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Fluttershy lives a happy life. Every day is special. All of her friends are lovely ponies.
Today is a day just like any other; she wakes in the morning, does her chores, sees her friends, takes a nap and sees more of her friends before an evening of relaxation.
Just an ordinary, wonderful day.

My submission for the Everfree Northwest 2016 Scribblefest writing contest.

Edited by Shrink Laureate and others who chose to remain anonymous.

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Reading this for Scribblefest, and I just have to say that it's a shame that this doesn't have any comments yet. I can't remember the last time I was so engrossed by a story in which nothing of consequence happens. The language here is beautiful (although marred by a fair number of typos -- you might want to read back through and take an edit pass) and it's got some surprises along the way, but mostly this is just vivid and poetic. Thank you for it.

7048661 thank you!
And, ya, I have terrible spelling. If anything big pops out, feel free to throw me a pm. :twilightsmile:

Just wanted to let you know I posted a review of this story — and 13 other entries in the Scribblefest competition — over at my blog.

Good luck in the competition! :twilightsmile:

This is so sweet and lyrical, and very, very much Fluttershy. It's as though you've given all of the inspiration to her and let her write and read the story to us, herself. Lovely work.

7064282 That was precisely my intent, thank you.

with wry bread

Unless this is an obscure play on words, I think you mean rye bread. Although with Discord, I suppose anything is possible. :raritywink:

I'm not certain, but I think you've corrected most of the errors I spotted on my first read through. If so, good job on combing this out. I think it reads much better now.

This is gorgeous. Forget being the most beautiful thing I've read of yours; this is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read, period. It's just like reading poetry, and having it come from Fluttershy's perspective makes it feel natural, as though this is how she always sees the world.

I'm touched, and I don't say that lightly. You've got my vote, that's for sure.

7107288 Thank you so much for the praise! There aren't many things that feel better than being appreciated for your work.
(And you got one of my jokes! Yay! :pinkiegasp:)

I reviewed this as part of Read It Later Reviews #46.

My review can be found here.

This is easily one of the best stories on this site. Perfect in its subtle simplicity.

7118934 Uh, wow. That's possibly the bigest compliment I think I've ever received. Thank you.

More people need to read this one, it was good. Thank you!

I'm sad to see this one lose the Rarity award. I was really pushing for it to win.

In any case, I'm really glad you wrote it! So thank you. :pinkiesmile:

7128409 Thanks.:twilightblush: I was never expecting to win. I honestly wasn't even expecting to make it as far as I did.

7123642 Thank you for reading. :twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer

There are nuts for the squirrels and seeds for the mice and mice and squirrels for the hawks and so much more.

Well. That's terrifying.

And I love how you just drop a changeling in the middle of this, as casually as any of Fluttershy's other friends. This was just marvelous to read.

(You've got a "Pinky Pie" in there. Also "ne'r" needs an extra 'e'. Also "it's potential".)

A fascinatingly animistic take on Fluttershy's perspective unlike anything I've ever seen before. I'm not sire if she's something more than equine or just enlightened in a way that few can claim. Thank you for this.

There are nuts for the squirrels and seeds for the mice and mice and squirrels for the hawks and so much more.

You really kinda have to wonder how would that actually work? Convincing the mice to sacrifice themselves for the greater good? :/

Holy shit this is amazing.

Never would've read this without the RCL Promo, but glad I did!

Sorta was waiting for a scene with Discord, but this was supposed to be about her pony friends, so it makes sense.

The Rainbow X Fluttershy stuff was so sweet! :heart:

Unexpected Changeling was Unexpected. But good!


"Pinky" > "Pinkie"

Two un-ponies are having lunch next door.

What's an "un-pony?" It doesn't sound very polite.

Its implied they are changelings ^_^

This, was an amazing story, as a hyperactive Shy fan this makes.me very very happy. You did amazing work.

I figure the mice and squirrels died of natural causes and it was essentially a Sky Burial for them.

This beautiful story deserves far more views and many more likes.:heart:

I'm not saying I like it, but this made me back you on patreon.

I will look forward to your writing career with great interest.

Wow, thank you! I hope I live up to the hype.

It's a bit of both.
...Maybe I should take a second look at that sequel I've been thinking about.

Yes, they are changelings. Children of Mother Cilia. (The red hive hidden in the painted desert.)
I've been considering a story about the shadow war that the faceless Mothers waged against the Renegade Queen Chrysalis, but intrigue isn't really my strong suit.
Maybe a series of shorts and flashfics?

Well. This was quite something; nicely done. :)

Going through all my old reviews and filling in gaps where I'd neglected to supply any favourites deserved. This is one fic that deserved one, so at last I'm giving it to you. Here's my review from, er, 2019. Despite the odd technical blip ("Pinky Pie" stood out) this was beautifully written. As I said in that review, an absolute joy to read. Especially for Fluttershy fans like me! :yay:

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