry. I can't help ya' with that. I dunno how t' stop a mares feelin's. yer' on yer' own."

Screw. My. Life.


I sat in my house, conflicting emotions battling it out in my head.

"If you don't convince her to stop feeling this way, she will be all over you!"

"But, this could be your chance at a real relationship."

Ugh... I wish my mind would just shut up.

I went up to my recording studio, and started making some music to help me think. The music was slow, and angry. Much like how I felt.

"Grrrr... Why can't I think straight? I know Shy isn't the one I like... Or is she?" I really didn't know anymore.

"Maybe if I put how I felt in a song... She wouldn't be so crushed to hear it... Unless I want this to grow into something more..."

WHY ME!?!?

Then, I felt a rush of relief as I heard the familiar voice of a stallion.


"ZEPH. THANK THE GODDESSES YOU'RE HERE!" I was shouting as I turned off the music and ran down to him.

"Sheesh, what happened to you?" Oh. Right. He didn't know.

"You might wanna sit down. This is a shocking story." I'm still shocked.


I explained everything to him. His expression didn't change, but I could tell he was worried.

"Sounds like you're in a tight spot."

"Yeah, no kidding. Any advice?" I needed all the help I could get.

"How about you do what I did to Dash? Act like you're obsessed with her. She might get annoyed and tell you she just wants to be friends."

I pondered this. This could work... "Zeph... You are a FREAKING GENIUS."

He smiled, and got up. "I'll leave you to that. I have to get out and practice."


"Yeah. If romance doesn't get Dash, maybe joining the Wonderbolts will."

Oh boy.

"Good luck, Zeph. I got some creeping to do."

Goddesses help me.

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