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Not much to say about me. Got a few stories on fanfiction and thats about it. First story was recieved well and I've only gotten better as I've made more.

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Putting this on my read later. :pinkiehappy:
Tough the title buggs me.

Lok, Thu'um my friend.

This is pretty good stuff. Needs a bit of grammatical work, but other than that its pretty enjoyable. I hope to see more chapters in the near future.

Waiting for more.

Please tell us that this story is alive?...:fluttercry:


Lot Tey, continue!

Tis a bit rushed me thinks miek says you should hire an editor to help...
Miek is tired now go bother some one else

zos lig. => (more please)

7628285 oh man this is soooo good, does he know all the master spells, If not I am very disappointed in you.

This should be interesting.

Please update more often? I love it so far.

This story has so much potential and I love it, I can't wait for more.

Well, next chapter will be really interesting to see, So I hope that author will get flashes of inspiration and write it faster than last one (two weeks - one month would be nice,if possible, each one has its own life, so we hope:fluttercry:)

We will accept your piss poor Draconic, in trade for more chapters.

should be fun to see the celestial duo respond to this and see the main six and co react to the conditions of the empire, update soon there isn't enough crystal empire ruled by humans or other beings out there

:pinkiecrazy: Oh man this is going to be great!!!!!!!!

This needs more attention desperately I am going to see of I can pull in some more people to read this masterpiece.

We have new updates after such short time:pinkiehappy::raritystarry:
Our prayers were answered:twilightsmile:
Now we look forward to see their (Main6 and Cadance) reactions to state of the Empire, it will be interesting/funny to see.

Was it really too late to go back to adventuring?

Unfortunately....yes. Yes it is.:ajbemused:

I have one the duel fair and

Won, not one. The first means you win while the second is just a number

The Nord mindset perfectly.

yay update. Can't wait for the confrontation between Celestia,Luna, and him and the eventual outcome of him winning.

Why was explaining the cup sizes necessary exactly:ajbemused: Its an adventure flick not a porno...at least i think so you never know with these:rainbowhuh:

7873842 Sorry if you don't appreciate it but I just like to be a little thorough in my descriptions.

7873870 I honestly don't appreciate it. Detail of that level is just annoying, it messes with the flow of reading. Also it just irks me the wrong way.

7873816 you just don't mess with a Nord and a guild of assassin's, it's quite foolhardy.

Love their reactions, keep up the good work can't wait to see more.

I don't think this "Nordic Charm" is going to be very fun for Cadence.

"You mean until she started to think more like you and that pitiful excuse of a ruler? You were basically brainwashing her to follow the status quo! Sombra may have been a monster but at least he was open about it! You and that tavern whore are just as bad, if not worse than Sombra and as long as I draw breath you, nor Celestia will ever rule this Empire. Guard's get this... princess out of my sight." growled Raddin as a fuming Cadence was lead away by the remainder of his Guards leaving Raddin to cool off.

Court dismissed! Bring in the dancing Lobsters!survivingcollege.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Bring-In-The-Dancing-Lobsters-Gif.gif

That nurse scares me. :fluttercry:

Someone give her a cookie and a beer!

And here we have another good chapter:twilightsmile:.
Now the question is; how Celestia will react to that situation:

---if she is from those who really believes that, their form of government is the best for world, most value and stable ect., she would rather try to influence Empire through diplomacy and intimidation (we have more resources, greater population, i have more experience and I don't remember if I mentioned that i also controls the sun and my sister moon) and their godlike status.

---if Celestia however is a real tyrant (puppet master who sees all as pawns or tools in her plans,but not so strong as she play),and she will found that she losing influence on Element of Harmony bearers (from her point of view,they are broken tools so they are disposable),she come to the conclusion that assassination of Main 6 and blame for it Empire is her best choice (and in her self-admiration she don't even consider the consequences of failure)to win support of her subject and alienate world to Empire.

I thing that in this case assassination will be only partially successful, i.e. they stabbed them with daggers covered deadly poison,there is no antidote on her on Equs,but they don't know that there is on Nirn,so probably they blurt out that Celestia order it (there is good chance to this ones to be Sadists and want to see their heart-broken reactions on that information). Also really good way to triggered Raddin wrath and win Element support.

so....what do you think, about this?

Well I'll be damned. This is the first time I've seen a reaction I can get behind. You DO NOT come into a person's home, order them about, and/or threaten their loved ones. Not if you expect to come out unscathed. Now Cadence knows who wears the gauntlets in the Empire!

7877900 I completely forgot about them. Thanks for bringing back my childhood

7900065 your welcome, though I really don't know about the show that came from I just saw that picture/meme once and thought it was perfect for that scene.

7896884 Honestly I was just thinking that. This Celestia thinks of herself as the 'supreme being' mainly because of what she can do. She would change history in the text books so it would say that she was the 'good guy' and who ever else was 'the bad guy' and her ponies would believe it.

I wouldn't be surprised if other counties "HATE" Equestia for that same purpose. Celestia comes back from another country trying to make a deal and it didn't work out because it was one sided but then she tells her ponies that the other country were being very rude and barbaric and should thinking about giving up there ways and being more like equestira.

Ponies didn't even know of Luna till after the whole night mare moon thing happened. The only mention of her was in the story of "The mare in the moon" and all that stats was Luna was jealous and all that. But what if the truth is Luna was sick and tired of her sister lying all the time and kept on trying to control luna for what ever purpose. and what if they didn't actually contol the sun and moon?

Just think about it

7873842 good question:applejackunsure:

It is a bit annoying and a detail that is really not needed:facehoof:

What is life's greatest illusion?
Awnser correctly.

7905503 Innocence my brother

7906479 what is the music of life?

7907638 silence my brother.

What is the color of the night?

7999769 Sanguine my brother

but it was king of aggravating

Should be kind of instead of king of

This is why you don't mess with the man who slays dragons and who knows what else for a living. His gear alone would make a rookie powerful. Yet if Shining is the best of the Royal Guard, (who are known for standing around all the time) and Raddin trained HIS guard like he was trained, I think a battle would be over within 10 minutes flat.

It's like Celestia thought Raddin was overconfident. As if. If your gonna pose as bandits (which have yet to attack the Empire) at least do it right. And don't leave evidence lying around your camp.

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