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A young man had finally defeated the ever powerful Magusar, and had sacrificed him, not to restore the world to it's original ways, but to earn the freedom he longed for. Now, he's starting to wish he never did. Caught in a world of techno colored ponies, judging him due to his appearance and actions, he can only trust a few select individuals, including the voices of those he had long before killed.

After all, a Sorcerer's business is all in the dealings of murder... And for a Sorcerer of his prestige, it doesn't hurt have a little practice from time to time.

Inspired by the game: Soul Sacrifice. Uses the original ending, but uses elements of Delta's story as well. Takes place around 'A Slice of Life'.

Cover art was made by me.

Chapters (3)
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6568485 Now, what would make you say that? :pinkiecrazy:

MMMM I like it so far first two chapters seem pretty solid even for those like me who have not played the game, I will definitely be following this story and I gave it a like. The only thing that got to me was the use of numbers in some places they kind of broke up the flow of the reading, so on small numbers I would write them out instead.

good so far keep it up ill be watching

please continue this story im really enjoying it :twilightsmile:

i love this story so far, keep it up:twilightsmile:

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