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Creativity in its purest form is self-expression. I choose to try to express myself in everything I do.

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Aria is not a normal mare. She was born physically male, therefore is perceived to be a stallion by her family. She has to make life work for her, but life doesn't seem to volunteer itself to assist her.

Chapters (3)

Calvin thinks his OC, Blood Moon is a brilliantly written character. He's an alicorn colored in pitch black and bright red, who murdered both Celestia and Luna. He strikes terror into every Pony he sees! His past is too dark to talk about...
At first, he thinks being transported to Equestria would be a fantastic experience where he would have all the power in the world, but maybe some of these things written into his character aren't quite plausible.

Chapters (2)

Golden Glow has always been a feminine stallion, but how in the name of the Royal throne did he get elected as the princess of the country of Equestria? And it's not like he can back out early. He has to follow his Royal duties! He owes it to Equestria!

Chapters (12)

If you haven't read my story, Dream Come True, do so now before reading this story, so you know what's going on.

Sprocket successfully sealed her place in Equestria, but at the expense of her memories and a magical amulet which was all she had to remember her friends from the human world. Now, with her spouse, Metalwing, she must find it and regain what she lost.

Chapters (2)

Fuzzball, a mostly-villain, is quite surprised to find a romantic interest of his has passed away, leaving the feline among ponies with his previously unknown by him daughter, Shadow. He is charmed by her, and she brings up a total change in the sour cat. Fuzzball discovers the joy and disappointment of fatherhood as both he and his daughter deal with the death of Sapphire, Fuzzball's passed significant other and mother to Shadow.

Chapters (1)

Ever since she was born, Aria was different. She was always different from all the other mares. For starters, she was physically a he, not that she wanted to be. In her day, transgender ponies don't get the acceptance they would like, but nopony can change how Aria feels about herself. She'll keep being herself for better or for worse.

This story is currently undergoing many changes. I'll be unpublishing all non-reworked chapters as of editing this description, only to publish them again when I've gone through again.

Chapters (15)

Little is known about the noble changeling known as Metalwing. He's been a loyal companion to a mare named Sprocket, but until now, his past has been left unknown. This is the story of Metalwing, a channeling who learned how to truly love.

Chapters (5)

The main character goes through depression in his daily life until an unlikely turn of events occurs.

Is this reality, or is it a dream? Is it really reasonable to care?

Sprocket now lives a much more lighthearted life full of adventure, majesty, and romance, but what will happen in the end?

Chapters (11)
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