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Just a skinny white guy from Montana, I think ponies and guns are the best inventions in life.


My name is Raven and I'm well... human? I guess? I don't know. Everything I know has changed in the blink of an eye. I went from being a super soldier with ungodly powers! To a defenseless child... I am a Tenno, well... the operator, I guess. I lost everything to the Stalker. He took my friend, my ship, and my warframe. I escaped his 'hunt' and landed on a strange planet. I can't speak the language and everyone is well... not human. But... the thing is... I don't know if I want to go back to my old life. As a Tenno all I did was fight... now... I'm loved. I have a mother, friends, a real life! Everything I have secretly longed for. But... the life of a killer leaves a trail... one, that is, written in blood...

This is my story.

Thanks to Chaotic Speed for editing!

Chapters (21)
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Comments ( 237 )

Well hot dam this is awesome and for being new it's amazing for just the first chapter

Well color me interested and surprised! Didn't expect another Warframe story!

7623375 Thank you

7623394 I love the game to much and it doesnt seem to get enough credit.

This was something that came to me just before i left for Alaska last June and I actually spent a lot of time using a large notebook full of paper and a pencil writting out several chapters. Posting it should give me incentive to write it and srop slacking off. :pinkiehappy: :twilightblush:

Oooh. A Tenno without their Warframe. This is going to be interesting to say the least.

Seriously? me and another author are working on such a fic since like february and still not far enough to post and you just got the idea and write it in like, not even a tenth of the time?
Not sure if I should be happy at another fic, jealous at your speed, or resentful that i won't even get to make the first post Second Dream fic (ok, maybe not the third point, fairly sure there's already one such fic that I haven't noticed)

EDIT: one question thouh, why anthro? Not that mind either way, I just wondered if there was a particular reason

7624335 yeah i wrote this in a few days. :twilightblush:
If you take Warframe: Equestria into account, he has you beat. And Endure for Eturnity. Then again, both are rewrites from an original.
Why anthro? I just like it, and i wanted Raven to have a little more in common with ponies since there is like nothing actually.

Stalker... That FUCKIN CUNT!

Pfffff........ Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!
*operator used undertable mode*
Girl? Really? How Long ago you played The Second Dream quest? I know it's hard to tell boy it or girl (at first I was confused too), but yeah you got a healthy boy!
He he he... Girl.... *snort* :rainbowlaugh:

May saint Tigris Prime cure your stalker!:scootangel:

7628949 Except you can change voice recognition and my character looks pretty female so... \_0_/ :rainbowkiss:

7628961 And all 28,000 slash!

...i don't see how warframe and ponies mix. ._.

7628961 nah it's just the fact that he ONLY shows up when I'm ranking a new things. My gal p literally rips him a new one.

You know. They mix like blood and sugar!

And boy with girly voice is still boy. It is your story, but my critics.
I'm interested still.

7630695 Sorry, but that is really single minded...

As you wish operator...
I only want best for your story.

7630677 ehhh eww sugar.
More like paintball and music.
Good things separate.
Just nothing I want together.

Well that happened and awesome start to an awesome story.

7633287 Happy to say so I am finding the prequel funny as hell the Equestria Girls chapters were funny as hell my god I was laughing so hard at the " Fuck you Cadence" part.

7633292 I still laugh at the Pentagon joke. Its so simple yet drop dead hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

*is instantly KOed by massive amounts of feels*

Oh lord the feels dude my heart feels so happy and sad we'll do on this one

7646520 Actually, I cried more on the next chapter than anything else. :pinkiesad2:

So is the worm in her blood supposed to be the technocyte virus?

Awwwwww poor girl and awwwww such a heart felt moment and I think the next chapter is going to make a lot of people cry for the sadness that is going to happen by the looks of from what you said.

7646554 I don't know, is it? :rainbowkiss: :raritywink:

7646663 Or is it what ever lurks in the void

So...what does this mean for the fate of 'The planet equine incident'?

7651717 It will see its end unless I basically die. I have plans for another 2 dozen or so chapters sooo.... yeah.

7651773 As Michael Rosen would say, "Clack! Noice." :)

Why is there a sequel when the first story isnt finished yet?

7628612 :twilightangry2:I want to see Celestia blast him with a full power spell, at POINT-BLANK RANGE!!!:flutterrage:

7646554 The technocyte virus might actually be a parasitic species of fungus, much like cordyceps, except genetically engineered.

7684460 Actually, if we play off of Dark Sector mechanics, of which the game is based off of, its an alien parasite. But in this case all we know is that it is a genetically created with nano-mite technology that attacks the hosts cells or machinery. That it can also survive the vacuum of space without damage.

7685033 A nanotech-enhanced parasitic fungus? I mean, in infested corpus ships the stuff has grown around the walls, floor, and ceiling, it also reproduces via spores. Much like a fungus.

Can't wait for more I love warfram and just about play it every day

Beautiful man so good i love it

It's good so far are you going to cover her void abilities from war within?

Where dafuk have you been?????

7886102 i have a plan, making it work in Equestria is going to be something though. Since this takes place before the War Within.
7886120 work, school, house remodel, trying to find and organize all of my paper copies of this story.

7886206 Well we know she "should" have had the abilities all along but with her memories repressed she can't remember how. That was kinda the whole point of the war within, reclaiming lost memories. So with luna and all that should technically be simple. However you'd have to make a need to reclaim those memories in the first place which is would be the harder part honestly.

Also good to know i'm not the only who has to write their story down before typing it.

7886206 Jesus Christ I didn't know you had it on paper first

7886220 I want to do something similar, a vision quest or something in the mountains. Perhaps a nightmare/ vision could work. I intent to add a warframe from the picture, and making transference would heavily simplify what I originally planned.

7886224 wrote 5 chapters while in alaska last summer.

7886682 One, is she going to get her warframes back? Two, post next chapter already! I can't take the suspense!

7889387 no, the frame in the picture is there for comic releif. :trollestia:

So someone else taking a post second dream but pre war within Tenno.

Well, yours is published so I guess it's better...

I kinda like your style, though I believ you could use an editor, there tends to be spelling errors or missing words throughout.

Also, I don't see how this is a sequel to Planet Équin Incident since that one absolved itself of the Second Dream lore

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