• Published 11th Jun 2012
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A stomach full of Fluttershys - Slick Dash

Fluttershy has a crush can rainbow and Rarity help her act on her feelings?

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I'm sorry

“Go on!” Rainbow urged her friend, nudging her in the shoulder. “Go talk to him!”
“I-I can’t...” Fluttershy squeaked, slowly recoiling from the site of the approaching work horse.
“Fluttershy! What did we say? You don’t have to ask him out, just let him notice you!” Rainbow reasoned.
“W-well, I’m sure he’ll be able to notice me from here!” the sunshine mare protested. Lowering her head and pulling herself in tightly, hiding herself as best she could from the oncoming stallion.

Rainbow sighed, after all the confidence Fluttershy had built up, after all of Rarity’s work, her friend had broken at the very sight of her crush. The cyan mare couldn’t help smile slightly, at least it proved she really did like the guy! Taking a deep breath, Rainbow tried to reason with her cowering friend. “Fluttershy, do you remember how it felt when you were talking to him yesterday?” Fluttershy glanced at her friend, and gave a short fearful nod. “It felt good right?” another nod. “Then why don’t you just pluck up the courage and go talk to him again. Nothing’s changed since then!”

Nothing had changed? Fluttershy could tell that wasn’t true, everything had changed, somepony she had thought simply as a friend, heck, only an acquaintance really! She now thought of in a completely different light! She had barely been able to strike up a convocation with him then, now what hope did she have?

She looked at Rainbow, her eyes were filled with sad hopefulness, why was it so important to her for Fluttershy to speak to him? Was it all just because she didn’t want to see a friend miss an opportunity? If so, how could Fluttershy refuse? After all of her and Rarity’s lessons, what good would they do if Fluttershy didn’t use them? She looked ahead, and caught a glimpse of Macintosh’s muscles flexing as he passed the first vendor’s stall. They seemed very toned today, Fluttershy quivered slightly at the sight. A chill ran up her spine which sent her fur on end at the thought of speaking to him.

Slowly, and without another word, Fluttershy took a cautious step forward, towards the red stallion.

“Maccy!” Yelled one of the vendors, “Where’ve you been hiding?!” Macintosh laughed, not noticing the approaching yellow pony. He turned quickly, unintentionally presenting his back to Fluttershy.
“Well...” He nudged his head in the direction of the bulging bags of apples on his back. The dark furred stallion laughed.
“Say no more!” He said, returning to serve his waiting customers.

With Macintosh stopped, Fluttershy had quickly caught up to him. Now completely terrified with how close she was to the stallion of her dreams, she glanced back at Rainbow. Who was silently punching the air with joy. Realising she had been seen, Rainbow gave a quick cough, scratched the back of her mane, returning to her usual cool composure.

Fluttershy turned back. Here goes nothing! “Ummm... Big Macintosh?” She asked, so quietly, her own ears barely picked up on the words, let alone the big stallion. Mac began to continue on his way to the apple stall waiting for him; a huge smile plastered across his face. Blissfully unaware of the quiet mare behind him.

Fluttershy tried again, quickening her pace she tried to overtake Mac on his right flank to get out in front of him. Trying her best to think of a reasonable excuse to speak to him, she decided to pretend she only just recognised him. With a voice that was barely louder than her previous attempt, she passed his side, giving a miniscule gasp of fake surprise.

“Oh Big Mac! I didn’t see”-
“Yoh Mac!” Cried the orange mane’d Carrot Top to the stallion’s left. The interruption drowned the poor yellow mare’s attempt, her overtaking of Mac also went unnoticed as he turned to his left to listen to the vibrant orange and yellow pony. “I’m running out of change; don’t suppose I could borrow any once you’re set up?” Mac smiled and nodded to the mare who smiled in thanks back.

Fluttershy’s confidence was really suffering now! As her second attempt to speak to the handsome stallion failed, she had continued forward now completely passing the stallion without him noticing. As Mac began to move towards her again, Fluttershy took a deep breath preparing to really talk, to actually be heard. She began moving back towards Macintosh, who had closed his eyes happily, enjoying the warmth of the summer sun above.

Then a lot of things happened all at once... all of them, not good:

.Through her trying to look sleek and attractive, Fluttershy puffed out her chest slightly, centring her balance slightly off its usual spot. She flicked her mane back slightly to see. Its unusual length brought on by Rarity’s straighteners, made it drag below her hooves.

.Yet another street vendor called out for the red stallion’s attention. Mac turned his head to see a small bundle of wheat stalks flying through the air towards him from a friend. Obviously a gift, Mac craned his neck trying to catch it. When he realised the small bundle was about to fly over him, he began to increase his pace; his eyes fixed on the airborne gift.

.Fluttershy’s hoof came down onto her mane. The sudden tug as her head passed over, caused the mare to squeal in pain, her attention stolen, she looked down at the mess. As she did, her unusual balance proved the better of her, as her lack of a footing caused the yellow mare to stumble forward awkwardly.

.Mac and Fluttershy -suddenly travelling a lot quicker than before- began to rush towards each other, oblivious to the other’s advance. Rainbow looked on in horror at the chaos unfolding before her. As the two came within inches of each other, the cyan Pegasus clenched her eyes shut unable to watch this catastrophe a second longer.

The resulting crash was a spectacle for all ponies in the stalls to see, though it went unnoticed by the customers, each seller was horrified to see the entire of Mac’s saddle bags scattering across the floor and sky. “Oh! I’m sorry!” Mac cried out bashfully. Jumping up and helping the mare on the floor beside him. He didn’t recongnise the mane, but something felt peculiar about them, as though he knew her. Surely enough when he helped her up and a blushing and bashful face peaked out from behind her straightened mane, Mac recognised her. “Oh! Miss Fluttershy! I’m so sorry I”-

Mac’s gaze fell to the ground around them, already in the time it had taken to help the yellow mare up, the apples that had scattered to the winds were already in the process of being trampled by the unsuspecting shoppers. “ARRGHH!” Mac cried out in horror, his head snapped to his bags. To his dismay they were empty.

“I-I-I...” Fluttershy stuttered, her ears drooping in misery.
“Mah apples! Darn it!” Mac cried to nopony in particular, picking up a severely bruised fruit. He gave an exasperated sigh and let it fall back to the floor.
“I-I-I...” Fluttershy continued. Mac’s head hipped around, annoyance obvious in his face. Fluttershy cowered under the gaze. Realising himself, Mac quickly grew nervous, his eyes wide and his lips quivered with the promise of some words of forgiveness for the mare. She craved it, though she didn’t ask. Eventually Mac closed his eyes, gave yet another sigh. He turned around and began to canter away back in the direction of the farm.

“I’m sorry Miss Fluttershy, but I gotta get going!” He shouted back as he ran off. Fluttershy could tell he was angry, though he wouldn’t show or say it. With tears of disappointment and shame filling her eyes, her tender lips parted and whispered what she had been trying to say. “I-I-I’m sorry!”

Fluttershy’s voice cracked as she knew the stallion couldn’t possibly hear her. The yellow Pegasus reared back, turning away and ran with all her might back towards Rainbow. Her lungs letting out quiet and pained sobs as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Rainbow rushed to meet her fellow Pegasus as she approached. “Fluttershy I’m so sorry I didn’t think that”- but she was cut off as her friend shot past her without a single sign of recognition. Rainbow’s pink eyes followed her friend as she shot out of the town centre and galloped back in the direction of her cottage.

As her friend’s pale yellow hooves whipped out of sight behind the trunk of the Library, Rainbow heard soft hoof steps behind her. She turned to see Rarity, a look of utter heartbreak in her eyes at the sight of her crying friend. A feeling that Rainbow shared. Nodding to each other silently, the two went shooting after Fluttershy; Rainbow unfurled her wings and took to the skies as Rarity carried on, on hoof. Both with the sole intent of consoling their devastated friend.