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Canterlot Castle, a symbol of strength, peace, harmony, and stability in all of Equestria.

It disappears overnight.

Done as a submission for the Word of the Week Quickfic Contest

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I bet Carmen Sandiego stole it.

6990943 Damn! Now that you figured it out so easily, I have to change it!

Should I tell Discord that he stole a school? No? Okay....:derpyderp1:

6991991 Glad you think so. Thanks for reading

This is awesome! I really loved this story, especially the end!

This was a very enjoyable and amusing read. Thanks for participating! :pinkiehappy:

Atlantis, Castlevania, Hyrule Castle, Castle Black, Castle Grayskull, Hogwarts Castle, Disney Castle, White Castle, Isengard-

Not to he nitpicky, but Isengard is more of a tower than a castle. Minas Tirith, on the other hand...

7078056 Dude, I'm not even gonna lie to you, I just picked names. Most of those castles are from franchises I only know about.

Multiple measurement systems is but a minor quibble compared to this story's major flaw.
You named Flurry Heart while Cadance is still pregnant.

7308436 This came out after we learned her name but before we learned the context in which she got it. Prior to her episode, I just assumed Cadance picked the name out of the blue.

That makes sense. I'd initially chalked it up to another intentional plot hole (like the metric/imperial).
I wasn't trying to accuse you of negligence, nor suggest the story was meaningfully worse for the name inclusion, but I couldn't think of a way to convey that in my previous comment.

7309471 Worry not, friend, I'm just happy to receive comments on the story.

Thanks for reading

I enjoyed this. And I agree with you this 'true' version is way better then the contest one. I say my fav part was the silent talking between the Royal sisters and Twilight.


So our Princesses will soon be in another castle? :ajsmug:

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