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How Did I Get Here? - k12314

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Chapter 43: It Happened...


I began to wake up, and I felt a warmth around my chest. I stirred a bit, and opened my eyes.

I rolled over, and looked right into a familiar pair of violet eyes. Dashie appeared to had just woken up as well. She had her front hooves wrapped around me, and a satisfied smile on her face.

"Dashie? Why are you-"

I opened my eyes fully, and the shock woke me up, causing my memory to rush back to me. I pinched myself on the side, but nothing happened.

"This... Isn't a dream..."

"No... It isn't..." She sounded like she was still really tired.



"OH MY GODDESSES WHAT HAVE I DONE!?!?" I threw my hands to my head, and started going completely mental... I mean I... WITH A PONY...

"Kyle! Calm down!" Dashie was up now, and she was staring at me, both confused, and worried.

"But we... I mean I... With you..."


I stood there for a moment, processing all of this in my mind.

"Alright..." I sighed heavily. "What's done is done... And I should be thankful it was with you, Dashie." A smile broke across my face.

"Glad to see you're calm now. Well, I gotta go, we have a snowstorm planned for today. So you stay inside, lover boy."

My face turned a deep crimson red, and Dashie laughed as she flew out of my window.

"Alrighty then..." I put some pants and a shirt on, as I was only in my underwear, and I headed downstairs to see if anypony else was still here.

I saw Vinyl passed out on her setup with Octavia. They had apparently hung out all night, and partied pretty hard. But nopony partied as hard as I did... This will either haunt me or bless me, forever...

"OOOOHHH! Hi Kyle! So, what were you and Dashie doing upstairs?" Pinkie bounced over to me. She had woken up a few hours ago, by the looks. She had a look on her face that made me think she already knew.

"Well, you see, when a mare and a... Man... Love each other very much..."

Pinkie's smile widened.

"I knew it! Now I have to throw you two a party!"

I went pale, and I grabbed her shoulders to make her look at me.


"Yes sir!" Pinkie gave me a comical salute, and trotted over to the snack table to finish off what was left. I stepped over a few unconscious ponies, and saw Zeph and Spitfire talking about something. When they saw me approaching, their conversation immediately ended, and they both grinned at me.

"So... You've done it, huh?"

"Zeph... Do you know what I think you know?" I looked at him, knowing the answer.

He nodded, and Spitfire started laughing.

"Heck, almost everypony knows. Me and Zephy saw you go upstairs. Good going, Romeo."


Spitfire and Zeph both laughed.

"Alright. Well dude, we have to get going. We have practice soon. Seeya!" Zeph waved as he readied his wings.

"See you two later."

They left, and I sat down on my sofa. I was still trying to completely process everything, but I knew one thing: I'm a man now.

I pinched myself again. I sighed. "This really isn't a dream... Confound these ponies, they drive me to insanity."

"On one hand, it was with the one I love... But on the other hand, SHE'S A PONY."

Even my mind was battling it out with conflicting standings. Part of me wanted to be happy, another wanted me to punch myself in the face.

"OK... Calm down... It's been done. You can't reverse it... Be thankful for what you have..."

Yep, still talking to myself.

"Well, sounds like yer' mighty troubled there, Kyle."

"Yeah, no kidding, AJ. I don't know what to think..."

"Well, why don't'cha start by tellin' me what happened?"

My face turned red again. "I don't know if you even WANNA know..."

"Y'all can tell me anything."

"Alright... Well, last night..."

I told her. I didn't go into detail though...


"... And that's it. Now I'm here, freaking out over it." I felt a lot better since I could talk about it.

"Well, Ah' think Ya' should be glad that Ya' done it with Rainbow. She's a nice mare, and Y'all got a good thing goin' on. Be happy fer' what happened, n' always treasure that memory."

I smiled. "You're right... I shouldn't be freaking out about this. No matter what anypony says... I'll be happy... Thanks for talking with me about this, AJ. You're a good friend."

She gave a friendly hug. "T'weren't nothin'. Anything t' help a friend in need. I gotta get back t' th' farm, but know that Ah'll be there fer' Ya' if Ya' ever need anypony t' talk to." She trotted out the door. A lot of the ponies had woken up and left. The only two who hadn't were Vinyl and Octavia.

I walked over to them, and gently tapped them both with my foot.

"Oi. Wake up. Time to go."

Vinyl raised her head, and pushed up her shades to look at me. "Oh, hey kid... Nice going."

"Wait, what?"

She stood up. "You and Dashie. Nice going!"

"Does EVERYPONY who was here know about that?"

Octavia had woken up. "Pretty much. Everypony saw you two go up the stairs together. You're such a cute couple."

"Octavia... Shut up." Vinyl shot her a look.

"Alright... I get it. Everypony knows. Big deal."

"Yeah. Well, we gotta get going. Some guys'll be by to pick up my setup here in about an hour. Seeya. Come on, Octavia."

"Goodbye, Kyle."


They left, and I was alone.

"Ugh..." I plopped back down on my sofa.

"I'm never gonna hear the end of this..."

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