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How Did I Get Here? - k12314

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Chapter 37: The Not-So-Great And Powerful Trixie


I walked the streets of Canterlot. I had gotten bored and decided to explore the fanciest city around. I was amazed as I saw all of the hotels and restaurants... And even more amazed when I saw the prices.

"Fifty bits for a glass of the house special? Jeez!"

I kept walking, and I looked in each alleyway I passed out of paranoia.

Then, I looked into an alley, and saw a light blue unicorn in rags, sobbing.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Of course, I approached, hoping to help.

"Well, for starters, I used to be famous all across Equestria... Until that spoil sport came along..."

"Hey, I know Twilight... You're light blue... Unicorn... I know who you are."

"You do? Nice to know I'm still known by some-"

"Twilight told me about you. Not so great and powerful anymore, now are we?"

Trixie began sobbing again after that. I knew she was a little stuck up... But nopony deserves this.

"Hey, get up. I'm sorry I said that. You need anything? Something to eat, maybe?"

"You... You'd do that for me?"

"Of course. Anything to help a pony in need."

She stood up, in much greater spirits. She walked with me in silence for a minute.

"So... You're DJ 1NS4N1TY?"

"What? How'd you..."

"Your clothes."

I was wearing my jacket and my hat.

"Oh. I thought when I wore them like this, nopony would recognize me."

"The Great And Powerful Trixie can see through any guise you can put on... So what's your real name?"

"Kyle. Well, lets get going. I'll have you fixed right up, no problem. Onwards and upwards! Allons-y!"


Trixie had cleaned herself up, and was stuffing her face with almost all of the contents of my refrigerator.

"Sheesh, you really were hungry, Trixie."

"Well... I've been out of a house and home for about two months now. Ever since Twilight Sparkle ruined my reputation, I've been a laughing stock. I understand that my bragging was wrong, but it was a sales pitch, so to speak. I just wanted ponies to start gossiping so that more would come to my shows."

"Ouch... That must've been a real blow to your self esteem."

"You think?"

She cleaned her plate... Again... And stood up.

"Well, thank you for the help. I guess you'll want me to leave now..."

"Oh no, I'm not done with you yet. We're paying a visit to the Boutique."

Her eyes lit up.


The bell above the door jingled as I walked into Rarity's store. The stuck-up pony smiled when she saw she had customers.

"Ah, Kyle! Welcome... Who's your friend- Oh. It's YOU."

Trixie curled up on the floor as Rarity approached.

"Waitwaitwait! Rarity, calm down..."

Trixie stood up, still shaking a bit.

"I'm... Sorry for the way I acted before. I hope you can forgive me."

Rarity blinked. "Oh... Oh no hard feeling dear. Now, why is it that you two are here?"

"Actually, I was hoping I could buy Trixie some new clothes for performances."

"But I'm not an actor anymore..."

"Not if I can help it."

Rarity and Trixie smiled at me.

"Alright then... Do you want the same design as last time?"

"Yes. Thank you so much."

"So, Rarity... How much?"

"Nothing. This one is out of the kindness of my heart."

Well, I guess miracles DO exist.


We left Rarity's store, as she needed to work. What next...?

"OK, now we need to talk to Pinkie about getting a stage set up."

"Are you sure? I don't think I'm ready yet."

"Trixie, look at your Cutie Mark, you were BORN ready."

Her face lit up.

"You're right! Let's go see... Pinkie, was it?"

"Yeah." I saw Pinkie bouncing around outside of the bakery. "Oh, there she is. Hey! Pinkie Pie!"

"Oh! Hi Kyle! My ribs were itchy, so I knew you would be coming!"

"Itchy ribs...? Ah, whatever. Pinkie, do you think you could set up a stage for me?"

"Okie-Dokie-Lokie! For who?"

"That would be me." Trixie stepped forward. Pinkie frowned.

"But you're a meanie! Why would I help YOU?"

"Pinkie, she's changed... I Pinkie Pie promise."

"Cross your heart and hope to fly?" Pinkie asked, looking at me quizzically.

"Stick a cupcake in my eye." I slapped my hand on my eye. "OW."

Pinkie giggled. "Alright! I'll set up the stage! Bye-bye!" She bounced off.

"Alright... What's next?"

"I need more powders and such for effects. And I could go for some fireworks."

"I'll ask Pinkie about the fireworks later... The powder... Zecora. We need to go to the Everfree Forest."

"WHAT? WHY!?!?"

"I knew you would react like that... We need to meet with one of my friends who lives out there."

"She LIVES out there?"

"Yeah. No time to explain. Let's go."


I walked into Zecora's hut. She turned from her cauldron and smiled when she noticed who it was.

"Ah! If it isn't Kyle. I have been meaning to ask if I were to find you... Why do you not have lasting effects from the flowers that are blue?"

"Flowers that are... Oh! You mean the Poison Joke? I dunno. I have a really tough immune system. Maybe that's why?"

"No... The Joke effects your mind... You must have much willpower to withstand prolonged effects."

"I guess so. Hey, I need a favor. Do you have any sparkly dust or something like that? My friend here, Trixie, needs some for her performance."

"That I do. Always good to help you."

Trixie finally spoke. "Does she always speak in rhymes?"


Zecora came back with a few jars of really sparkly powder. "This powder is enchanted with zebra magic, to have such a beautiful thing wasted would be tragic."

"Don't worry, I won't waste any of it." Trixie took the bottles.

"Thanks Zecora. It was nice seeing you again!"

"You too."


It was later at night, and everypony had gathered to see the performance... But they didn't know who the actor was.

I sat in the front row, eager to see what would happen. Then Twilight nudged me.

"Hey. Mind telling me what this is about?"

"I found that pony you told me about, Trixie. She had fallen on hard times, so I helped her back on her hooves."

Twilight frowned when she heard that. "Well, did she learn her lesson?"

"That she did."

Twilight nodded, trusting me. She told everypony else.

Then, I heard Trixie's voice, amplified by a spell.


Here we go...


The curtain rose, and the performance began...


Everypony cheered. I heard whooping and hollering and whistling. Trixie went backstage and got out of her costume, and came around front to see me.

"I can't explain how thankful I am..."

"No need. Always a pleasure to help. I'm glad to see you're going to be successful again, Trixie... But don't let it get to your head. You don't want history repeating itself."

She nodded her head frantically. "I promise, I won't let my ego swell as much as it did last time."

"Yeah. I already have to deal with one pony with a massive ego." I looked over at Dashie, who was looking back, a proud expression on her face.

"Well, thank you again, Kyle. This means so much. When I come back to Ponyville, I'll get you a free front row seat."

I chuckled. "Thanks Trixie. You'd better be off now."

"Right. Goodbye!" I saw a puff of smoke. When it was cleared, I could see her running off in the distance. I chuckled again.

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