• Published 11th Jun 2012
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A stomach full of Fluttershys - Slick Dash

Fluttershy has a crush can rainbow and Rarity help her act on her feelings?

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I wanted to possibly thank you

The two walked silently, brushing past the outskirts of both Ponyville and the Ever Free forest. The twilight realm between civilisation and the wilderness was both calm and tranquil. The perfect place for such a calm and collected mare to live Mac thought, but didn’t mention. He just kept on moving, following the yellow Pegasus as she led the way to her cottage.

Every now and then the mare glanced back at the red stallion following her. Every time he would smile to her, and her head would snap back ahead of her, blushing profusely. She wasn’t used to this, Macintosh was being so helpful. What was she supposed to do in return? Offer to help him on the farm? She wasn’t that good with growing anything. Maybe she could fly around and pick the apples at the top of the trees? That would actually take longer seeing as most apples fell with one buck from Applejack, so Big Macintosh’s superior strength would easily be able to match the feet.

What should she do? Offer to pay him for his kindness? He’d never accept it; he was far too chivalrous to do something like that!
“Uhhh... Miss Fluttershy?” asked the deep voiced stallion. Flutterhsy was shook from her concerned thoughts and looked around, expecting to see the stallion but he was nowhere to be seen. An awkward cough from up ahead made her turn to see Macintosh stood waiting just ahead. Fluttershy realised that she had been so focused on how to repay Big Macintosh, that she had actually stopped walking.

Yet again the mare blushed. She rushed to catch up and take the lead, stopping momentarily beside Big Mac to whisper a rushed “I’m sorry.” before continuing on as before.
“S’alright.” The stallion said quietly, more to himself than to the already disappearing mare. He watched for a moment, watching her slowly departed figure against the setting sun. Suddenly realising he was being left behind, the red worker cantered to catch up; the bag’s gently bumping against his sides as his body bounced up and down with his bounding hoofsteps.

A short time later, the two reached an area that Big Mac recognised as the side road to Fluttershy’s home. The mare stopped ahead of him, and waited until he came to a stop beside her. “Y-You know, I’ll be fine from here. I-I can just take the groceries to the house, fly back and pick up the rest if you want to head home?” She looked up to the sun, only half visible behind the trees of the forest. “It is getting late after all...” she finished.

Big Mac looked at the mare, her eyes were fixed on a spot a few inches shy of his hooves, her own hoof was nervously scratching her other foreleg as she waited for the stallion to respond. Something registered in his mind, that this pony acted an unbelievable amount like himself. She barely spoke unless it was necessary, and she hated to inconvenience anypony. The familiarity made Big Mac feel warm inside, he didn’t always feel too normal around these parts. Though he had been born in Ponyville, he had always felt a little...different.

“I’m sure I’ll be fine ma’am. A little bit of walking in the dark never did nopony any harm.” Fluttershy seemed surprised at his answer, for a moment her wide eyes glanced up and met his. Then she turned and let out a squeak of “O-Ok.” before leading the way down the winding road towards the cottage that could be seen not too far away.

As the two crossed the small bridge, heading up the small incline towards Fluttershy’s door, Big Mac heard a small buzzing. Unsure of what it was, he kept following the yellow Pegasus not wanting to cause any problems with whatever the noise belonged to. Over the dull thuds of his hooves he heard the noise grow louder, and recognized it to be several different sounds. It was a combination of the scampering of small paws, and the squeaks and chirrups of little lungs voicing their opinions.

Surely enough, a small group of woodland creatures appeared just by the door as the two approached it. They all looked overjoyed at the sight of Fluttershy, one small white bunny bounded quickly up to the mare and hopped up onto her back. “Oh hello Angel!” smiled Fluttershy as she nuzzled the grateful bunny as he gave a joyous twitch of his nose and whiskers.

The sight was heart warming for Big Mac, seeing the usually shy mare suddenly become so comfortable and happy helped give the stallion a little glimpse into who she was as a pony. Out of all his sister’s friends, Miss Fluttershy was definitely the most mysterious one, and by far the one Mac knew the least about. He must have been staring, because suddenly he noticed the little White bunny had turned around and was looking at him with a suspicious glare.

“Heheh.” Big Mac scratched the back of his neck, smiling at the bunny who turned back and seemed to communicate with the mare. Fluttershy was obviously able to understand (To Mac’s amazement) and shook her head benignly.
“Oh no! He’s my friend. He offered to help bring my groceries home from the market.” The bunny, looked back at the stallion, laden with bags, and then down to Fluttershy, who was severely lacking in any bags of any kind. A few more twitches of his whiskers, and the mare blushed. Mac liked it when she blushed, she looked... nice.

“Well... I do suppose he’s carrying ALL the groceries, but he did offer Angel.” The bunny gave the stallion a glowering look before hopping off his owner, and bouncing through a small hatch set in the door. The other animals followed suite and all traipsed into the house, all of them squawking and chirruping away as they entered the house. Soon, Big Mac and Fluttershy where the only ones left outside.
“...I guess that’s it then.” Mused Big Mac awkwardly, beginning to head to the door to deposit the shopping bags, trying not to catch the mare’s eye. The more he learned about the pony, the more he seemed to not be able to make eye contact. Why?
“Uhhmm... yeah...” Agreed Fluttershy, as she reached out and opened the door to her home.

As Big Mac bent down and began unhooking the bags from his yoke, he dared a glimpse inside the cottage. Inside where well over twenty animal houses. Strung up on the ceiling or hanging off the walls were little huts for birds, and little houses with poles to climb for squirrels and chipmunks. The smell of fur greeted the stallion’s nostrils, that and the slight smell of hay. Maybe the Pegasus used it to keep the scent of animals... waste masked until she cleaned it up.

As Mac took off the bags, Fluttershy moved up and picked one of them up, taking it inside. As she passed, a new scent met the stallion’s nose from the Pegasus’s coat. Was it... cherries? Or was that just something in one of the bags? The smell had frozen Big Mac to the spot as he took in a deep lung full of the delightful aroma. Only when he saw the yellow hooves come back into view did he begin to move again. Not wanting to look odd.

He took off the last two bags and stood straight, stretching his neck, feeling the relief after carrying the weight of the groceries. “Oh!” cried Fluttershy, looking at the stallion stretching his muscles. “Are you ok? You didn’t hurt yourself because of me did you?” the little mare looked horrified at the prospect. Mac –not wanting to worry her- shook his head. Realising he wasn’t being very clear he quickly said. “Nnope! I’m fine!” The small mare sighed in relief, closing her eyes for a moment of appreciation. She wouldn’t want to hurt anyone who was so helpful!

When she opened them again, she found herself looking straight into Big Mac’s eyes. For a moment the two stood there, simply looking at each other. Then suddenly realising what she was doing. The mare gave a small elegant cough and looked to the ground, seeming to find great interest in a pebble a few feet from the door. Big Mac glanced the other way, looking out over the treetops of the forest, towards the setting amber orb in the sky. After a moment’s awkward silence; the stallion heard the mare speak.

He turned back, to see the mare still gazing at the pebble, mumbling so quietly that the stallion couldn’t hear her. “Uhh... pardon?” He asked quietly, leaning in slightly. Fluttershy seemed to blush at the movement by the stallion, and spoke a little louder. Something like: "... in if you... like.” The stallion hated to ask again, but couldn’t help. He couldn’t understand what she was saying.
“I’m sorry ma’am I can’t hear you.” Fluttershy glanced back at his deep green eyes for a moment. She took a breath and began to speak very quickly.

“Well, you were so nice, that I wanted to possibly thank you, but I couldn’t figure out how, I thought about offering help on the farm, but I’m not very good at that, so I thought about paying you but I didn’t think you’d accept, so I was wondering if you’d like to come in and I can make you a ‘thank you’ sandwich if you like!” As soon as the mare finished, she took a huge breath, and her eyes shot back to the little pebble, not daring to look the stallion in the eye.

This was obviously uncomfortable for her, and Mac didn’t want to put her through any discomfort. He opened his mouth to politely decline, when his stomach gave a loud rumble. Both the mare and stallion both blushed at the sudden and unexpected noise. Fluttershy giggled slightly, her mane fell slightly over her eye as she did, and she lifted a hoof to flick it aside. Mac looked at her, seeing that the tense atmosphere had vanished with the funny moment. With yet another gurgle from his hungry stomach, the stallion took a breath and said simply. “I’d love a sandwich. Thank you kindly!” and with a happy smile from the yellow mare, the two headed in, Macintosh scooping up the last two bags and bringing them in as they went.