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So I got sent to Equestria as a pony version of a Night stalker from Fallout: New Vegas there I fall into a gorge, get saved from said gorge by a Lunar unicorn mare and then everything went south.......

Set in the same universe as The Winter Rose by WinterSolstice321

Chapters (17)
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Comment posted by DAMN HAMSTER deleted Jul 18th, 2016

a nightstalker? well it fit and so long there no cazador i be happy, i hate those overgrown wasp

agreed every time I ran into one I almost always die it sucked:twilightangry2:

Don't worry the next chapter is coming out later today or tomorrow.

Arcadians don't use bits. They use credits. But I'll let this slide.

Somehow these night stalkers always seemed to kill my hardcore playthroughs. I've had about 20 and 7 of them ended because of Night stalkers.

Uh.... What? Guess I should finish the main story... no fuckin clue what's going on.

Name: Jennifer Booker
Aliases: Apple Twilight, A.T., Engineer

Heavy: Engineer! Place a dispenser hear!
Spooks (demoman): Not while I'm around *burp* and as long as I have my beer none of you can st-*falls asleep*

Hey! You are in the triple positive ratio! Good job. :heart::moustache:

I groaned, signaling to the word around me that I was awake...


I groaned, signaling to the world around me that I was awake...

when did this story become awesome?

Fun fact #4: Spooks is a former Vympel unit Spetsnaz.

What happened to Fun Fact #3?

Jesus... this just keeps making new strings that clash and tangle together. Honestly, so far this has been a bit of a mess with no periods of calm like staying in appleloosa more than about three days that pass in only a couple paragraphs. Not to mention that there is no part where we would get to know more about A.T.

And this just is progressing a bit too fast, but i can make do with it.

So potential is there, but currently it is camoflauged with too fast moving scenes that after a while it gets a little confusing as to where we are going and how did we get here.

Atleast that is my opinion.
While i don't know much about writing a story, i think i know where there is a good story, or the potential to be one.

I will watch how this progresses from here later since i need to sleep now.

3:40 am... Sheesh i'm tired....:pinkiesick:

7139909 btw “They are generally nice but if I was you I would be wary of Breaburn, he's kind of doofus.”

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Comment posted by ThatBadGuy deleted Aug 19th, 2016
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Comment posted by ThatBadGuy deleted Aug 19th, 2016

So, why are the only three comments on this deleted?


So, why are the only three comments on this deleted?

Sometimes, before a chapter gets posted an author and their editor(s) will communicate things this way and then delete the comments before it goes up. Usually when said persons don't have another method of communication (i.e. Skype).


“I still can't believe you kept tickling me for an hour.”

I am surprised you didn't die to suffocation.

What happened to make the guards know he is human.

The guards didn't know about Spooks being a human. They called her a Discord spawn because of her apperance (snake tail, scales on her back, etc.).

“Because I didn´t know how I look like.” I answered her truthfully.

“Explain.” She said, narrowing her eyes.

This behavior does seem a bit confusing to me. :rainbowhuh: I mean, if someone says something like that I normally expect either worry about the mental state of said person who said it (thinking like: maybe she hit her head / maybe she is crazy/mental), or for confusion on her part. Maybe even a mix of both. At least I don't know why she would narrow her eyes and be all aggressive and suspicious.

I really liked the cuddlepillow part though! :pinkiesmile:

The relationship developed quite fast and seems rushed in my opinion. I mean, normally you don't just fall in love after being together with another person for a day. Of course there are the desperate for love type, like in Frozen could be seen with the younger Princess, but that had a better setting and some small preparatory work. They pretty much fell for each other without much work here. I mean, the snuggling could count as it, but then again, the way Windy treated it made me believe she would snuggle anyone, namely because she snuggles a stranger after just meeting her. It would have been better if there was some kind of event that would have led to this, other than the snuggles.

The first time skip seems a bit cut-off. And the end also happened rather suddenly. It just seems like this could have been filled better. The whole situation with the guards and baroness came rather suddenly in my opinion.

Oh! But I really loved that waking up call! :yay: :rainbowkiss:

"They are all weird," Steph said to Nova, Redbeard nodded in agreement.

Shut it supporting cast :coolphoto:

“That mare scares me,” Stephen said quietly to Redbeard, who was taken aback at the mention of the Goddess of Peace

Which one ?

“Well, the brilliant friends of my brother here swapped the contents of his bottle of his lubricant with superglue and…… Well, you can imagine how that went.” The mare explained gesturing to the stallion who I noticed had a blanket wrapped around his hindquarters and was hobbling on three hooves.

O M G 😂

...SHH!...I think I heard one...
...yeah-naw see yah. *Nopes outta there*

....*a faint voice on the wind*

i googled night-stalker because i 1. haven't played fallout and 2. don't even know what it looks like. i get two different results.
so, we got a terrifying wingless bat and a rattlesnake-hyena.

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