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How Did I Get Here? - k12314

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Chapter 35: Problem Solved


"OH NO." That was all that was rushing through my head. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion. Dashie kept moving slower and slower as she exited the W.C., and my heart felt like it was going to burst.

"Kyle?" And that's what I get for freaking out instead of thinking.

She approached me, smiling warmly. I felt like I was going to pass out from hyperventilation. I had gone pale.

"Are you OK? I don't want the one getting sick..."


"Th-the one?"

"Yep. Everypony says we're perfect for each other, and that we were made for each other... Isn't it nice?" She nuzzled my side.


OK, yep. Here we go. I knew it was going to happen. SOMETHING was going to go wrong, and it was this. I wasn't ready for this kind of stuff. I felt heat rushing through my face, and I knew I was blushing. Badly.

Dashie noticed immediately and giggled.

"Awwww... You're cute when you do that, you know?"

She was acting much more mushy than usual... But then again, she had been doing that after our third date. I think it's just something girls do.

"You don't say... Well Dashie, I would love to stay and chat, but I gotta go. You know, mingle with the guests, tell everypony about this... Okgottagobye."

I quickly moved the chair and left the room. I sped down the stairs...

And was almost instantly cut off by my friends.

"So... Y'all was avoidn' us, huh?"

"You meanie-weanie-bo-beany! You told me this was a game!" Pinkies hair seemed to... Deflate, for lack of a better word, and she sat on the ground and hung her head in shame. She was about to cry.

"That was a horrible thing to do. Dare I ask why?" Rarity seemed quite angry.

"Well , I'm just a little freaked out by all of this. I wasn't expecting the kiss, and Pinkie goes and THROWS A PARTY, basically advertising it to everypony... I'm just a tad bit embarrassed!"

"Hmmm..." Twilight was pondering this, apparently adding to her mental notes of human psychology.

"Trust me, Kyle. I know how it feels to be... Embarrassed..." I barely heard Fluttershy's voice over the party.

"Well... Shoot. Ah' didn't really think Ya' would end up avoidin' us. I helped with the decoratin' n' such."

"I made the streamers, and the ice sculpture in the punch bowl. Only the finest crafting, mind you."

"Well... Jeez... I'm sorry everypony." I felt really guilty for being such a chicken. "I guess I was just being a coward about all of this..."

"It's OK, we forgive you. Right girls?" Twilight acted like the leader of the group.

"Right!" They all said in unison. I remembered the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

I heard sniffling from behind me. I turned around, and saw Dashie sitting there, staring at me with a hurt expression. She had heard the whole thing.

"Y-you're embarrassed that I... Kissed you?"

"Dashie, I-"

"I don't wanna hear it."

She flew through the crowd, and out the door. The party stopped, and everypony was staring at the exit, dumbfounded as to why the mare of the party would leave.

I shot everypony a dirty look, and rushed out the door after her.


"Dashie?" I had been searching for the better part of the night.

"DASHIE?" My throat hurt really bad.


I decided to take to the skies. I had only been searching for about ten minutes when I started to lose focus from exhaustion. I had been so stressed out, and the encounter at the party really took it out of me. I felt my shoes start to slow down, and I began to dip.


I was falling.

I couldn't even scream I was so tired. I decided to just let myself fall. I would sleep for a while after I hit.

Then, a familiar blue streak saved me.


"Are you crazy? Why were you flying when you're as tired as you are?"

"I was... I was looking for you... I wanted to tell you that I was sorry. I wasn't embarrassed by that kiss, just... Surprised. It was my first kiss, and I'm glad it was with you."

She slowed down, and landed us both on a cloud.

"Do you... Do you really mean that?"

"Would I ever lie about something like that?"

We sat in silence for about ten minutes. Eventually, she nuzzled me, and laid down in my lap.

"I'm glad you fell out of the sky, Kyle."

I started to stroke her mane.

"So am I, Dashie...

So am I."

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