• Published 11th Jun 2012
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A stomach full of Fluttershys - Slick Dash

Fluttershy has a crush can rainbow and Rarity help her act on her feelings?

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The inside of the cottage was unnaturally quiet; the sound of the animals scampering around was completely absent. The only sound that could be heard was the bitter sobs of the yellow mare lying on her sofa. Her makeup had long since been ruined; rarity’s work now lay in streaks across the Pegasus’s elegant fur and a small dark buddle beneath her chin.

As always, her loyal pet Angel was there beside her. He stood stroking her mane consolingly, occasionally leaning in and nuzzling into her shoulder in an attempt to cheer her up, but it didn’t seem to work.

Inside, it felt as though Fluttershy’s heart had shattered into a thousand fragments. She had let down her friends, after all their work, she had upset Big Mac beyond belief there was no chance he would talk to her again now, and most of all, she had allowed herself to build her hopes up. She had allowed herself to think she could be anything like other mares in town. That vision of the dream Fluttershy, the one who was confident, secure and brave, had been dancing in the back of her mind, taunting her, suggesting there was a chance the yellow mare could even come close to being like that.

“I...I...I really tried Angel! I really did!” Fluttershy sobbed to her loyal companion. The little white creature gave a small sigh; he hopped across from her side, to stand in front of her before resuming the stroking of her mane. Fluttershy looked up at him, for a moment it seemed the tears were over. Angel gave a nervous twitch of his whiskers, but as he did, he saw his owners eyes begin to frost over with pearly tears once again. Surely enough, Fluttershy buried her face back into the cushion of the sofa, letting out muffled wails of sorrow.

Angel gave a sad heave, he wanted to help. But all he could think of was “Twitch twitch, yawn, twitch, hop.” Which Fluttershy would take as “I never liked that big one anyway!” and even though it was the truth, Angel didn’t want to bring up the large red stallion, not yet, not while the wounds were still fresh.

The lost little pet was saved soon enough however, by the sound of a hoof wrapping against the door. He looked to Fluttershy, who’s sobs were so uncharacteristically loud, she couldn’t hear them at the door. The bunny couldn’t help but think ‘He must really mean a lot, for her to be this sad.’ Leaving his owner’s side, the white bunny hopped across the room to the front door. The peep hole was too high for him to reach, even on one of his good days, so he slowly crouched and poked his head out of the flap in the door.

The site of a cyan hoof stood just ahead was what greeted him, hid small beady eyes followed the leg that was attached to it all the way up the body, where he caught a glimpse of the mare’s face. It was ‘the colourful one!’ the one who makes his owner happy! Angel was about to bolt back into the house and bring Fluttershy to the door, when suddenly he noticed another pony behind the colourful friend.

It was ‘the pretty one!’ she sometimes came down, but not as much as the others; it was as though she didn’t like the animals. He noted the way the mare was uncomfortably tiptoeing around where she stood, maybe she just doesn’t like dirt. Either way, these two could make his owner happy again! So without hesitation, Angel returned to the warmth of the inside.

“Fluttershy! Open up! Come ooon, I’m sorry I pushed you, it was all just supposed to be a little bit of fun. I didn’t think...” Rainbow bit her lip, she turned to Rarity, who gave her an encouraging nod. The rainbow mare turned back and continued. “I didn’t think that anything bad would happen, that was just...bad luck!” No answer seemed to come from the inside. Rainbow turned to Rarity again, silently pleading for help, she was never good at this heart to hear kind of stuff!

“Fluttershy dear?” the platinum pony asked lovingly. “Please come out and talk to us, we truly are dreadfully sorry, we didn’t want your feelings to get hurt. Like Rainbow said, it was only a bit of fun. We just pushed you too far too quickly!” No response came from within; Rainbow gave one more knock on the pine door, when still nothing happened. The two friends sighed, beginning to turn away. Fluttershy obviously wanted to be alone.

As the two turned, they heard a small timid voice speak. “I’m sorry girls.” They turned back, expecting to see Fluttershy standing in the door way but when they looked at the plane brown panel, they saw no sign of her.
“Err... Fluttershy?” Rainbow asked, not sure where exactly she should direct the question.
“Down here.” replied a sad and dull toned voice. The two friends gazed down to see a small yellow muzzle protruding out from under the rabbit flap in the door.

“Oh, come now Fluttershy, you don’t need to hide from us!” Rarity exclaimed, kneeling down to the small yellow mouth protruding from within the house. The lips pouted for a minute, then slowly fell back into a miserable frown.
“I’m ok in here...” Rainbow sighed, she leant against the frame of the door and began to speak through the wood.

“Fluttershy, we really are sorry.” The yellow mouth looked confused.
“Why are YOU sorry?”
“Well...” Rainbow grimaced to Rarity, who simply nodded to her, encouraging her to continue. “We shouldn’t have pushed you...I shouldn’t have pushed you to keep going further with this crush thing... and... it was wrong... sorry.” Rarity smiled to her friend happily, then turned and addressed the sad muzzle by her forelegs.

“And I’m sorry too dear, I really did show a rather... shall we say... opportunistic side of myself today, and I encouraged you to do the same. I shouldn’t have encouraged such, shoddy behaviour!” The two waited, hoping that their friend would forgive them. A soft thump from behind them caught Rainbow’s ear. She turned silently to investigate, as soon as she saw the cause, she couldn’t stop her jaw from dropping.

“Thank you...” Fluttershy began. From within the room, she felt slightly silly at her ridiculous way of speaking to her friends, but she didn’t really think she was ready for an upfront convocation with them yet. “But I should be the one to apologise, if I’d not been so scared in the first place, then I could have just told Big Mac how I felt about him without you two going out of your way to help...” That felt good to get off her chest!

She smiled slightly, and then the memory of the town centre invaded her mind once again. She felt her smile falter slightly. “B-but, because of me, everything you two did means nothing! Big Macintosh probably hates me now for what happened...” She remembered the look of annoyance on his face. “He looked like he did.” She mumbled sadly. No response came from the other side of the door. Fluttershy couldn’t see outside, the flap was obscuring her vision, but she was sure she could hear breathing on the other side of the pine.

“Girls?” She asked, still nothing. So they thought the same as her, they just were too nice to admit it. “...You think he hates me too... don’t you?” Fluttershy moaned miserably. For a second there was nothing. Then from beyond the wooden door, Fluttershy heard a single word.
“Nnope.” BIG MACINTOSH!? Fluttershy recognised the voice immediately, with a terrified squee, her exposed muzzle shot back into the room, leaving the flap to sway slowly in its absence.

She shot passed the solitary bunny so fast; she actually caused him to spin like a top for a few seconds. By the time he had steadied himself and looked up, Fluttershy was gone. A few seconds of looking around revealed a few strands of pink mane and tail peeking out from around the corner of the kitchen doorway. Angel looked from the kitchen to the front door; he didn’t like the big stallion. He was new, and Angel didn’t like new, especially when he made his owner act so strange. Giving a frustrated twinge of his whiskers and nose; the rabbit hopped over the door, and begrudgingly jumped to the table beside it.

Knowing he was going against his better judgement, Angel leant over and pushed down on the door large brass handle.

The door creaked open slowly. All three of the visitors peeked in, unsure of who had opened the door. Their solution arrived with Angel hopping back to the floor, who then beckoned to Macintosh to enter the dimly lit room. Macintosh was unsure, he remembered the way the bunny had glared at him yesterday. Though he was small, he found little Angel quite terrifying.

Mac swallowed hard. ‘Don’t be stupid! It’s a bunny, you need to speak to her!’ he thought to himself. Slowly, Mac took a step over the threshold. Das went to follow the silent stallion, but was stopped by a tugging on her mane which made her fall back onto her haunches very roughly. She looked up to see Rarity spitting out her hair quietly. Rainbow opened her mouth to protest, but Rarity gave her a penetrating stare ordering her to stay quiet. Rainbow huffed, and folded her forelegs stubbornly.

Rarity’s horn glowed softly, and gently pulled to front door to a close, letting Mac and Fluttershy have their privacy. Though she did leave a little sliver of a crack open so she coughed have a nosy peak. As her lavender eyes grew accustomed to the dark. A small beady eye popped out in front of your causing her to jump in fright.
“Oh my word!” she cried, falling back to Rainbows delightful laughter. Angel smiled, hopped, and kicked the door shut whilst hanging in the air.

The slam made Mac jump. He turned, looking at the now closed exit. Angel looked back at him, his little front paws on his hips expectantly. That creature’s stare was... quite unnerving. Mac shook his head, trying to clear his mind. He turned back to the main room, searching for any sign of the mare he hoped was here.

“Uhhh... Miss Fluttershy?” He asked. His low voice reverberated around the silent room, sounding like the deepest cave in the tallest mountain. A little scraping noise caught Mac’s attention, it sounded like somepony sliding against a wall. He looked to the kitchen, and just caught a glimpse of a teal eye peeking out from behind the door frame. As his gaze met that of the little round orb, it shot back around the corner.

Mac took a deep breath, and began. “I’ll understand if you don’ wanna talk to me... I acted like a real mule back in the market and...” Mac’s throat seized up, refusing him to continue. He sighed, disappointed in himself for his stupid behaviour. “I didn’t mean to get so angry... I don’t know why I did.” No response came from within the small kitchen. The silence was the worst part, Mac hated knowing she was there, but refusing to talk to him, it made him feel...cold and... worthless.

Mac scuffed his hoof on the ground, trying his best to think of what to say. “You see...” he began again. “I ain’t too good with words. Never can really think of the right thin’ t’ say.” He thought he saw the slightest movement flicker across the floor of the kitchen, a shadow? “And, well... I’ve never been too good at sayin’ how ah feel either...” This time he was sure he noticed movement!

“Yah see... when I was walking yer home last night, I started to notice... well... I had this notion... more like a gut feelin’...” He couldn’t say it! Why not? She was right there, and all it took were a few simple words! Why wouldn’t they come?

Finally, Fluttershy appeared from behind the door frame. She was blushing slightly, though there were still faint tracks where her makeup had run, to Macintosh, the straightened mane and cosmetics just made her that much more beautiful. He couldn’t believe the transformation from the previous day, he hadn’t really noticed it earlier in the day, but now he absorbed every drop of the site before him.

Fluttershy slowly moved into the living room, it was odd how so much could change in under twenty-four hours. Yesterday they had stood here, and Fluttershy was only just noticing him, now she felt so much more for him. Most of all, forgiveness. “Y-you didn’t need to apologise...” she whispered timidly, sweeping a stray lock of her mane away from her face with her hoof, trying not to make too much eye contact.

“Well, I think I might disagree with yah ther.” Mac responded, his tongue loosening slightly at the site of the radiant mare. He gave a small laugh, “I was brought up to respect ladies like yerself. Not act like a complete oaf in front of them!” Fluttershy smiled at the reproachful stallion.
“You didn’t act like an oaf.” She argued kindly, “If anything, I was being silly by trying to get in your way.”

Suddenly, both noticed something the other had said. Both taking a sudden courageous leap, they both spoke at the same time.
“A lady like me?”
“Tryin’ t’ get in mah way?” Both laughed at their outbursts. Their laugh’s lasted slightly longer than they should have, both trying to fly over the awkward atmosphere.

Fluttershy took another few steps towards Mac, who did the same. Soon they were a few measly feet apart. Macintosh’s face grew serious as he gazed at the yellow mare’s wide piercing eyes. “Yah know I don’ ‘hate’ yah right?” Though he hadn’t yet been able to bring himself to say it, he wanted to ensure at least that the fare Pegasus didn’t believe what she had said before.

“Oh...umm... no...” Fluttershy blushed an even deeper shade of red. She stayed silent for a moment, then realising what she had said, she doubled back. “I mean, I don’t now! Maybe I did a little before, but I really don’t now... Or... at least... I hope not...” She trailed off into worried silence, to which Macintosh smiled warmly, swilling his stalk of wheat from one side of his mouth to the other.

“Good.” He said softly, “‘cos I really don’t.” For a moment, the two gazed into each other’s eyes, content to stay there for entirety. Then realising himself, Mac quickly fell back into his quiet shell, as did Fluttershy. The two quickly looked around the room, trying their best not to look at the other.

‘That’s enough!’ the little bunny knew this was going nowhere. He’d need to help! As quietly as he could her approached the hind legs of the stallion, and with all his might, kicked the crook of his knee inwards. Macintosh stumbled, he fell slightly forward, but just catching himself in time, he sucked in his chest. Stopping himself from colliding into the small yellow mare. While the big red male was fumbling, Angel made his way around to his owner’s hind legs. So by the Time Mac looked to the ground to try and understand what had happened, Angel was already kicking his owners legs inwards.

Just like Macintosh, Fluttershy fell forward, only letting out a little squeak of surprise before falling fully into Mac’s strong soft furred chest. She flung her forehooves up to stop from falling fully, and they landed softly against his red coat. The contact seemed to shatter the tension immediately, Fluttershy, slowly tilted her head up. Macintosh’s head tilted down.

The two’s eyes met for a moment, and they both smiled silently. Mac slowly reached up with his large foreleg, and slowly caressed Fluttershy’s face. His touch was surprisingly tender for a stallion so used to heavy working, his hooves were soft and warm to the touch. Slowly it travelled up from her cheek and across the bridge of her nose, until finally the tip of his hoof brushed the fur beneath her eye.

Still smiling, he slowly brushed the soft sunshine yellow fur gently, dislodging the dried makeup, leaving her face spotless once again. Once the tracks were gone, he lowered his hoof, revealing the beauty he had seen only the day before. The beauty he hadn’t been able to get out of his head all day.

Looking into her eyes now, he remembered how he had been unable to take his eyes off of her. Stealing every possible glance he could without her noticing. He was sure she had caught him at one moment, but she hadn’t mentioned it. She never mentioned anything, she was always so quiet, so beautifully silent.

Fluttershy’s hooves twitched slightly, though her lips were smiling, her insides were squirming with nerves. The butterfly’s fluttered up her stomach towards her throat, threatening to burst from her lips, but she managed to silently suppress them. She looked at Macintosh, his eyes were so kind, so inviting. Slowly, the mare began to close her own, leaning in towards the stallion. Mac saw her closing the last small gap between them, he was taken aback slightly by the usually timid mare’s confidence.

Swallowing his own nerves, Mac leant in as well. That smell was filling his nostrils once again, that sweet delectable scent of cherries. The two both let out shaking breathes just before their lips met, and in that moment it felt as though the world fell away, leaving only those two hanging in space.

Angel gave an approving twitch of his nose at the scene he had helped create. Silly ponies, they always make things so complicated! He began to hop out to the front door, when he heard something from just outside. Frowning, he sped up. He reached the flap in the door, before he left, he took a quick glance back at the two in the centre of the room, both of whom were still embracing each other. Rolling his eyes, Angel pushed open his flap and hopped through.

Outside, Rarity was wriggling with joy silently quelling girlish giggles as she squeaked with joy for her friend inside the cottage. Angel frowned, how did she know? He glanced back at the cottage, and saw the window just by the door. Cursing himself, Angel slapped himself in the face in frustration. Realising something was amiss; Angel peaked out from behind his little fingers. The colourful one was gone!

High in the sky, Rainbow was soaring in consecutive loops amongst the clouds. From down on the ground, ponies could see and hear her. The cyan Pegasus zipped across the sky screaming a single word. “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” Angel watched her flying, gave a little sigh, shrugged, and hopped off towards the fields to find a good ripe carrot somewhere.

Inside the cottage, Mac and Fluttershy pulled apart. The mare’s eyes fluttered open slowly, and gazed into Macintosh’s deep green eyes. Finally she gave a broad smile to him, a small laugh escaped her lips to both their surprise. As Fluttershy stood there in his arms, she felt warmth spread across her insides, she hadn’t been like her dream self. She hadn’t flirted like Rainbow and Rarity. She hadn’t won him over with her makeup. She had simply won him over by being herself.

Rainbow was right, this really did feel amazing!

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