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Where are Chapter 2 and 3?

7785759 Chapter Two will be published next week, and three the week after.

Since neither Octavia or Vinyl wanted Octavia to get pregnant you would think they would make a bigger deal about them both forgetting to have Vinyl pull out in the heat of the moment.

AAAAAAAAAA I want more of this universe of yours!!

Please I love this story, don't end with just 3 chapters, maybe go and bring Vinyl and Octavia back for a second time around, maybe like since in chapter 1 Vinyl didn't pull out of Octavia in time from the way things seemed to read, she could have gotten Octavia pregnant, maybe this time Octavia could be the one wearing the panties and gain the cock to use on Vinyl then.

Damn that was a great way to end this story, too bad that Rarity didn't think to make a Hyper Version of the panties that she would be the only pony who would know how to make, that way certain ponies would be able to get them from her so they can try out the Hyper form.

But what if the Penal Panties has a double penetration mode, or a reversible insertion?

Fascinating did not expect ember to grow a dragon cock. I was expecting more of a horse cock

Awww this chapter was super cuuute and adorable

She could be a very successful stripper or porn star instead of a clothing designer

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