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How Did I Get Here? - k12314

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Chapter 50: Recurring Villain


AUTHORS NOTE: Yay! Chapter 50! Thank god I have such an active imagination... And don't forget to read 'Far From The Tree' by Buckshot. Amazing story. ALLONS-Y!

"YEAH! OWNED!" I was doing something I hadn't done in a long time: Playing a video game. I had my laptop on my lap, and I was frantically pressing keys, playing quite the fast-paced game.

"Kyle? What are you doing?"

"Playing a game, Dashie. OH CRAP DON'T YOU DARE!" A loud explosion sound effect came from my laptop. "HA!"

"O...Kay then... Well, Scoots is healing up really well. She should be fine before Hearth Warming."

"Oh, thank the Goddesse- OH NO YOU FREAKING DON'T! EAT IT!" Another explosion sound effect. "Thank the Goddesses for that."

I stopped playing the game, and closed my laptop. I'd had enough screaming at a computer screen for one day.

I heard a knock at the door. When I answered it, I couldn't believe who it was.

"YOU." I said through clenched teeth. It was the pegasus from the coffee shop. What could he want?

"Yeah, it's me. I want a rematch. Right here, right now. That way Rainbow CRASH can see just how much of a loser you are."

"You wanna freakin' DIE? Then bring it." I bent my knees and brought my fists up to my face. NOPONY calls Dashie that, or me a loser.

"What about that brat of a kid you're raising?" He smirked as he said that, noticing Scoots limping by, a splint on her leg. "Awww... Did the little orange brat have an accident? You're a horrible dad."

"THAT'S IT! I'LL RIP YOUR EMPTY HEAD OFF!" I lunged at him, and knocked him to the ground. I started wailing on him, throwing punch after punch. I bloodied his nose, I knocked out another tooth, I gave him a black eye. I kept going. I wanted blood.

"Gonna talk about my family like that?"


"Gonna talk about Dashie like that?"






"Please... Stop..."

"I won't stop until every last drop of your blood is soaked into this cloud." That's a problem I have. I tend to get homicidal when I get angry enough.

"Kyle! Get off of him!" Dashie was staring in horror from the doorway. The anger slowly faded, and I stepped off of the poor pegasus... Who didn't get up.


I kicked him gently. Nothing.

"Oh no..."

Dashie and Scoots just stared at me in horror...

"Ohhhhh..." He groaned, and stood up... Barely.


"Hey! You're alive! Good, I didn't kill you. That'll teach you a lesson. Can you fly?"

"D-Don't think I'm done with you..." He spit out some blood. "I'll be back."

"And I'll have a weapon next time." I smiled evilly.

He scowled, and flew off, teetering side to side.

"Kyle..." Dashie sounded scared.

"Don't worry, I won't kill him... At least I'll try not to. Next time, try to pull me away from him."

"Daddy, who was that guy?"

"Just a ponce who loves to make me angry... And apparently get his rear-end handed to him in the process."

"Kyle! You totally kicked his butt! YEAH!"

"You were just worried about him a few seconds ago, Dashie..."

"That was when I thought you were gonna kill him. Now that I know you won't, that was AWESOME!"

"Anything to stick up for my family."


I walked the streets of Ponyville, my knuckles bandaged. Who knew it could hurt to hurt somepony else?

"Oh no, help!" I heard a shout from a nearby alleyway. I ran in, and saw a large grey earth pony mugging a small red one. They looked over and saw me. They smiled, and approached me.

"Heh, he actually fell for it! What a goodie-goodie two-shoes." The grey one cracked his neck.

"What an idiot..." The red one chuckled menacingly.

"What the..." I turned around, and saw the coffee shop punk, blocking the exit alongside a black unicorn.

"Oh crud..." The unicorns horn glowed, and I felt a shock. I fell over, and my vision blurred. I could barely hear the voices nearby.

"Ha! He actually fell for it! Quick, I know an old house outside of town. Grab him!"

I blacked out.


I woke up, tied to a chair in a small stone room. It was lit up by a single candle.

"Heh, I can't believe how easy it was to catch you."

"I can't believe how easy it was to make you run like a little school filly. What're you gonna do now, punk? Insult me to death?"

He responded with a quick hoof to my jaw. It hurt, but nothing was broken.

"You're gonna have to do better than that, loser!"


I saw the black unicorn walk in. He smiled evilly, and lowered his horn. It began to glow, and I felt a sharp pain. I screamed and jerked around in the chair, but all that got me was a face full of stone floor.

"HA! Look at him squirm! Do it again."


"I just can't wait to see what the boys did to Dashie..."

"WHAT? HOW COULD THEY..." His friend was a unicorn.

"I gave them wings." He said. I knew it. I felt the homicidal anger surface again. I started yanking and pulling, and they just laughed. Eventually, the chair broke. I untied the rope, and grabbed a leg from the chair.

The unicorn's horn began to glow again, and I promptly responded by grabbing it, and snapping it off. He howled in pain, and ran out the door. I grabbed the punk by the neck, squeezing just hard enough so he gasped, but not hard enough to kill him.

"Yeah, don't kill him..." My reasonable side was still somewhat in control.

"W-What're you gonna do?"

"This." I threw him against the wall, and clubbed him over the head.

"DING DING DING! K.O.! I win, bub." I walked out of the door, and up a set of old stairs. I came out in an old abandoned house. I looked out the window, and saw the Everfree Forest to the left, and Ponyville to the right. I walked outside, preparing to fly off.


I landed at Dashie's doorstep, and immediately noticed that the door had been forced open. I went inside, and the place was a mess. I heard a groan from the other room.


I walked in, and saw the two earth ponies with magically obtained wings laying in crumpled heaps on the floor. Dashie was hovering over them, a few marks on her, but nothing too bad. Scoots was comically prancing around, throwing hoof punches at nothing.

"You're OK!" I hugged her tight, she just grinned smugly.

"Of course I am, I'm Rainbow Dash, hero of Ponyville!"

We all laughed.

"Well, I'm glad you two are all right."

"We're glad you're OK, Daddy!"

"Yeah, we were worried about you."

"I'm fine... What're we gonna do about these two?"

Dashie smiled.

"Dashie, what are you planning?"

"Oh, nothing. I'm just friends with a few guards is all..."

I love this mare.

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