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How Did I Get Here? - k12314

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Chapter 66: All Good Things Must Come To An End


I wasn't dressed up, but I had actually cleaned myself up again. I was on the way to Zeph's wedding with Omnius, who was invited a little bit after the... Benny Hill incident. Omnius was telling me about his more recent travels, and we laughing the whole way. I seemed like I was fine, but in truth, I was worried. Torrentican was watching my every move. What if he crashed the wedding?

"...And then then this tank came out of nowhere and... Hey, are you listening? I was in a world where Left 4 Dead was real, and you're spaced out."

I shook my head, snapping out of the trance. "No, no... I'm fine..."

"Torrentican bothering you?" He had a look of serious concern on his face. I felt bad for lying to him, but I didn't want him to worry.

"No! No, it's alright. Really, I'm fine... Don't worry about it." I tried my best to cover up my emotions. I felt guilty, but Torrentican was an issue I had to deal with myself. He messed with my family, and he tried to kill me. It was too personal to let anypony help me with. I have always had an issue with pride...

"Alright... I'll trust you on this." He got up on his hind legs, and put his front legs on my shoulders, staring straight into my eyes. "But listen, you need to believe me when I say that if you go up against him, you need to be strong, and try to call for me, and hold out until I get there. I don't want you making any rash decisions, Kyle. It could be really bad, and I don't want to see anything happen to you. You're my friend, and friends help each other. If you fight him, you need my help, got that?"

I just stared at him, both thankful and worried at the same time. But, I responded in the best way I knew. "Alright, I will..."

I knew that was a straight up lie, but due to my pride, I felt like I couldn't ask him for help. It would make me feel weak...


We were nearing the wedding, when the thing I feared most happened.

"Well hello there, newlywed! Allow me to be the first to congratulate you!"

"Hey, Omnius? I'll catch up, I gotta... Do my business." I pointed my thumb over my shoulder at the treeline near us.

"Alright, see you at the wedding..." He began to trot off, and I ran and hid behind a tree.

"Torrentican, what do you want? I'm not in the mood for your mind ."

"Oh, but this isn't a mind game, Kyle. This is a challenge."


"Yes. I want us to end this now. I'm growing bored of these silly mind tricks. Shall we solve this, man to man?"

"Sounds good to me." I heard a twig snap. I scanned the area where I had heard it come from. I didn't see anything, so I just passed it as an animal or something.

"So, where'll this scrap be?" I cracked my knuckles as I said this.

"There is an open field nearby. Hurry, as I have a bit of a surprise for you..."

"What kind of surprise? I'm not really one to be kept in the dark..."

"You'll see..."

"Well, if it's a trap, I'll pick up on it. Sorry."

I began to walk through the treeline, and sure enough, there was a large, open field. I adjusted my hat so I could see a bit better, and unbuttoned my jacket, so I could feel the calm breeze. But then, I saw something that made me drop my jaw.

"Well hello, Kyle. Long time, no see."

"N-No way..."

I just stared. Standing right in front of me was Torrentican, but in human form. He has pure black hair that's slicked back, with a few strands that are loose. He has pale, gray skin, wears a black overcoat, with a gray button up, silk shirt underneath it, and dull white khaki slacks, and pointed, yet shiny, black leather . He still had the black, soulless eyes, seemingly staring into my very soul.

"Yes, this is the surprise. I will fight you truly man to man. I will enjoy digging out your eyes with my bare hands. You know, you do have quite the set of eyes..." He stared into my eyes,and I could feel myself falling into his gaze. Luckily, I had enough willpower to snap out of the trance and look away.

"So... This is where it'll happen, huh? The final battle... You know, it seems fitting in a way, a battle between good and evil, in a big open area, where nopony will get hurt..." I looked around, making sure there were no ponies nearby. I could have sworn I saw the swish of a dark brown tail, but I payed it no mind.

"Ugh, you're such a do-gooder, it makes me sick. Instead of worrying about your own well being, you worry about the safety of others? Why?"

"I've already told you, Torrentican. It's love. I love all of these ponies. They are all my friends, and they are all my family. I care for each and every one of them." The image of Hoops and his friends flashed in my vision. "Well, almost each and every one of them. I will protect them with my life. It's the least I can do. I mean I just fall into this world, a strange and alien creature, and instead of experimenting on me or locking me up, they accept me into their society with open arms. It's one of the best feelings I've ever experienced, and I won't let you destroy the cause of those feelings."

He stared at me for a moment, and then laughed. "Do you REALLY think any of that matters? Come now, why would you want all of this," he gestured towards the area around us, "instead of infinite power?"

"Because, I don't want power, Torrie. I'm not like you. I'm not selfish, I'm not evil. I'm not lonely. I have family and friends in this world. Do you think I would just abandon them for something as meaningless as power? Power has limits, love and kindness do not."

Torrentican seemed like he was about to start gagging. "Ugh, there is just no convincing you, is there?"

I tried my best to stretch out my neck again, and imitated Engineer. "Nope."

He scowled, and put himself into a battle stance. "En garde."

I stood sideways, and put my fists in front of my face. "Bring it, scumbag."


We circled each other for a moment, both of us staring down the other. Then I threw my hardest punch, which he easily caught. He just faked a yawn with his other free hand, which he used to punch me square in the stomach. I stumbled back a bit, but then ran at him again, when he lifted his hand to catch the punch I was readying to throw, I ducked down and drove my head straight into his stomach, knocking him over. I climbed up and sat on his chest, and started wailing on his face. I was aiming for his eyes, which had a look of amusement in them.

He pushed me off, and we stood, ready for the other. Then, he threw a punch, and I leaned backwards. He threw another, and I ducked under it, and then he tried to bring his knee up into my face. I threw myself backwards again, and used the built up momentum to grab the back of his head and shove it straight towards my knee. I grinned when I heard the satisfying CRACK of his nose, which had become a fountain of blood.

But then, he did what I wasn't prepared for. I saw a red light building up in his hand, and before I could react, he gave me a right hook to the temple, which sent me flying sideways, and landing face-first into the groud, sliding a bit. Then, before I could get up, I felt him drive his pointed shoe into my side. Then again. And again. I started coughing up blood, and I knew at least one of my ribs were broken. Torrentican just started laughing maniacally.

"You see what all that 'love and tolerance' got you? You're doomed, Kyle! You'll never beat me! Face it, you've lost. You've failed everyone. You've failed yourself, you've failed Omnius, you've failed Rainbow Dash, and you've failed Scootaloo. You LOST!"

Then, my wedding ring began to glow a faint rainbow color. I saw it change from a simple silver ring with a ruby in it, to a magnificent golden one, with a diamond, with a sapphire the shape of Dashie's Cutie Mark inside. Then, the rainbow colors began to coarse through my veins, and I felt all my pain melt away. Then I began to quietly laugh.

"What are you laughing at? You're DONE!"

"That, Torrie... Is where you're wrong."

I slowly stood up, my laugh growing in strength and volume. I managed to get to my feet, albeit I was a little wobbly. Then, the glowing rainbow was at full power, almost blinding.

Then, I felt a massive surge of energy. I raised my arms into the air, and threw them down. At that moment, a giant blast of magical energy released from me, creating a crater around where I stood. My jacket fluttered in the rushing air around me. Torrentican was thrown backwards, and was propped up on his shoulders, staring at me. Everything had a strange white aura to it. I realized that my eyes were pure white, and glowing.

W-What are you?"

Then, when I spoke, my voice was loud, and echoed. It was almost god-like.

"I am the tie that binds all together...
I am that which pushes all to greater things...
I am the reason wars are fought, and why creatures mourn the deaths of others...
I am Element of Love...


Torrentican just stood up, and kept fighting. But, he couldn't stop me. I just kept hitting him and hitting him. Blood was flying left and right, and I wasn't stopping. Torrie managed to land a few blows on me, but any pain I would have felt was absorbed by the raw power and adrenaline I was feeling. Then, I heard a yell.


(Pause the music for a minute)

I turned to see who it was, and it was Omnius, along with Dashie, Zeph, Spits, and all of my friends. They just stood there, staring at me. Dashie just approached me.

"Kyle... What happened to you?"

"Well," everypony cringed at the volume of my voice, "turns out, I'm an element. The element of love, Dashie." I gave her a large smile. Everypony just backed off, even Omnius, so we could continue the fight.

(Resume music)

Torrentican threw a few punches, but I just dodged them lazily. I started to feel a little tired, but just ignored it and kept wailing on Torrie. The white tint to my vision and the rainbow colors began to fade. I could more easily make out Torrentican's face. It was battered and bloody, and had bruises, cuts, and bumps all over. He also had a few gashes on his arms, and I could tell by the way he was breathing that a few ribs were broken.

Then, the magic in me faded completely, and I fell over. Torrentican ran over, clutched the edge of my jacket, and I felt a strange pulling sensation, then, the world around me swayed and shook. Then, I blacked out, the last thing I saw before doing so was Torrentican's evil smile.

(Stop the music)


I woke up in what seemed like a park. I tried to stand up, but the amount of energy I used in the fight had drained me to the point of paralysis. Torrie walked over and crouched next to me.

"It was an honor fighting you, Kyle. But I think now it's time you died... No, wait, I have an even better idea."

He pulled a small crystal out of his coat pocket, and it looked like a miniature version of the one I had broken in the cave.

"This probably reminds you of the crystal you destroyed, yes? Well, the one you destroyed was just a 'transmitter' for the energy that causes the rifts. That energy comes from this crystal right here, and you can't take it from me. I was hoping to tear open links to other worlds and bring horrible creatures through, and I succeeded, somewhat. It brought you through. And now, I know how to make you suffer for all the trouble you've given me. If this crystal is destroyed, all the rifts close, and you can never return to see your precious 'friends' and 'family' ever again!" He laughed, and then threw the crystal against a tree, and in shattered.

"NO!" I tried to move, but I just couldn't. All I could do was cry.

"Now, I will take my leave before Omnius follows me. Goodbye, Kyle. It's been fun."

With that, he disappeared, leaving dark, maniacal laughter in his wake. I just laid there, defeated. Then, I looked around, recognizing this place as the park near where I lived. But that meant...

"Look! He's over there!"

The government.



I had been institutionalized. The doctors told me that I was in a state of mental psychosis, and caused all sorts of trouble. They never told me what. I told them about the ponies, refusing to forget. Through a mixture of therapy and medication, they managed to convince me that it was all just a dream caused by insanity. It was what I was dreaming about while I went on whatever rampage it was that got me there. They never really filled in what happened in those two months. I asked them about the ring I was wearing, and they told me I got it from a sweetheart who died in a car wreck. After that, I just spent the rest of the year, going to therapy, taking my meds, living out my dull life.

I always thought about the ponies, and for some reason, I just couldn't get rid of the feeling that it wasn't just a dream, but I just ignored it, thinking I was just sick. But, I always felt like the doctors were actually trying to cover something up instead of help me. I don't know why, I just had the strange feeling that I was just being lied to. I just ignored it, wanting to get better and go back to my normal life...

Then I felt a hoof tap me on the shoulder.

"Hey buddy! Long time no see!"

I turned around to see a familiar looking brown pony, with shaggy dark brown hair, glasses, and a Gordon Freeman goatee.


AUTHORS NOTE: Welp, there you have it everyone. I've had fun, but this is getting way too long. But don't freak out, as I have a sequel! It's called "Le Retour". I love you all, and thank you for reading. In the mean time, read my other story, "A Shadow Brought to Light," as I will be working on that in my downtime when I'm not doing anything important. ONWARDS AND UPWARDS, ALLONS-Y!

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