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Luna has a problem. A money problem, that is. You see, for the past thousand or so years, Celestia's kinda been... *cough* borrowing *cough* from Luna's share of tax money, leaving the younger sister rather broke.

On top of that, she's found herself as quite the gamer, even sporting the name "N1GH7M4R3-M00N" in the virtual worlds of games. Unfortunately, her current allowance is far too little to support her new hobby...

Contains heavy abuse of the random tag, as usual. ^_^

So why not put advertisements in dreams?

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Maud stared at Boulder. Boulder stared back. Maud backflipped over the eternal rays of delicious sunlight. Boulder followed. Back and forth, the two continued their unending exercise of imaginative workout sessions. Suddenly, Boulder went missing.

Onto a different story for a minute. Oop, then back to the main attraction. :derpytongue2:

At this moment in time, Celestia knew now why her parents always told her to not eat her food by absorbing it whole through diffusion.

What...? :rainbowderp::rainbowlaugh:

8123203 NOW, ABSORB THIS KNOWLEDGE TOO! *slams book onto face*

Why on earth (bad horse pun) would you regret nothing? You should regret not being Luna in this.

Thank you, thank you. (Bows to imaginary adoring crowds) You are too kind.:pinkiehappy:

(Continues bowing)

Yes! Keep feeding my ego!

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You forgot Zephyr.

And Fleetfoot.

And Thorax.

(Continues bowing)

8123245 Those three aren't included in the gif pack I got with one of the site mods I installed. :P

That's everything that I have.


(Continues bowing anyway)

"Sheds some liquid pride" (just ask Shining Armour)

I am being celebrated.

I've heard of a Dreamstride; but a Dreamspam:rainbowderp:.... well that's a [insert bad horse pun here] of a different color:rainbowlaugh:.

8123366 Would you like to donate to the Save Nigerian Princes fund today? :trollestia:

I'm severely disappointed by the lack of ShamWow references.

You see, for the past thousand or so years, Celestia's kinda been... *cough* borrowing *cough* from Luna's share of tax money, leaving the younger sister rather broke.

Correction: Celestia has been doing her sister's job since the night Lulu became Nightmare Moon and betrayed the diarchy, so the money is hers to spend as she sees fit . :trollestia:

Princess Luna pocketed twenty-five cents

twenty-five cents


LOLWUT. Okay, I get that this is supposed to be random, but you weren't kidding when you said you abused the tag. I don't know whether to laugh or facehoof, so I'll give you both. :rainbowlaugh::facehoof:

I inspired this story since I really do get ads in my dreams in real life. :rainbowkiss:



If I ate the book, does that count as absorption? But then...stomach...hurts...I think I'm gonna die... tell my wife and children... I love them...


Oh. I guess I'm fine. :twilightsheepish:

8125026 orig04.deviantart.net/3db3/f/2012/363/1/e/clapping_pony_icon___twilight_sparkle_by_taritoons-d5pkpl8.gif

Congratulations! You've passed Twilight's first Knowledge Absorption test! Continue to round 2?


But...it wasn't even edible! And I didn't get smarter! :raritydespair:

Oh now I know how to finish my story. :rainbowderp::rainbowlaugh:

8125071 *Shoves physics textbook into face*


*it's absorbed through my skin*

How did you do that...? :rainbowderp:

8125184 :pinkiecrazy: *shoves bottle of magic pills down throat* :pinkiecrazy:


Hey, just what is that supposed to do?!

Oooooh, I see, now I'm supposed to think I'm a god of some sort, am I? Mwahahhaha!!! :pinkiecrazy: *they were crazy magic pills*

8125348 Oh crap. *Shoves truck down your throat*



I dont wanna! Ill catch avian flu. :raritydespair:

8125518 Okay... *ATTACK HELICOPTER!*

:trollestia: "Why dost thou hearken to the days of depravity?"

That line made my day and possibly year.:ajsmug:

Horrific title, incredible story. I swear, you're only getting downvotes because of the obnoxious title. :rainbowlaugh:

8129890 To be fair, this WAS kinda a trollfic. :trollestia:

This was the most impossible to understand fanfic I have ever read. And I've read Jesus comes to Equestria

But I’m not hating. The other stories were quite good.

That was actually kinda the entire point of this story existing. I occasionally throw in trollfics with my usual mix of stories, and this is one of them. :trollestia:

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