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I follow those who help me, and help those who ask. Admin of Evil Dead/MLP group, OC Pony/Anthro sketch artist, and over all nice guy. Send me a PM if you want your OC drawn. Requests closed!

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6568485 Now, what would make you say that? :pinkiecrazy:

MMMM I like it so far first two chapters seem pretty solid even for those like me who have not played the game, I will definitely be following this story and I gave it a like. The only thing that got to me was the use of numbers in some places they kind of broke up the flow of the reading, so on small numbers I would write them out instead.

good so far keep it up ill be watching

please continue this story im really enjoying it :twilightsmile:

i love this story so far, keep it up:twilightsmile:

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