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How Did I Get Here? - k12314

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Chapter 9: A Doctor?


The pony turned around and looked at me. It took him a second to recognize me.

"Oh, it's you."

"I forgot to ask you, who are you?" I wanted to get to know Dashie's stalker.

"Just a fan of Dash." Facepalm.

"No, I mean who ARE you? What is your name?"

"Oh. My name is Zephyr Verve. What is your name?"

Wow. Ok, confusing name. But I can work with that.


"Nice to meet you, DJ."

"wait, DJ? Nonononono! I was just... I mean I..."

"You were chosen by DJ P0N3 to take over for her, you apparently made that music, you constantly listen to your MP3 Player, you know how to use all of that machinery, you were head-banging for the whole party, you passed out at the DJ stand."

"Huh. I guess I am a DJ. Now I need to think of a witty DJ name..." Great. I suck at names.

"Walk with me, I could probably help."

"Sure. Lead on, Stalker of Dashie." I smirked.

"Kyle, if you ever say that again, I'm gonna bury you alive."


After an hour of walking, and trying to think of DJ names, we came to a conclusion.

"How about DJ 1NS4N1TY?" He said.

"Sounds good to me!"

We brohoofed.

Not a moment after the brohoof, we heard a strange "whooshing" sound from over the hill nearby. We went to investigate.

We hid behind a bush, and we saw a strange blue box appear out of nowhere. I swear I have seen this somewhere before.

When the box stopped disappearing and reappearing, I saw a door on the front of it open. I noticed it said "Public Police Call Box" on the top. This was a call box from 1950's London. Now I KNOW I have seen this somewhere before.

A light brown pony with a dark brown, spiky mane stepped out, and behind him followed... DERPY?

"What is Derpy doing with a creep teleporting around in a police call box!?!?" I whispered angrily.

"Who? What?" Zephyr had no idea what I was talking about.

Before I could explain, we felt the bush around us ruffle, and the there was light shining on us. We slowly looked up.

"What are you two doing, snooping around here?" The brown pony found us.

"Umm... We... Umm... I... Umm... Uhh..."

Derpy walked over and looked in the bush, and immediately recognized me, thank Celestia.

"Oh, hey Kyle! It's ok Doctor, he is a friend of mine! And his friend is OK too."

"Ah! You are friends of Ditzy's, alright then, get out of there." This "Doctor" fellow is quite... Odd.

We climbed out of the bush, and the introductions began.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am The Doctor," he turned to Zephyr, "And this is Ditzy Doo."

"Hi there mister!" How charismatic of her.

"Well... My name is Kyle."

"And I am Zephyr."

"Fantastic!" The Doctor looked at me. "A human? When did a human get into this dimension?"

Wait, WHAT? He knows what humans are? Maybe he knows how I got here!

"I was skydiving, and I blacked out for a second ("I opened my eyes..."), and I was here."

"I think I know exactly what happened to you." Perfect.

"Alright, both of you, come inside." Inside the call box?

"It is called the TARDIS, by the way."

We stepped inside, and it was MUCH bigger on the inside than the outside.

"And... How is this possible?" Zephyr asked. I learned to accept weird stuff a while ago.

"The outside is just a cloaking device, but it is stuck. That is why it is still a call box. The real form of the ship is much bigger." Derpy said. Wow, she has apparently learned a lot from The Doctor.

"Very good Ditzy! Now, Kyle... Lets go back to a moment before you ended up here..."


We were watching a video screen, where an invisible (Probably cloaked) camera was showing me, ready to jump out of the plane.

"What is that thing?" Zephyr asked.

"A plane. Humans can't fly, so they made machines to do it for them." The Doctor apparently hadn't always been a pony.

"Look. Right there. You are falling, there is a strange fluctuation in the air, you probably felt it after you blacked out, because you shouldn't be able to feel anything until you wake up."


All I felt was wind".

"You see the transition? Where everything starts to look different? That is when you passed through a rip in Space and Time."

"WHAT?" You're kidding me.

"It is called The Rift, a portal between dimensions. Every dimension has a Rift leading to another. You were just unlucky enough to find a patch leading from your dimension to here while it was active. Probably caused by an energy surge. It happens."

Then the TARDIS began to shake violently.

"Oh no... Something is pulling us to another point in time!"

The Doctor stared at the mass of buttons, levers, and lights on the control panel.

"The TARDIS is taking us somewhere."

Then me, Zephyr, and Ditzy all yelled in unison, "Say WHAT?!?!"

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