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How Did I Get Here? - k12314

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Chapter 11: Home Again


"You're... HUMANS!?!?" OK, that is it. I am officially ABSOLUTELY BONKERS.

"Yep, looks like it!" Derpy said enthusiastically.

But then came another surprise. I heard somepony (Wait, back on Earth, Someone) groan, and then the TARDIS' door opened again...

"DASHIE!?!?" We all shouted at once, asides from The Doctor, who was still in the TARDIS, trying to figure out where and when we were.

"Yeah, it's me. So what? I feel weird... And why am I walking on my my back hooves..." She raised her new hands up to her field of vision.


Yep. Saw that coming.

"Dashie! Calm down!" Zephyr said, embracing her. Of course, we end up on my home planet, and he sees it as an opportunity to hit on Dashie.

She shoved him away and looked around frantically.

"W-w-w-where are we!?!?"

"Earth. My home planet..." I felt tears begin to well up in my eyes. I remembered my old friends, my family...

Derpy put a hand on my shoulder, and just looked at me. Even as a human, her eyes were still as silly as ever.

The Doctor walked out of the TARDIS. He was a 20-30 year old man, with hair that curls strangely, and he was wearing a suit and trench coat.

"OK, Doctor, what are you?" I asked.

"What does it look like? I'm human!" Facepalm.

"NO. I mean what are you REALLY. You are obviously not human, you were just a freaking PONY for Godde- I mean God's sakes!"

The doctor sighed. "Alright. I am the last remaining Timelord, a race of aliens that had these kinds of bodies long before humans (Thank us later.) We were, as the name suggests, lords of time. Of course, we had the technology to tamper with space as well, but that is just nitpicking. We created ships that could take us anywhere, anytime, at any time. I have the TARDIS. A long time ago, there was a war between us and a race know as the Daaleks. You would call them "Intergalactic Nazis." They thought they were perfect, but they were wrong. I killed them all off... Or so I thought. There are still a few stragglers apparently. Of course, what I did to kill them... Didn't only kill them..." Wait... Oh god...

I was just looking at him. I felt sorry for him, being alone in all of space and time. I turned around, and I saw a stone statue. It was of a crying angel.

"hey guys, look! A statue. What is a statue doing out here?"

The Doctor was immediately in action. "DON'T LOOK AWAY! DON'T EVEN BLINK! BLINK AND YOU'RE DEAD!"


"Doctor... What is going on?" Derpy asked.

"These things, they are called Weeping Angels. When they are being observed, they change to statues of crying angels, hence the name. But as soon as you look away, they change back, and chase you at unbelievable speeds. But they don't kill you if they catch you, oh no... They teleport you to a random point in time, and feed off of the energy of what your life WOULD have been, if not for them. And you just sit in another time period, and literally live yourself to death."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Everyone. Get back in the TARDIS. Now." He sounded pretty serious.

"No." I wasn't going back. Even though I had many new friends, I was home again. I didn't want to leave. I wanted to see everyone again.

"Listen, if we don't get out of here, we are all DEAD!"

I ran. The Doctor turned and ran back into the TARDIS.

I wasn't running for long. I heard whispers, but I ignored them. But I eventually felt a strange sensation, and I blacked out.


I woke up in a back alley. I slowly began to remember what had happened. I had been caught by a Weeping Angel. When am I now?

I walked out of the alley, and immediately noticed differences from when I was from. There were a bunch of hippies gathered in a small park nearby, I saw some greasers sitting in a malt shop. Oh my GOD...

"I'M IN THE 1960'S!"

I knew what I had to do. I had to get some clothes to blend in, and I needed to avoid ANY historical events. I snuck into a backyard and stole some clothes off of a drying line.


After four hours of wandering around, I stopped into a gas station to get something to drink. There had been $5 in the pants pocket.

A large, heavyset man wearing all white clothes and a folding hat was behind the counter. "Hey, sonny! What can I do ya' fer'? I immediately remembered Applejack.

"Can I get a TAB please?"

"Why do ya' need a tab kid? Ya' ain't even bought nothing yet!"

"Alright then give me a Monster."

"This ain't a toy store kid."

"Just give me something with a lot of sugar in it."

"One Pepsi, comin' up."

I sat at the counter, and rubbed my head. Sent into the 1960's by a statue that wanted to kill me, after meeting a time traveling alien, after being warped into a world of ponies.

Oh god... Why me?

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