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How Did I Get Here? - k12314

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Chapter 6: Obsessed, Much?


The pony was flying straight towards the Wonderbolts, who hadn't noticed.

"Oh no..." I was at an absolute loss of words.

"WHAT DOES HE THINK HE'S DOING!?!?!?" Dashie screamed. It was quite obvious she was NOT happy.

The pony was about to fly right into the Wonderbolt's pattern. If they hit him moving at the speed they were...

I remembered my , which now rendered me able to fly, although I hadn't practiced. Here we go...

"TIME TO PLAY HERO!" I yelled, hopping up from my chair.

I didn't know how to make these things fly.

But right when I thought of how, the wings on my now-magical started to flap. "So me and the shoes are mentally attached... cool." I thought to myself.

I flew straight at the reckless pony, and right before he flew in front of the Wonderbolts, I slammed into him, flying him straight out of the way.

I landed on a wayward cloud floating into the stadium, and put the pony down.

"DUDE! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?!?" I screamed at him. He scooted back a bit, somewhat scared of me.

"I... I... I just..." He didn't even know why he did it?

I managed to calm down. "Alright... Listen. What was that about? Are you nuts or something? If you wanna talk about it-"

I was cut off by a very empowering but kind voice saying, "I will take it from here, Kyle."

"What the..." I turned around to see a large, white pegasus.... No, unicorn... Both!?!? And she had the sun as a cutie mark...

Everypony was bowing, and I remembered what Twilight had told me when she was introducing me to the group...

"We are in the kingdom of Equestria, ruled by Princess Celestia, who raises the sun every morning..."

My jaw dropped. I was in the presence of royalty. AWESOME.

"You have showed valor today, young human. And I thank you." The princess walked passed me, and everyone in the stadium was looking at me.

"As for you..." She said to the reckless pony.

"Umm... Princess?" I asked. Very frightenedly, might I add.


"May I speak to him before... Whatever you plan on doing?" I was hoping to get some answers.

"I was planning on doing that anyways. You are just saving me time. Thank you." She grinned, and walked away.

I turned back to the pony. "Now, where were we?"


"So, you're the one obsessing over Dashie, eh?" I looked at him. The urge to facepalm was overwhelming. I looked around the room. It was an old ticket booth, no longer used and hidden from view.

"Y-Yeah..." He looked very ashamed for some reason.

"So... I guess you're going to tell Dash, huh?" I looked at him with pity.

"Nah. I knew a guy like you back on Earth. You have my respect for your persistence. Just... Lay off a little, 'kay?"

"But I-"

"You are annoying her."

"I am?"

"Yeah. Just leave a love letter every few weeks or something. Don't leave chocolates or stuff like that every darn DAY man."

"Alright." He smiled thankfully.

I gave him a friendly slap on the shoulder and sent him on his way. Rainbow Dash barged in.

"What was THAT stallion's problem?"

"Just a fan who wanted some attention."

Then, the door opened again, and I saw a blue hoof stick through...

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