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An ancient spell sealed away centuries ago by Starswirl has been reawaken by a certain purple unicorn. However, what awaits our heroes as they met a certain prankster ninja? Everyone, and everypony's, destinies are changed forever.

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I just added this anday favorite plus tracking it when will you upload the next page


Well right now I am still trying to figure out exactly how often I will update. I want it to be ~20 chapters long and I am trying not to rush, might be daily since I got my notes together just have to put them in order lol:pinkiesmile:

7638054 sounds fine to me plus I wanna guess I think the prankster ninja has to be sasuke even though in scroll 1 naruto mention it as a old friend at the end


Nope, keep in mind there are 3 known pranksters in this fanfic

Pinkie Dash
and Rainbow Dash

have fun

7638089 ok is there any chance that you will add sasuke in the story now that the main six and naruto friends in scroll 5 are OP now. I wonder what kind of evil will be there as in the story description there destinies are are change forever but who could this next prankster ninja be i might as a well just find out as the story continues


not until the shinobi tour Equestria so be patient and stay tuned

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7638144 I will be M8 I can't wait maybe there will be a battle of naruto vs sasuke

who said anything about it being those two...:ajsmug:

7638429 says me maybe it will happen maybe not but there overpowered now so maybe sasuke will appear when the tour is over :ajsmug: so I'll be waiting till these chapters are done

I'm not so sure this is meant to be taken seriously.


First fanfic I have wrote so do you expect less?

7638493 Nope. If I don't cringe from reading the first half of the first chapter, then I consider it to be decent. It's also good that the quality is consistent across chapters and that would garner more readers that way.

New chapter can't wait for the next one M8

Oh Sh#t a new chapter rainbow is going to reveal the rainbow factory crap :flutterrage:

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Comment posted by Sandstorm94 deleted Oct 31st, 2016
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Hey sandstorm when will you do the sequel to path of thesix ponies on fim fiction


To be honest, I have no idea....

7793362 I have one last question or not since Sasuke lost can you make some extra where he perform Majin vegeta final explosion and his body blows away just like in the show plz respond. Do this for me

Okay, I was NOT expecting a couple of MLP Creepypastas (Rainbow Factory & Cupcakes) to be in this Fanfic. Also, was the nickname "Momma Rarity" a reference to Lil Miss Rarity?

Welp. That got dark real fast.

oh hell no don't do it

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