• Published 11th Jun 2012
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A stomach full of Fluttershys - Slick Dash

Fluttershy has a crush can rainbow and Rarity help her act on her feelings?

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“I’m sorry Miss, but if you want a cart, you’re going to have to pay extra!” protested the street vendor, slamming his hoof on the table; his produce all shuddered at the sudden thump. An apple began to roll off the side, and Fluttershy quickly shot out a forehoof to catch it. The red shining apple landed perfectly on the yellow furred limb without so much as a bruise tainting it delicious surface.

Fluttershy replaced the apple on the table, and the vendor –whose temper had lessened at Fluttershy’s kind gesture- gave her a curt nod of thanks. “P-Please sir. I couldn’t possibly carry all this by myself all the way back home.” Pleaded the Pegasus, standing in a sea of bags filled with carrots celery and all the other ingredients she needed to feed her hungry animals. The mare’s soft teal eyes gleamed slightly in misery as she looked beseechingly at the shopkeeper, who coughed uncomfortably at the adorable sight.

“Well- I’m sorry... You... Well you should have thought about that before you bought all this stuff then!” His voice came back strong, reasserting his dominance. This was his stall! His rules! This mare wasn’t about to swindle him out of his money because of a pair of big goo-goo eyes! “Look, I suppose I could give you a discount or something, but I can’t just give you a cart, they cost too much and you’d set me back to much sweet heart.”

Fluttershy’s face fell; she had never been good at haggling or -more suitably for this case- arguing. She looked down at her hooves and kicked a small clump of dirt sadly. “But... You see, I’ve spent all my money for the day. I don’t have any more, a-and it’s getting late, I don’t think I’ll have time to take some home and then come back for the rest...”
“Well, I’m sorry to hear that, but I can’t go giving out carts like a charity.” Fluttershy ignored the odd words of the vendor, and looked down at her groceries completely lost as to what to do. This was going to be impossible!

With a sigh of defeat, the yellow Pegasus let out a soft and quiet “Ok.” Before turning around and taking up one bag with her teeth. Carrots, radishes and tomatoes, well these were the most important, as she could make a lot out of these. As the crest fallen mare gave out a sigh and lifted the bag up, her eyes met the red shins of a large stallion standing ahead of her.
“Can I be any help thar Miss Fluttershy?”

Immediately Fluttershy recognised the voice. She glanced up and gazed into the big green eyes of Big Macintosh, who stood strong, with a smile on his face. His usual stem of wheat was hanging lazily between his curling lips. “Oh! Big Mac!” Fluttershy cried in surprise at how close the stallion was. With the movement of her mouth and use of her voice, the bag that she had been holding with her teeth, fell to the floor. “Oops!” The mare cried as her groceries plummeted down. With a quick blur of red, the stallion ahead of her scooped the bag out of the air, and slotted his hoof into the handle quickly, saving the precious vegetables.

“Oh, thank goodness.” gasped Fluttershy in relief, gratefully taking back the bag from Macs outstretched hoof with her own. “Thank you Big Mac!” The red stallion gave a courteous nod to the mare and smiled.
“No worries ma’am.”
“Oh, my!” blushed Fluttershy at Macintosh’s formality. “Please, just call me Fluttershy Big Mac, you’ve known me long enough.” Big Mac smiled.
“Okay then, Fluttershy, D’yah need a hand with those bags?” The stallion glanced at the many groceries that surrounded the small Pegasus, amazed she could need so many, but keeping his opinion to himself.

“Oh, no. Thank you... but... You see. I-I wouldn’t want to inconvenience you.” mumbled Fluttershy, bending down and scooping up several bags with difficulty. One fell yet again from her grasp, and once again the stallion caught it, this time he didn’t offer to give it back, but strung it up onto one of the bolts on his Yoke and smiled to the nervous mare.
“Ain’t no inconvenience ‘tall... Ma’am.” Fluttershy opened her mouth to protest to his formality yet again, but thought better of it as the work pony reached down and picked more of the bags. He then turned in the direction of her house on the outskirts of town. With an encouraging flick of his head, he invited the mare to lead the way, which she did, with her cheeks flushing red at his silent kindness.