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Very divisible.

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Okay author, this is what I understood after reading the first two chaper.

Rainbow hates her father, well not technically hate-hate her father. She just hate his father for shoving all these all star trainer and not allowing to play with her friend. All because of her dad, Dash is starting to hate practice.

Then there Fluttershy, there no question Fluttershy volunteered for the animal shelter. But with her growing up, she now working in a hospital for animals. And Fluttershy hates working there. Why? Because all employee see taking care of animals as business and this angers Fluttershy.

And then you ended it with Fluttershy following Dash to her car, for their monthly dinner to their friends.

I like where your heading with this fic of yours.

Keep on writing.


Thanks! Chapter 2 should be up by Tuesday. Hope you keep reading! :pinkiesmile:

6914332 They make time when they need to. Sleep is for the weak, after all. That was my approach in college. :P

Love this story! Keep it up.:heart:


ha! I'm the same way.

Thanks for taking the time to give my story a look.


6936771 she does want to make you grab a rolled up newspaper and whack her on the head doesn't she?

Cant't wait to read the first verse. Yea right, I want to read the whole next chapter.

There is so many things to say about this chapter with all the situation happen, but being night leading me be extremely tired. I could only say what my last thought of this.

"Rainbow... you stupid."

Though got to give her credit her freestyle with the soccer ball.

FRIEND I congratulate the story is excellent ....


Thanks! Glad you like it so far. :heart: Chapter 8 goes up sometime tonight, but if you want to know when updates happen, you can track the story or follow me. :pinkiehappy:

How the fuck does this have so many down votes? its amazing.


Thanks! :heart: Yeah, I think the first 6-8 down votes was due to bad luck and my own mistakes. I cleaned up my mistakes though, so after that? I have no idea... :applejackunsure:


Honestly you can blame the original cover art, the description, and how the first two chapters are set up which sort of gives it this sort of grungey, edgy, depressing thing that generally doesn't go over very well, especially shipfics featuring mid-tier ships like Flutterdash which don't get that much attention to begin with.

When I first read the story with the coverart, how it was portrayed, and felt like it was going to play out...my initial impression was "Great...one of THOSE fics..." Since the cover art change and the other chapters added, it has warmed up to me more than before (not that much, it still has problems), but the damage was already done and that's why you have such a huge dislike ratio. The cover art really does sell a lot of views and likes...especially for clop stories...and this is no exception in my opinion.


Honestly you can blame the original cover art, the description, and how the first two chapters are set up which sort of gives it this sort of grungey, edgy, depressing thing that generally doesn't go over very feel, especially shipfics featuring mid-tier ships like Flutterdash which don't get that much attention to begin with.

This. All of this. That's where all the initial hate came from.

I realized too late that my cover art was doing me harm, so I changed it. I think I've fiddled with the description like five times now. I'm hoping the new description comes across as less gloomy than the original one. I was never very good at writing blurbs. I even changed the title. You know what it was originally called? "Interdependence."

Fuck, it still drives me crazy trying to type that. That's what I get for posting stories when drinking. :facehoof:

Since the cover art change and the other chapters added, it has warmed up to me more than before (not that much, it still has problems)

Well since you brought it up, what problems do you feel the story has? I welcome feedback, if you're feeling up for it. You can even PM it to me if you prefer.

Comment posted by Dalek Saxon deleted Feb 29th, 2016


Wow, thanks for your thoughts!

Yeah, I know my portrayal of the characters is different than most. Honestly, the feedback I received prior to posting suggested I was on the right track, but everyone will have their own views. There's plenty of popular fics on this site that (in my opinion) pigeonholed the characters, or missed the mark entirely. It can be a bit hard getting the fanbase to agree when the show sometimes takes liberties with the characterizations because of the format. I was watching a few episodes the other day where I thought Fluttershy was being rather forward for someone who was supposed to be shy. She even makes RD cry in season 5. Rainbow oscillates between being a good sport and a little cheat throughout the show. Sometimes she is capable of being sensitive. Other times she's a complete jerk. The baseline for their personalities is still there, but where the characters have changed and grown feels less solid to me. That's my personal feeling, though. I keep meaning to watch everything from beginning to end with a notepad just to be sure.

If the characterizations are to blame, well... I'll just deal with that. Can't please everybody!

Comment posted by Dalek Saxon deleted Feb 29th, 2016


And your portrayal isn't the worst I've ever seen...OH GOD NO I'VE SEEN SOME AWFUL DEPICTIONS OUT THERE...and it's not even bad because if it was I would've abandoned this fic like after I posted it to the Flutterdash group.

That's good at least, lol. Thank you for adding it to the group, btw!

It's just not fitting my certain tastes, but that's ok...even if I prefer vanilla ice cream and you give me chocolate ice cream...I can still appreciate the chocolate ice cream if it's of good value and taste...and so far it's fine...not great...but not awful...just fine.

Fair enough! :pinkiesmile:

Comment posted by sneakpeak321 deleted Feb 24th, 2016

Alright it time for me to get in some of the action between you NineCaliber and of course the infamous Dalex Saxon. So, here what I'm getting from your guys or girls, or whatever your gender is (don't tell me). Dalex is commenting you, NineCaliber, this fic Fluttershy is not what Dalex put out...

She doesn't really seem like the shy, naive, and timid girl and instead a seemingly over-emotional, over-analytical, girl that seems pretty outgoing if we're comparing her to the original show version or even the EQ version.

Yes, I could see where Dalex is going with this, but there one big shadow displaying this, this fic is not place when the main six are in High School, but in College. Who the hell fuck knows, Fluttershy might have broken out or slightly grew out of her shell. The show even portrait Fluttershy in the fifth season to display some bravery, well some sort of bravery... still, it bravery. But do keep in mind, this is place when there in College, they have jobs, more responsibility, which all leads to all the character we love and know to mature and grow. Hell, the only reason Fluttershy became the "over-analytical" girl was because she has a class on psychology, and is the top student on the class. That a reason I could believe in, it not like Fluttershy stupid.

Now the whole flirting thing, I really don't have that much to day about the subject. But one and only one evident, it is a fact Fluttershy knew Rainbow Dash the longest than any other of her friend, and what happen when you know that person for the longest and still friend with her or him. Well, you become loose-fitting with that person and this might be applied to Fluttershy character. She might reach that level to be able to flirt with her crush. But in the end, it all reach that one question everyone else, especially me.

Who knows?

Still, I got to agree on Dalex on one thing, this story is just fine.

So keep on writing, I want to know what happen next.

Comment posted by Dalek Saxon deleted Feb 29th, 2016


Woah, hey. Let's cool it guys.

Sneakpeak, I appreciate you trying to come to my defense, but I wasn't offended by Dalek's opinion. He's entitled to it and he has reason to feel the way he does. It's not baseless. Stories are subjective, and he admitted it's not his cup of tea. He wasn't putting anyone else down for liking it.

Though I do wish to address the time thing you guys discussed:

From sneak--

this is place when there in College, they have jobs, more responsibility, which all leads to all the character we love and know to mature and grow.

And Dalek--

Yes you could make the argument that "That some time has passed and stuff has possibly happened to them that explains why they act this way now." But I say that's more than an excuse than a reason.

Just to be clear, I had no intention of leaving it up to the excuse that "well lots of time has passed, so that justifies why the characters are behaving a bit different from canon." Spoilers for Chapter 6: First instance so far is when Fluttershy reflects on Rainbow Dash's past relationship with Lightning Dust. It's a defining time period for RD that takes place in senior year of high school, which by my guess, is close to a year after the movies. We'll be talking a LOT more about that. There was even some stuff mentioned about Applejack that hints as to why she's become the way she is, and that will be further explored as well. There will be other events that occur between the movies and the story that will have an impact on how the characters behave, and they will be addressed in the story. That goes for most of the cast.

This story is going to be LONG. Like 30+ chapters. Maybe more. This is just how I write my stuff. I like the slow build.

...Actually, you should have seen my original drafts! I had 12 chapters finished before posting, and my main editor urged me to slow it down even more! :rainbowlaugh:

Please be respectful to each other. I don't want to see the comments section turn into a flaming ball of unhappiness. :twilightoops: If someone dislikes the story and feels the need to say so... *shrugs*

Comment posted by sneakpeak321 deleted Feb 25th, 2016

Ugh fine, I will declare cease fire in my part, and to prove this to Dalex... I'll "happily" take away the in from famous. Happy? Happy. Good. Then were all good.

But damn, 30 chapter, your going to need luck in your side.

but characters don't fit into little boxes, and they change at time as their experiences shape them. fluttershy had many episodes in which her character was faced with her fear but then people complain when she shows progress?

talking from personal experience. i myself have grown and molded into a completely different person from 5 years ago, so it makes sense characters would too.

Comment posted by Dalek Saxon deleted Feb 29th, 2016

Hello Friend!!!!
just wanted to know when will be released Chapter 9
and tell you I love your story ..... but I want more updates followed , but I also know that writing should cost a lot of work so from now I'll settle with 2 updates per week ... it was just an opinion .... and again excellent story .. thank you for it:raritywink::yay:

6983810 Yeah, for now, 2 updates a week may be the most I can manage. Sorry I missed the Sunday update! :fluttercry: I might miss tomorrow's update too. It was my son's birthday this weekend, and he and I both got sick.


He deleted all of his comments for some reason... :rainbowderp:

I was focused on writing my story, so I was saving a response for later. Why start the debate only to pull back so hard? :rainbowhuh:

Anyway, I still have his original comment in my email inbox. Some things I wanted to say:

1. I disagree wholeheartedly with the view that characters should ever fit neat little boxes, especially in fanfiction. Fanfiction should be a place to experiment with things, including characterizations. I own up to my mistake of failing to add an AU tag in the beginning, but as I said on my blog, I come from fandoms where small tweaks to canon events and characters are expected as a given. AU tags were reserved for extreme changes, like overhauled timelines and entirely new settings--not stories illustrating what characters may evolve into after a number of years. I thought anyone reading would have understood and expected that characters at college age would no longer behave as they did when they were juniors in high school. I just really don't see how that is so hard to expect.

2. If people would quit my story before the answers are revealed in a natural and well-developed manner instead of having everything force-fed via info dumps from the start, and/or overly saturated story descriptions, then either they are not my target audience, or my story needs more work then I thought. But since my u/d vote ratio is still positive, I can only think that I am still on the right track. This isn't my first rodeo, and I've had people keep the faith with me, even when all I had to offer them was rough draft work. I've got great, skilled, mature editors who are giving me additional input to keep me realistic and on track. Trust that this is a labor of love, but I am not taking it lightly!

3. Dalek suggested in his deleted post that I would resort to flashbacks to explain why the characters are behaving somewhat differently from canon. I'm not going to use flashbacks for backstories. If I use them at all, it will be for smaller things that are relatively recent within the story's timeline. (like Rainbow remembering something that happened the same day.) I don't recall off the top of my head ever using a literal flashback scene in the story so far, but if I did, it was probably in the manner just mentioned.

EDIT: I remember now that Rainbow did have a moment where she had a brief recollection of her past as a child. I also double-checked the academic definition of a literary flashback, and found this. When I checked Wikipedia, I got this, which appears to have a slightly different view. The latter is closer to my understanding of what a flashback as a literary device is. It describes flashbacks as scenes. If we look at what a scene is defined as, they are complete moments that can (arguably) have begginings, middles, and ends. The memory Rainbow has in my story is less a complete scene, and more a fragmented glimpse. This is why, in my view, it is not a flashback as understood in academic literature. If anyone reading this would still take issue with information being revealed this way, then that is your opinion and you are free to it. But I would like to point out that memories have a place in storytelling too, and it is my feeling that if it fails this story, it is because of an error in execution, not because the technique is wrong or lazy in of itself.

Seriously though, I really have no idea why he deleted his comments. It's not his cup of tea. That's fine. I invite anyone to voice their thoughts so long as they keep from getting personal.

I get that the story starts heavy but (as you guys are seeing) things are picking up. This was my intention. A love that grows and blossoms is much like a flower erupting from a crack in asphalt. It can create beauty where there otherwise had been none.

Catharsis! That is my end goal. You can't get that "sun breaking through the clouds" effect without the aforementioned clouds, after all. :raritywink:

Comment posted by Dalek Saxon deleted Mar 3rd, 2016


I deleted them because they were wastes of space and rereading my own comments always depresses me because I always hate everything about myself and deleting some lengthy comments is a good thing for me to do to try and erase as much as myself as possible.


Don't feel bad about yourself. I didn't think anything you said warranted deletion. You were just stating your views!

1. I'm not saying characters SHOULD be put into little boxes. That's just how it's done because when you have to write for 7+ characters for 26 episodes season after season (3 excluded) it's much easier to nicely place a lot of characters into certain archetypes and write around that accordingly which is easier to do for a ongoing show especially like MLP. And ESPECIALLY when its crunch time with deadlines you have to meet no matter what.

I thought the focus of this particular part of the discussion was about fanfiction, not the show. MLP has its limitations because of the format and target audience, surely, but it's not impossible for a kids show to have archetypes and still have well-rounded characters that grow. My story is based around archetypes too. Literally. I have a document that has what each character's function is supposed to be in the story. Archetypes =/= limitations on characterization.

2. I don't need to be spoon fed information or everything to be explained right this second...when it comes to new shows. Because with characters I don't know or haven't seen before everything's new and fresh and I haven't made an opinion or thought on them yet...and over the course of the show/series when reveals and development is made I make those viewpoints on how the character is based on it.

If you prefer your fanfiction to be as close to canon as possible, then that's fine. But this story is technically a step removed from the show's canon because it's based on EQG, and the girls in the movies have already been shown to have an alternate history from the pony universe. Add on that this story is based a few years after the movies and...how am I supposed to make the characters act as close to canon (which would be them acting like high schoolers) and have it feel believable to everyone? I can't. It's true that some, like you, may not care for my ideas of how the characters would grow up, but it's impossible to please everyone.

So it's an impasse. You prefer stories whose characterizations are very close to canon depictions, and my story has to move away from that by design. All I can say is you're reading it--and thank you for reading it--but at this point in the discussion we may as well stop going back on forth on this point, especially since we've already said (numerous times) that we understand each other. Further elaboration is kind of moot. You are entitled to your views. But so far my story does have a receptive audience, and I'll keep writing for them.

I'm already re-reading this comment and I'm sighing to myself. It's not going to be up long.

Can you please edit your comment instead? It's just that there doesn't appear to be any way to know if it was me who deleted a comment or someone else, and this comment section already has a lot of deleted comments which looks unattractive.... :fluttercry:

Comment posted by Dalek Saxon deleted Mar 3rd, 2016


Also on them still not acting like High Schoolers since they're in college, what are you talking about? I go to college and my buddies and I still act like we did in High School.

I know that's been your experience, but as others have suggested, that's not universal. My high school friends changed a lot in 3-4 years, as did a lot of our graduating class. Not at the same rate or degree, but we all changed, especially by college. I'm not saying we became unrecognizable people, but we were adapting to our own life experiences and our unique environments. Some people are timeless. Some aren't. In this story they aren't, and we gradually explore the reasons for their changes.

A year or so and a school transfer doesn't change who you are at your core.

This fic is based in FS and RD's sophomore year of college. Also, if we look at the canon from the films, the exact grade the girls are in isn't indicated. Some people think they were seniors, but I think they are juniors. From junior year of high school to sophomore year of college... Lots can happen. And they do, in this story.

Comment posted by Dalek Saxon deleted Mar 4th, 2016


Most people don't change in my experience.

[...]because humans can be so stubborn and resilient to change...

That's what's called human nature...

Wow, this got philosophical fast... I find it sad that you hold this defeatist and negative view of humanity. Not everyone's experiences are this way. I could keep saying that till my face turns blue. I could try and provide examples, but I think this conversation has run its course.

Sort of feels like we're beating a dead pony with how long we've talked about this even when we both have a clear understanding of each other and what we think on this subject matter.

Lol, I said this like two posts ago. :pinkiesmile:

I'll still keep reading it as the story it is rather than what it's trying to be...which is again a really decently well written romantic drama instead of a great MLP Fanfic.

That's your opinion and you're free to it. The main goal of the story is to entertain. If it entertains you, then great! :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Dalek Saxon deleted Mar 4th, 2016


If you want to continue in a PM, then you can message me. :ajsmug:

I still think your deletions are unnecessary. If you really wanted to, you could just edit your comment to remove your statements. At least it would look better. If you haven't noticed already, this comment section isn't exactly hopping, so I don't think it's a bother to anyone.

Absolutely fantastic chapter. Favorite chapter of my favorite story. :twilightsmile:


7012745 Aww, thanks! :heart: Glad you're enjoying it so much. This chapter was fun to write!

HOLY SHIT THAT WAS AMAZING XD:pinkiehappy: like when is chapter 10 coming out :twilightblush:


:raritystarry: Yay!

I sent chapter 10 off to my editor three days ago, but he told me he's been really busy. He was going to try and get to it as soon as he could.

I'm already close to halfway done with Chapter 11 too! :rainbowdetermined2: So updates are coming. We just sort of hit a snag the last few weeks.

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