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Starlight Glimmer has a personality that can easily be described as "high-strung". It's to be expected when you nearly doomed all of Equestria in a petty attempt at revenge.

Still, she's trying to make amends. Part of that is learning about friendship under the tutelage of Twilight Sparkle. But Twilight can't teach her everything. After a particularly bad bout of self depreciation, Starlight goes for a walk through the woods and bumps into a very... unique mare.

Art commissioned from the wonderfully talented Niniibear.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 129 )

Hmmm...I like this. Nice beginning...I'll upvote and track this for now.

Oh Twilight...why can't she calm down when it comes to friendship?

Great chapter!

Thanks! :twilightsmile: I'm glad you liked the chapter.

7142479 No problem! Thanks for writing a great Tree Hugger story! She rarely gets any stories!

I noticed that. And the bulk of those usually involve drugs, which is irritating, to say the least.

7142494 Yeah...I'm currently trying to write up a story and I'm thinking of using Tree Hugger as the 'sage' sort of character. It isn't published yet...

I hate that everyone sees her as just some stoned hippie...

Sounds neat. Let me know if you need a pre-reader. :twilightsmile:

7142524 Cool. Its a mlp crossover story though.

I love crossovers. A crossover is literally the reason I'm a brony. (Fallout: Equestria)

7142540 Oh, okay. Most people either love them or absolutely hate them. I'm mainly mixed...mostly like though.

I want to hear ever last detail!"

Noticed an error, supposed to be 'every'.

7143906 No prob, I just accidently saw it.

Will Sunset Shimmer be appearing in this story?

I've been drug-free since I was born.

Darn it Discord! Stop ruining things! Great chapter though...

Heh heh...Big Mac is too smart for his own good.:pinkiehappy:

Huh! I would've never thought of writing a story about Starlight and Tree Hugger, but I have to admit, I like what I've read so far! I've always liked Tree Hugger and you write her well, but you've also made me like Starlight Glimmer a bit more than I did before I read your story! You've made her easier to relate to than the show has so far. Nice job!

Wow, that's a really big complement. :twilightsmile: I'm glad you like my Tree Hugger.

As for Starlight Glimmer, I write her how I (personally) view her: there's a bit of a guilt complex that makes her constantly worry about when she'll mess up again (It helps that I've been here).

That is really good, and how Twilight is making it worse without wanting to do it.

I would like to have a new chapter please.

Me too. I'll finish the next one today.

Heh heh...I really liked this chapter. Great to see a reference to the show and everything. Also nice to see Starlight be happy.

Is Tree Hugger hitting on Starlight?

7672067 I don't think so. Though there is a romance tag...

I like this. Gonna follow it. You just crafted my permanent headcanon of Treehugger's character. :twilightsmile:

I like how Starlight seems to be taking care of the things that were stressing her out one by one, even with Big Mac, which I didn't think was that big of a deal until she started bringing it up. It's great that she actually stepped up and talked to him about it rather than worry herself sick every day about how to dance around the subject.

Well, plants are supposed to do better when you play the right kind of music for them, so yeah, I can definitely see some kind and caring words helping the trees out.

That was a great chapter my friend. Well done...is Starlight falling for our nature loving pony? It kinda seems like it...:twilightsheepish:

I'm not sure yet. When I get "in the zone" the story writes itself about a much as I do. We'll just have to wait and see.

Now that was precious. I like where this is going! Good to see that Starlight has a friend who can... make her feel so... comfortable...

... Oh, boy. Now I wonder what's going to happen when ever-jealous Trixie enters the picture.

Actually... The story was started before the episode where they became friends aired... So I kinda established in chapter one that that didn't go well.

Should I add the AU tag because of that?

7710383 Hmm... nah, I don't think it's enough for an AU. Things just played out a little differently in this fic's continuity with regards to Starlight and Trixie, is all, and it gets barely a passing mention, like you said. If Trixie was brought into the story or talked about a lot, then yeah, an AU tag would be more appropriate then.

I reread this chapter and I love how you make Twilight an unintentional villain in this. I know she means no harm but I love how she makes things worse due to her friendship loving nature. I love Twilight though...and Tree Hugger. I can't wait for Tree Hugger to meet Twilight and she just gives basic passive responses while Twilight expects some great friendship report.

Darn it...don't end it there! I want to see her stutter and panic her way out of Twilight's friendship lesson!

Great chapter though.

....didn't knew there was a new chapter...
since I want to stay up to date with the new chapters, I hate it if the system doesn't works the way it is supposed to and I have to read, when I rarely have the time to do so.

7711063 I agree with you, and it make me think about how Celestias personality was good to teach Twilight, but Twilights personality or her way to teach makes everything worse, like you said.

Maybe Tree Hugger can actually show her the right way to teach Starlight. I actually start to think Tree Hugger may cure Starlight completely and she wouldn't really need Twilight that much anymore.

7738226 I would agree with you, but having Twilight being the unintentional villain here makes things more interesting. Twilight should definitely stick around so Starlight struggles to change.

7738298 You smug little...I should have known you would post something like that.

You better make more chapters, I love this chapter and story too much!!!

I'm being smug because I know what comes next. Not that I'll say what's going to happen.


I'm not sure if I understand it right, till now I know two uses of the word.

"Even better! I just got a letter from Cadence! She and Flurry Heart are coming for a visit!"

oh nooo please not, I don't want Cadance tricking her into the relationship, forcing her to advance if she doesn't feels ready, or just telling Tree Hugger about it.

I hope that maybe she is only there to help Twilight with Starlight, and not because of her having to rescue Starlights love life.

I guess I like it more if she is there to help others to understand their feelings, but not to force them to act. (in most storys she just feels as coming off to strong if you know what I mean, she isn't very subtle in her atemps attemp to help somone and it looks like she would be as eager as Twilight)
You could say that I hardly see Cadance done right. I don't want her to annoy Starlight till she is finally saying Tree Hugger something about her feelings.

When it comes to Cadence's arrival, I'm going to take my time on the chapter. I'm trying to get her character to come off in a very specific way, and I don't want to do it wrong.

You're absolutely right that she can easily be done wrong. I always picture Cadence as more of a guide when it comes to love rather than a matchmaker. It's just such a fine line to walk that I see a lot of writers cross it without realizing. I may end up getting a prereader for the chapter just so I get some outside perspective when I get to that point.

Flurry's going to do something adorable moments.

7738738 Wow...talk about picky. I honestly think this next chapter will be just Twilight making Starlight more and more uncomfortable...and Sunburst pops up and makes things worse.

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