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Taking place during The Canterlot Healing Process, Shining Armor and his father, Night Light, discuss about what had happened at the Wedding Rehearsal before Shining Armor's wedding to Cadence.

*Written at FillyCon 2016 in Philadelphia, PA

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Karma! Sweet karma! :pinkiecrazy:

Wasn't Shining Armor's reaction to Twilight's accusation at least in part a result of Chrysalis' spell on him? That's how I always thought of it.

7510770 The same here. Heck he is the least at fault. Celestia and the other mane 6 have ALOT to answer for.

7510770 Oh no it wasn't. And even if it was, what about Twilight's friends. I'd say they looked like they intended to hurt her real bad and they showed no remorse for it in the end.

7511244 I'd put Shining Armor on the same level of blame as the others if I were you. This is the guy who put his wedding ahead of everything that was more important. His well-being and his own sister. If I was getting married and something like this was coming up, I'd choose my family first because I for one would be royally pissed off if my wedding was nothing but a sham.

I can give you props for admitting that Celestia and the other Mane 6 have a lot to answer for, but Shining Armor deserved to suffer a lot too.

Why should anyone have believed Twilight?

Episodes like It's about Time and Lesson Zero established that she loses her grip on reality, and makes very poor choices when she's stressed out.

She failed to present any compelling argument for why anyone should distrust Cadance, when she had everyone's attention.

She established herself as obnoxiously jealous and possessive of her brother from the moment she got her wedding invitation.

In short, she demolished her own credibility.

The fact that she was right in the end, well even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Not as bad as I thought this would be, but everyone seems to forget Shining Armor had a right to get mad at Twilight for what she did. As a husband to be his loyalty was first and foremost to his bride, and Twilight did not present her arguement in the most compelling or believeable way. Even stripping her of the title of best mare was understandable, it was kicking her out of the wedding all together that crossed the line.

This just unfortunately seems to be another case where Shining Armor has to stand and get heckled for stuff that wasn't completely his own fault. He harbors some guilt for what happened during the rehersal, but it's not like Twilight was an innocent saint. There were other options to barging in during rehersal and just shouting "Evil!".

7511358 This, so much.


You in no way refute the possibility that Shining's actions might have been the result of Chrysalis' mind control.

7511599 I gotta love how he's even insisting that the other Mane 6 INTENDED to hurt Twilight.

Bla bla bla I am superior to everyone else here bla bla bla I am 100% right and you're all idiots if you disagree with me and probably Trump supporters too bla bla bla bronies are Satan incarnate and probably all rapists bla bla bla.

7511287 He gets a by though. MIND CONTROL. We have seen him affected by it, the others nope so he can take less blame then most.

Though dick move by not telling Twilight for months

Very good story, I enjoyed reading it. :twilightsmile:

... But just straight up walking out on her like that. Like, can they just use lesson zero and its about time as an excuse just to cast her aside during what they assume to be one of her "episodes"? Sure they have no reason to believe twilight, but jeezus its like they just gave up on her. Shit like that would've grew into a major problem later on anyways, and even if she came up with evidence they would've been skeptical.

She didn't mind control him, she merely gave him a spell that he feels comfortable around her. Everything be said to her was from him not chrysalis

The Same excuse EvErYoNe trying to defend the imfamous 7 give.

Except it's true here. we see him under her full control later.

YeA, LATER, not when he disowned twilight.

likely then two considering what she saw before confronting them.

You just really want to defend shining dont you.
This story is made for people that hate the infamous 7 not like them.

No just being fair. the Mane 6 minus Twilight and Celestia need to take the blame for that issue. he is the only that gets a by from the mind control.

No he doesnt. Yes Twilight should have brought proof, they just would have made another excuse.
Being calm? Her friends and mentor were ignoring her claims all day, you would lose patience too.
Her friends are once again being retarded idiots.
Celestia, always not listening to Twilight whens shes right.
And Shining being so easily mind controlled. Didnt no weak-willed unicorns can become a Royal Guard Cpt. Even if the RG are useless

And dont even try and say its because she was with him for months.

well we don't know how long Chryssy had influence on him or how long it would take. and look at the situation. A threat made agaisnt Canterlot, yet still going forward with a wedding. Someone close to the Bride is saying that she is evil and note this person hasn't seen the pony in person for a while yet Celestia has seen her at least every week. An issues that would crop up Shining is forced to ignore.

And yet Celestia thought it a good idea to have a wedding during a threat, all because *Cadence* wanted to?

That doesnt raise any alarms? Other then for the Plot?

And lets not forget, their just assuming shes jealous, the mother of all fuck ups.
Seems being a hero makes you stupid then.

The wedding is badly written, hence the multiple entries on the accusations page.

Hence why theirs stories like this on it.

but it should be fair to the one guy least to blame.

Im sorry but i will never ever see Shining being the least to blame.
Mind-Controlled or not.

What little evidence she had was explained away as wedding stress and a healing spell.

Ok I did mature since then and had plenty of time to think it over. Wedding Stress? Only for Applejack(and maybe Rarity) could that be argued. With Rarity and Pinkie, it was *Cadence* being a dick. But a healing spell? A healing SPELL? And Shining(more so Hasbro fucking up) has the gall to say that to the wielder of the Element of MAGIC?

Yeah I admit it was a lame excuse especially considering there was unknown enemy who was planning an attack. The girls were too wrapped up in the wedding to pay attention to the bad behavior so twilight just looked nuts. And the lame excuse without someone besides twilight saying something was up worked. Blame Celestia for thinking about a wedding more than possible danger. Plus it would have taken 5 minutes for her to check that he was fine.

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