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This is interesting and i am looking for more this. (sorry my bad english)

So the author becomes the main character of his own story ...

Make the chapters longer if you can plz

is fun read cant wait for more

This story is just getting good keep up the good work

Love the story hate the grammar... All in all doing great so far!

Good job twilight invoke the wrath of a god over your curiosity ....:facehoof:


6947217 I kind of did I mean there was a regular one why not a Spanish one I'm talking about DRAGON AGE

6947206 id be pissed too, if i was him i would smack her around like a ragdoll. Celestia wouldent be able to stop SHIT, itd be external affairs and she would hold no power over me. That goes for luna too.

Luna is best prinsess
Celestia is best lamp.

if you think drakes pissed now wait until he sees his disassembled Barrett 50cal.

BETTER BE READY, THE FUN IS ABOUT TO START!" *pop* "really? Ohh I can't wait! Now all we need is celestia, she definitely needs to see the greatest screw up in her entire student history!"

More? And make them longer pleaae

Cant wait for more:raritywink:
PS damn the cliffhangers:twilightangry2:

Can't wait to read the next chapter.

The next chapter may take a wile because im trying to make It long.

Why the fifty cal, why:raritydespair:

.....*sigh*, this story had some potential, but of course, it was ruined by the oh so famous " one of the main 6 does somethings horrible but is instantly forgiven ", I'm done. :facehoof:

Aww ....twilight should have at least been minorly punished for her misdeeds ..comedicaly speaking ...
Then again ,, glad Drake isn't the "eye for an eye " type

No worries Twilight is gonna get whats coming to her next chapter. Things are gonna get scary bwahhahaahh!!! It's gonna be gooood. :pinkiecrazy:

6978330 yeah, i dont get why they always gets a free pass. its annoying, welp new story.

6978635 kick ass i hope you post the next chapter very soon

1.Drake should put a curse on her to force her to have nightmares until she learns her lesson.
2.It's spelled here. Not hear. As in "hey mom I'm here" compared to "o.k. Hun I hear you"

The beginning really doesn't hook me into the story..................But, I'm willing to wait and see.

Nope. It does not interested me. I don't hate it but I also don't like it.
Here is something for my parting.

P.S. Saw you mentioned Fallout. Have you read 'Fallout Equestria: Project Horizon' yet? It is finally finished and the ending is rather bitter sweet.
P.P.S. If not then have you read 'Fallout Equestria'?

I'm working on two different stories so bare with me hear k?

Wouldn't it be blinking not winking because he only has one eye? :trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::yay:

7001404 also if his other eye is covered and closed doesn't it mean he is constantly winking :moustache:

Well his eyeball was the only thing that the bullet hit so his eyelid is still intact so when he is blinking he is blinking with both eyelids. So under his bandaged eye he blinks with his eyelid.

>>Dude please update! It's Awesome as hell! :scootangel:

It is a cool chapter but kinda short for my tastes can you make the next one longer, and sorry to hear that your nanna having cancer i hope she will be able to survive and become stronger

Really liked the chapter! And my deepest sympathies for your nanna. I hope she gets better, just stay strong and hope and fight for the best no matter how dark the road gets.

man good story so far keep up the good work:twilightsmile:

When is the next chapter coming out?


Next chapter may come out in 3-4 days

Gud,gud...I like it my friend,freaking like it.

Username: ender night
Name: Nights

Coat: very light grey

Gender: male

Cutiemark: sliver moon sith a purple dragon in it

Cutiemark meaning: , dragon rider

Hair design and color(s):Spikish and a blueish teal

Eye color: purple

Personality: loyal, friendly short temper, pertective of his friend, but not over protective

Backstory: one of the only three who are his kind, annierians.

Spesius: earth pony

Age: 16

Other: link to what nights. Looks like here

7110105 Insert in the comments or mail it to me

Is this really a self-insert? What makes this story different from the other human in Equestria stories? You respond to comments by moving your mouse over to the right hand side of the comment that you want to respond to and then clicking on the >> that appears, in case you didn't know.

Name: Nick Silvermane

Age: 22

Body color: Grayish silver.

Mane: Silver with black tints in it. His tail is black with silver tints in it.

Eye color: One Red eye and One Blue eye. Around his blue eye there are claw marks from a Diamond Dog.

Cutie Mark: A sheriffs badge but instead of it saying sheriff on it it says Defender.

Species: A male Unicorn.

Job: One of Luna's Personal Night Guard.

Weapon of choice Swords: Can use most types of swords but he prefers dual wielding Katana's.

Magic: Can use Lightning magic plus he uses his magic to hold two Katana's at once whenever he fights his enemies. He can charge his Katana's with Lightning and in a pinch make Lightning armor over top of his normal armor. (Think of it as a the Overshield from Halo.) Can also heal small cuts and bruises.

Personality: He is a funny dude most times. He loves hearing terrible puns and making some as well. But if you hurt his friends or any innocent mares or fillies then you will be in a world of pain. Gets along with mostly everyone and is friends with mostly every species. He has great manners just forgets to use them sometimes He also has a little crush on a certain hyperactive Pink mare.


Was born in Appleloosa. Since he was a youngling he wanted to help folks out. At the age of 10 he got his cutiemark when some bullies in the town were picking on Little Strongheart. He rushed the bullies and used some lightning magic that he was working on to scare the bullies away. Little Strongheart thanked him for saving her then he got his cutiemark. It was a sheriff badge with the word Defender on it. At the age of 16 he trained himself in the art of Swordsmanship . When he turned 18 a gang of 4 Diamond Dogs rolled into town and started to terrorize the towns folks. The locals not use to seeing danger like this did nothing as the gang demanded everyone's bits and jewelry. Seeing as no one was going to do anything he grabbed a sword from the blacksmiths and started to fight the gang. He was outnumbered both by their strength and numbers but with a little luck and his lightning magic he defeated 3 of the Diamond Dogs. As he got to the last one the leader of the Diamond Dog gang threw sand in his eyes and clawed at one of his eye sockets. Nick in the end defeated the gang but damaging his right eye. He could still see out of it but has trouble seeing anything from a distance. After that he was made sheriff. Nick stayed in Appleloosa for 4 more years until he decided to join the Night Guard. He appointed Sheriff Silverstar to be the new Sheriff in his stead. Nick moved to Canterlot where Nick got into the Night Guard and he's been defending Princess Luna since then.

7110842 um when is de chapter is gonna be?

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