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How Did I Get Here? - k12314

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Chapter 41: To Kill Time


"Not long until Hearth Warming... But what to do until then?"

I was thinking to myself. I wanted to do something to pass the time until Hearth Warming Eve... But what?

"Maybe The Doctor will drop by... Oh please no, not my poor coffee table again..."

But guess what karma decided to drop on me? I heard that "Whooshing" again. I jumped up and slid my coffee table out of the way, not wanting to re-assemble it again.

Then, The Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS, with none other than Derpy.

"Oh, hey. Might I ask why you decided to land in my house?"

"Well, we just wanted to come to spend Hearth Warming here! Ditzy offered to let me stay with her, and I could use a holiday!"

"Ah. Well... Nice to have you back, Derpy."

"Nice to see you too, Kyle!"

"So, can I get you two anything? Tea...?" I looked back to Derpy. "Muffin?"

"Yes please!" Derpy did a clumsy backflip, just barely sticking the landing.

"Yeah, I could go for a spot of tea."

"Gimme a second, I'll get it."

I grabbed some tea that I'd had for a while out of my refrigerator, and took them to my unexpected guests.

"Sorry, it's a bit cold. I don't have a way to heat it up..."

"Oh, that's quite alright. Here." The Doctor grabbed the cups and walked into the TARDIS, walking back out a moment later with steam rising from the cups.

"Well, that's convenient."

"Yeah, it is, isn't it?"

We sat in silence for a moment, when I decided to break it.

"So, what have you two been up to?"

"Oh... Well... You see..." Derpy sounded a little confused, like she couldn't explain what they had done.

"We've been all over the universe, and all through time. We managed to stop a Fralor, a giant worm creature that freezes entire planets to lay their eggs, from destroying Equestria about... A year ago?"

"Ah. Fantastic!" I said, mocking The Doctor.

"Yes, it is."

"Well, what are you two going to do for Hearth Warming this year?"

Derpy perked up when she heard that. "Me and The Doctor are going to Prance!"

"Prance? You're going to hop around town like idiots?"

"Nonono, Kyle. Prance. The really fancy pony city with the big tower? It's across the ocean."

"Wait... Fancy city... Big tower..." I burst out laughing. "AHAHAHA! I GET IT! PRANCE! Oh that's HILARIOUS!"

Derpy looked at me quizzically, but The Doctor had began laughing with me as well.

"Yes, yes it is quite hilarious, isn't it? Remember whenever you first heard them say 'Everypony?'"

"Oh yeah! HA!"

Me and The Doctor kept laughing about puns in pony language in contrast to Earth languages for a while.

"... And then 'Ponies tales.' That's a good laugh too...! Oh hey, look at the time. Derpy, we'd best get going."

"What, why? I want to stay here for a little while longer."

"Why stay here when you can see yourself in fifty years?"

"OK! Bye Kyle!"

"Laters, you two."

They stepped into the TARDIS, and it started whooshing, and fading in and out of this fabric of time.

"Well, that killed a good hour of time."

"What to do now..."

I decided to help Twilight with some spells.


I knocked on the door of the library, but Spike answered.

"Oh, hey Kyle. What's up?"

"Is Twilight here?"

"Yeah, but she's studying. I don't think you wanna-"

Spike was cut off by a faint voice from upstairs.

"Is that Kyle? Let him in!"

"Oh. I guess she want's to see you. Come on in."

"Thanks Spike."

"No problem."

I walked upstairs to find the purple unicorn staring at me, eagerly.

"You're just the stallio- Er, man I wanted to see!"

"What for?"

"I found a new spell that makes you grow wings. And I don't mean the fake wings I gave Rarity, but real flesh and blood wings!"

"Wait, wouldn't that hurt?"

"No. The magic eases all pain you would feel. Wanna give it a try?"

I thought about it. It was dangerous, had way more risks than benefits, and it was Twilight's first time casting the spell.

"Heck yeah!"

Twilight smiled. "Alright, take off your jacket and your shirt. We don't want those getting ripped up, and they might end up binding to you in the transformation."

"Yikes. OK, removing upper body clothing..." I took off my jacket and shirt, revealing a really skinny body. I'm not exactly... Muscular, but I do have some strength in me.

Twilight's horn started to glow, and I felt a strong tingling in my back. Then, the feeling washed away, and all I felt was the folds of my skin tearing, giving way to a new form. I felt bones stretch out of my back, and my skin stretched and grew to overlap them.

"Wow. If I wasn't under magical anesthetics right now, this would PROBABLY hurt... Really bad."

"SHHH! I'm trying to concentrate."


The transformation was almost finished. I felt the wings folding backwards onto my back. They felt like a whole bunch of people touching me at once.

"Done... Woah... Kyle... You... I mean they're..."

"Mirror, please."

Twilight floated a mirror in front of me. My jaw dropped when I saw myself.

I had large wings, with no feathers, just skin, sticking out of me. They folded onto my back like a pegasus' wings. I tried to learn how to use the muscles. I learned quick, and in no time I could stretch them out and flap them.

"These aren't permanent... Right?"

"Oh, no. I used a weak charge for the spell. It should wear off in a few hours. The shoes I enchanted should give you a boost when you use THOSE." She pointed to the large folds of flesh I was flapping around.

"Awesome. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go test these babies out. Onwards and upwards, Allons-y!"

I flew out the window.


I landed at Dashie's house. I had really gotten the hang of those wings. I knocked on the cloud door.

"Dashie! You aren't gonna believe this!"

Rainbow Dash opened the door, and her face had a look of sheer horror when she saw me.

"KYLE! OHMYGOSH WHAT HAPPENED? Are you alright? Do you need me to take you to Fluttershy? Can I-"

"Relax, love. These are the results of a successful test of a spell on me, courtesy of Twilight Sparkle."

Dashie sighed in relief, and then grinned wildly. She had an idea.

"Wanna go practice?"

"Oh yeah."


Dashie had taught me how to do barrel rolls, loops, spins, and all sorts of other tricks. My time was almost up though.

"Dashie, the wings are gonna wear off soon. I think we should call it a day."


We landed on the familiar hill. It was the same hill we had our first kiss on.

"So... What do you think of having wings, Kyle? Isn't it awesome?"

"Yeah. But I already have the shoes. The wings are just MUCH more powerful... But I would prefer the shoes. They let me wear a shirt." I couldn't put my shirt back on, so I was still flying around topless.

"Well, I think you look like a hunk."

"Oh come on now. You're just saying that. Look at me, I'm a beanpole."

"Exactly. You're a lean, mean, fighting machine." She poked me in the chest with each word.

"Heh. I guess I am." She was stroking my ego like an evil villain strokes a cat.

"Hey... You're wings are shaking." Dashie was staring at my new appendages.

"Hm? AGH!" I felt a sharp jolt of pain, then the wings began to shake violently. I felt my bones crunching and re-arranging. Then it hit me.

"Twilight was quelling the pain with her magic!"


"AAAAAAAGH!" I fell to the ground, tears rolling from my eyes. I felt my skin start to tighten, and the bones were smashing themselves down to size to fit where they were before the wings.

"Kyle! Oh no... What do I do?" She gingerly touched a stub on my back from where the wing was.

"AH! No... Just don't- AGH...! Just don't touch me..."

Dashie pulled away, upset that she had hurt me. I saw tears welling up in her eyes.

"Ugh... Hng... Ahhh..." I was writhing on the ground. The re-transformation was finishing.

As soon as it was done, the pain was gone. I stood up, my eyes bloodshot, my nose running.

"Well... That was... Unpleasant..." I felt really woozy.

"Kyle? Are you going to be OK?"

I couldn't answer. The darkness of unconsciousness was already consuming my vision. I began to fall over.


I hit the ground, and then I was out like a light.

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