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Creativity in its purest form is self-expression. I choose to try to express myself in everything I do.


Ever since she was born, Aria was different. She was always different from all the other mares. For starters, she was physically a he, not that she wanted to be. In her day, transgender ponies don't get the acceptance they would like, but nopony can change how Aria feels about herself. She'll keep being herself for better or for worse.

This story is currently undergoing many changes. I'll be unpublishing all non-reworked chapters as of editing this description, only to publish them again when I've gone through again.

Chapters (15)
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Comments ( 114 )

Why is this not tagged alternate universe?

Seems legit... and like meh life XD Anyways we shall continue this..

Aria is chill.

Good for her, just glad the character is likeable.

Unlike me, she isn't in a bitchy mood most of the time.

Detail is solid, Pacing is sweet, Spacing is fair.

The picture painted in a small amount of words, are just great.

I'll bite and add you to my stalking list.

Won't be for too long though, I'm pretty sure if you post another chapter, I'll just fav the story right then and there.


Kudos in not screwing the pooch.

Keep a eye out for me, in the shadows of your page.

I'll be watching...

NSC.- :trollestia::heart:

Damn you to Tartarus Celestia or better yet Knighty. The thumb up icon is still busted, I'm giving the story a spirit thumb up though....so yeah.

Mmm...'K. I can dig it. 'S totes diggable.

Veeery minor spelling issues, but meh... [I didn't correct, yay!]

Unique story ill be w8 for the next chapter btw it is good

"My Little Human fandom" hehehe that was cool. tracking. Plus good so far.

My friend recommended this story to me. I'll give it a read and let you know what I think of it. I think you'll have a new fan, though. :twilightsmile:

7145880 heh, thanks. Hope you enjoy it further down the line too. Even if it will hit some heavy subjects

7147866 I did try to put more depth into the story on this one. Chapter one is all exposition, but further on, it'll have quite a bit more substance to the story

7148298 Looking forward to another fan I can annoy with extremely depressing moments in my stories

Oh but those are the best kind. :D

7148525 I think I'm going to like you being a fan of me

Transgender..... My OC Farbella knows this well. His name means butterfly in Italian. Have a like... Is story is good.

"Karaoke Superstars" by Superchick?

Loving the story so far :)

Another good chapter!!!

This story is touching. I love it. It hits close to home and speaks to my soul (as i am male to female transgender myself). Thank you.:twilightsmile:

7158964 why thank you, I'll try to post another chapter tonight

7162030 Weeks ago, I thought it was kinda rare to be male to female transgender... and now I'm glad to not be alone

7162299 If you ever need to talk, my inbox is open, and if you wanted we could text. You aren't alone.:pinkiesad2:

Man, I gotta read this. Followed for later!


I quite agree. I'm not certain of why I like this tale so, but I surely do.

I loved how MagickPheonix.net is a nod twords PhM

7164941 Very intentional, glad you like it, Cam ^^

Mmm interesting o far but damn its really makes me feel sad all of a sudden :raritycry: and also amazing chapter w8 for more

7186543 thanks, and yeah, sorry. It to happen to move the tory forward though

7187391 also proof that parents who unknowingly hate what their children are can hardly considered parents at all

I'm liking the story so far ^^ and would that game happen to be Skyforge?

Comment posted by SprocketProductions deleted May 9th, 2016

I'll try anything twice!

7203090 Okay, probably ought to stop before one or both of us gets banned

I had gotten into a relationship with a stallion online

Does he know ?
Is he also trans ?


"Well, you've been looking for a vehicle to drive to work. Guess you found one." He replied.

Are they humans ? OR anthro ?

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