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How Did I Get Here? - k12314

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Chapter 46: A Certain Rude Griffon


I sat on a bench in Sugarcube Corner, watching everything going on. I saw the Cutie Mark Crusaders messing about, trying in vein to get their Cutie Marks, I saw AJ selling her apples. She waved to me. I saw Pinkie jumping around in the bakery, singing about cupcakes. I leaned back and closed my eyes. A smile broke across my face. Life was good.

"Well howdy Kyle." I opened my eyes, and saw Big Mac standing in front of me.

"Oh, wassup Mac?"

"Well, Ah' jus' wanted t' congratulate Ya' an' all... Ya' know, you n' Rainbow Dash..."

"Yeah, I know. Thanks dude. How goes it with you and Shy?"

"It's goin' great! She n' Ah' r' actually good friends now. Pretty soon, t' should be more n' that."

"Oh, well great job! I wish you luck."

"That's mighty kind of Ya' Kyle. Well, I'll seeya later then."

"Seeya Mac."

"Well good for him..."

I got up, not wanting to end up falling asleep.

"Maybe I'll go hang out with Dashie..."

I flew off, heading towards Dashie's cloud home.


I knocked on the door, and Dashie answered, smiling and slightly blushing when she saw me.

"Oh... H-hey Kyle..."

"Hey, Dashie... Ummm... May I come in? I-I mean in your house..." Curse my head being in the gutter.

Dashie realized what I tried to avoid, and blushed deeply. "Umm... Y-yeah. Sure..."

I stepped inside, and I noticed some creature standing in the foyer. It looked like a giant eagle. Woah, a griffon.

"Oh, who's this?"

"Oh, sorry Kyle. I didn't tell you I had company. Kyle, this is Gilda. Gilda, Kyle."

"So you're the one who's been giving it to Dash, huh?"

Dashie and I blushed at that.

"C-Come on Gilda..."

"Relax, Dash, I'm kidding." Gilda walked over to me, and started looking me over.

"Hmmm... Dash told me you were a different species, but I never thought you would look this ugly!"


"HAHA! Gotcha!"

"I really don't like this griffon... Do they all act like this?"

"Well, Dashie... The reason I came over is because I wanted to see if you wanted to go on a date."

"Oh! Sure. Where do you wanna go?"

"I was thinking we could go shopping for Hearth Warming. I haven't really done that yet..."

Dashie put on her new scarf, a DJ 1NS4N1TY scarf covered in neon-colored lines, like rave lights. "Don't worry, me neither. Hey Gilda, do you just wanna go out on the town while me and Kyle hang out?"

"Sure. I'll stay away from the house for a while. I don't wanna see anything I won't un-see." She laughed, and flew out the door.

"She's not very nice..."

"Yeah, I know... I had to kick her out of town once."

"Wow. Alrighty then, lets get going. Onwards and upwards!"

Dash and I then spoke in unison. "ALLONS-Y!"


We walked around Sugarcube Corner, bundled up. I had on gloves and earmuffs, along with my jacket and hat. Dashie still just had her scarf.

"So, what did you get me?" Dashie looked at the presents I had in my trolley, which I am glad that provide in Equestria. I would't have been able to carry all of those presents.

"Not telling. You have to wait until Hearth Warming day..."

"You're mean. Then I'm not telling what I got for you!"

I put my face close to hers. "I love surprises."

"Me too..."

A quick kiss, and we were back to shopping.

Then, we saw Fluttershy run by, crying her eyes out.

"WAIT! Shy, what's wrong?" I held her by the shoulders.

"G-G-Gilda w-was m-m-making fun of m-me..."

Then, AJ and Twilight walked up.

"Yeah. She's been messing with everypony all day. She hit Scootaloo for bothering her."

Dashie went pale. I started to shake, and I was seeing red. "SHE WHAT?!?!"

"Yeah. An' she raised a ruckus all over Mah' farm. She knocked over one of Mah' trees, n' called Apple Bloom a brat."

"Alright... That's IT! I've heard enough... Where is she?"

"Well, last we saw of her, she was near the park..."

"Dashie, I'll be right back. I have some BUSINESS to attend to..."


I stormed down the street, observing the park. And sure enough, there was Gilda, harassing Rarity.

"... Yeah? Well your dresses look HORRIBLE! I bet Applejack has better style than you..."

Rarity stood stone still. I saw tears welling up in her eyes, and then she bolted off. I could feel the anger pulsating through my veins.


"Oh, look at the little pony-lover... Did I hurt your friends feelings? What're you gonna do about it?"

She started to fly up in the air, but I grabbed her leg, and yanked her down to the ground. I grabbed a tuft of feathers on her chest, and pulled her closer to me. She probably could have seen the flames in my eyes.

"Now you listen to me, chicken-brain... If you ever come near Ponyville again, I will personally CLIP YOUR WINGS, AND BOIL YOU INTO A FINE STEW AND SERVE YOU BACK TO YOUR FAMILY! DO YOU HEAR ME!?!?

I threw her backwards, and her beak was wide open, as were here eyes. I walked a little closer, and she scrambled back a bit. Then, she grabbed some snow and threw it at me. It hit me right in the eyes, and it stung.


"Hah! Not so tough now, are ya'?"

"GILDA! STOP IT!" Dashie had caught up with us, and was screaming at her friend.

"What's the matter? I'm just having a bit of fun!"

"You've gone too far, just like last time! Why can't you just learn your lesson? What you're doing is WRONG, Gilda. It isn't nice, and you just hurt Kyle."


My eyes cleared up, and I walked over to Gilda, still seeing red. I gave her a quick smack across the face, and then shoved her down. I crouched down by her and started screaming.


Gilda said nothing, but just stared at me. Everypony else was staring as well.

"Get out of here. NEVER COME BACK! Equestria is no place for you. You don't belong here. You never have, and you never will. You don't DESERVE Equestria." I stood up, and walked over to my friends. Gilda just laid there.

"Good goin' Kyle. Ya' gave her a right what fer'."

Shy sniffled and wiped her eyes, and just smiled at me.

"Kyle..." Dashie looked at me with hurt in her eyes.

"I'm sorry Dashie. I know she's your friend, but she just can't be here. Not if she's doing things like that..."

"I know... She got what she deserved... Thanks."

Gilda stood up, and just flew off, without another word. We all headed off to help anypony Gilda had hurt. Me and Dashie went off to find Scootaloo.


Scootaloo was huddled in a corner, crying. She had managed to stop by the time we approached her.

"Hey, Scoots... Are you OK?" I kneeled down next to her.

"N-N-No... That griffon... She j-just came up to me w-while I was p-practicing how t-to fly, and she just knocked m-me down."

"Well, why didn't you tell your parents?" Dashie asked, sitting down next to me.

"They aren't here anymore... They h-had me and j-just left me a-at the orphanage I live at..."

Me and Dashie looked at each other, and back to Scoots.

"That's horrible... So, you're all alone... I know how you feel."

Scoots started crying again, and jumped into my arms. I hugged her.

"It's alright... Just let it all out... It's good to cry..."


"Don't worry Dashie, I got her."

"I-It's not f-fair... I-I-I just want a f-family... Somep-pony to l-love me..."

Me and Dashie looked at each other again, but this time, an idea came up. Dashie smiled, and nodded her head. I smiled back.

"Well, you do have family now..."

I pointed to Dashie. "Meet Mom..."

I pointed to myself.

"And Dad."

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