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How Did I Get Here? - k12314

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Chapter 8: A New DJ In Town


I was looking around for Pinkie, but couldn't find her anywhere. "Oh well..." I thought. I decided to sit down and have and have some lunch. I still needed to adjust to the new diet. I sat down and waited for the waiter. No pun intended. I switched on my MP3 Player and waited.

I looked around a bit and saw a strange looking unicorn. her mane was made up of streaks of light and dark blue, as was her tail. She had purple sunglasses pushed up onto her head, and pure red eyes, and a white coat. She was wearing a green hoodie. White coat... Red eyes... Holy Frijoles, an albino unicorn.

She noticed me staring and put on a mischievous smile. Oh dear, what am I getting myself into now?

She came and sat down at my table, still smiling as if she were up to something. She didn't say anything, but instead took one of my earbuds out of my ear and put it in hers. OK... I was just listening to my latest remix...

She closed her eyes and started bobbing her head. Her smile softened to a more mellow one. She placed the earbud on the table after a minute or so.

"Where did you get that music?" She asked me.

"It is a remix of the theme song of a TV show I watch."

She thought of that for a moment, and looked at me again, the mischievous smile was back.

"Wanna go to a party?"

I went into full alert mode. I looked at her and said "More than anything right now." I grinned back at her.

She took a napkin and a pencil and jotted down an address, and gave it to me.

"Don't be late." She walked away.

"Albino unicorn, inviting me to a party, liking my music... AWESOME." I thought, smiling ear to ear.


Later that evening, I went to the address specified. It was a regular old building, but tonight it had colorful lights flashing from all the windows, and rave music blasting out of any crevice in the building. I love this dimension.

I walked inside, and the albino unicorn looked up from her DJ stand and noticed me. She walked down and lead me to the turntables.

"Who are you anyways?" I asked.

"Haven't you guessed by now? DJ P0N3 dude!"


When will the streak of luck end?

"So, you gonna play those beats of yours or not?" She asked me. She knew the answer.

I walked up to the turntables, and the song that was playing ended. Everypony looked at me. I plugged in my MP3 Player, and selected my latest remix, and pressed play.


The next morning, I woke up, passed out on the floor next to the turntables. I got up, and my vertigo kicked back in.

"Oh n-" WHAM.


DJ P0N3 woke up in the middle of the crowd of unconscious ponies, and walked up to me. She used her unicorn magic to help me up.

"Kid, I have never heard beats like that before. Where are you from? And what are you?"

Oh boy, story time.


DJ P0N3 sat, and listened to the end of my story.

"...and next thing you know, I am on a Pinkie's couch. Then I met all of them."

"Wow, sounds like you're a long way from home."

"Yeah, but don't worry, I have adjusted. Hey, what is your real name, anyways?"

"Vinyl Scratch." Go figure.

"How appropriate."

"Well," she said, standing up, "I gotta go kid, but catch me next time you are at a party."

"Later, Vinyl."

I looked around, and didn't recognize any of the ponies here. Some had woken up and left. Some we just mingling, chatting.
Then there was the one who looked eerily familiar. I walked closer.

"Hey... It's YOU!"

I recognized his light green eyes.

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