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How Did I Get Here? - k12314

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Chapter 4: To Gain Her Trust


I laid on the hay bale I called my bed, thinking about what Rainbow Dash had said a few days earlier.

"Well, all of my friends seem to trust you, but I don't. You fell out of the sky, and you are a weird... Thing. Watch yourself around me, bub."

I was wondering how I could gain her trust, and I remembered the clock I had repaired for Derpy.

"It said... Wonderbolts..."

I shot up out of the hay bale, remembering I had seen something in a store for knick-knacks that was supposedly a very rare collectors item. it was a set of life-sized plushies of all the Wonderbolts. It costs 500 bits... I ran over to the little counter near me, and counted my bits... 520. Ouch... But it was worth it. I grabbed my bits and ran to the store. On the street, it felt as if someone was watching me.


I was about halfway to the store, when the worst possible thing happened: I tripped over a piece of cobble jutting out of the road.


I saw all of my bits roll away... Directly towards a drainage slot.

"NONONONONONONONO!" I desperately chased all of the coins, and managed to catch a few of them. I counted... 261. Crud. I looked at the grate, and wondered if it would be wise to go down there... I imagined what Dash would say if I knocked on her door after being in the sewers.

"Oh my Goddesses! You smell, man! Get out of here!"

Well this is just great.

I wondered if there would be a way to convince some of my friends to loan me some cash, and frowned at the thought. No, I had to earn it all back myself. Here comes another day of apple bucking... I looked at my shoulder and winced.


AJ looked at me with a concerned expression. "Ya' sure yer' OK? Ya' look like Yer' in pain..."

I looked at my shoulder. I didn't have my shoulder pad, and my shoulder was pure red, and had no feeling anymore. I didn't care, I was a man on a mission for Rainbow Dash's trust. I charged at another tree.


I slumped down on the tree, and an apple fell on my head. I suddenly thought on Newton's Law of Gravity. I shook the thought out of my head and got up. I hunched up my shoulder, and felt a sharp pain up my arm. I screamed and fell over.

"Ya' see? Ya' was in pain. Now Ah' gotta get Ya' to Fluttershy's place."

"Oh... I'm fine... I just need to sleep it off. I can still apple buck..."

I readied up again, and ignored the pain. I charged at the tree.


I woke up in Fluttershy's cottage. I looked over to see the cottages owner asleep in a chair next to me... I was in her bed.

"Ugh..." I tried to get up, and immediately regretted it. I had some issues with vertigo a year ago, and now it was rearing its ugly head. The room was swimming, I got light-headed, and I fell right back onto the bed. Fluttershy was still sound asleep.

"Well great." I looked on the table next to me, and there was a note with a large coin pouch under it. The note said, "Kyle's Pay". Under that, there was a P.S., "Try not to work yourself so hard next time." - AJ

I rubbed my shoulder, which had a bandage on it. I got up again, but the vertigo didn't kick in. I walked over to Fluttershy.

"Oi, wake up."

She stirred a bit, but then woke up. She looked up at me and jumped a little, but calmed down. "Oh.. My... You seem better."

"Yeah, thanks." I grabbed my shirt and put it back on.

"Umm... I hope you don't mind... But I told everypony about what happened... They are all downstairs."

"Nah, I don't mind."

I went downstairs to see Twilight, Rarity, AJ, Derpy, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash (!) waiting downstairs. Everypony looked at me and smiled, but Rainbow Dash just sat there, staring at me with the most piercing stare EVER. I shuddered, but looked at everypony else and smiled. "I told you I was alright."

"You silly-willy, you hurt yourself!"
"Ya'll didn't seem OK t' me."
"I was reading a book to try to figure out what happened to you."
"I made you some muffins!"
"Oh darling! I do hope you are fine."

I was being overwhelmed, so I yelled. "I'M ALRIGHT!"

Everypony stayed quiet. I looked over and saw Rainbow Dash, still staring, looking pretty darn angry.

I ran out the door.


I made it to the store with my pay, a whopping 800 bits. I bought the life-sized plushies, and right after my purchase, everypony caught me in the street, wheeling the plushies in a complimentary trolley. They all stared at me, especially Rainbow Dash, only she looked angrier than ever. I looked at her, and wheeled the trolly over to her.

"For you."

I have never seen eyes wider than hers on that moment.

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