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Nice start. I'll be tracking this.

Didn't this story used to have more chapters?

You may have been pre-reading. This is the official release.

The story is going to have far more chapters down the road.

Actually sitting down to read this after all the time listening to you talk about it is an almost surreal experience. Seeing my artwork in it is also an odd feeling lol

Anyways, great start to the story! Can't wait for future developments... :raritywink:

This is really interesting can't wait for the next chapter

“Five years ago, the Shimmer family as many will remember were involved in a terrible tragedy that to this day remains unsolved. Channel 4 here was the first on the story those five years ago.” The anchorwoman seemed to enjoy tooting her channel’s horn.

“Dusky Shimmer, owner of the Canterlot Institute, wealthy millionaire many times over along with his wife Spark Shimmer both found dead in their Canterlot home those five years ago. A brutal murder leaving their only child, Sunset as the sole survivor. Many may remember this story when we covered it. To this day very little is known regarding the murder and the police will not comment on the case.” The Television showed a photo of what appeared to be a twelve year old Sunset on the screen. The group took notice of her glasses which Sunset never considered what she’d look like with. To say her interest was peaked was an understatement.

“For the next five years she fought her remaining relatives for her vast inheritance. By the age of fourteen she was declared legally emancipated and for these five long years lived in solitude, refusing to speak to the press and has declined any and all interviews. That five year long silence though ends today, as we are about to go live to a speech that Ms. Shimmer is going to deliver at the Canterlot Institute.” The anchorwoman placed her hand over her ear before speaking again, “I have just received word that we are going live to the speech right now.”

"This has been plot convenience news, bringing you plot points for MLP fanfics at all times and in all universes."

I tease of course, I like this fic so far.

im curious what is the shipping going to be in this

Hmm. So Sunsets twin is also a scientist. Very fitting now that I think about it. Minus the running away part Sunsets upbringing and interests were pretty much the same was Twilights. Seems appropriate that this would remain consistent with their twins.

Nice picture by the way. Figures that Sunset would be the Hot Scientist type to contrast Twilights Nerdy Scientist type.

Isn't that always the important question after all? :3

I just picked up this story and want to say that I've enjoyed the reading. Thanks for writing.

You're welcome! And thank you! Hope you like what is to come!

Stepping out of the car, she made her way up the staircase, trying to avoid the steps that were in states of disrepair. Finally reaching the third floor, she approached her door labeled C4. Turning her key ring from her car key to her door key, she pressed it into the lock to let herself inside.

Whoo, that apartment is...
(wait for it...) :pinkiehappy:
..da bomb!


Shimmer's violent outburst reminds me of me. I also get violent when I'm angry. I broke me car windshield one time when I got into an argument. This is why I don't date anymore, too afraid of hurting someone I care about. But enough about me, excellent chapter I hope you and your artist feel better soon :raritywink:.

I appreciate it!

Me and her have been fighting this cold together. She's actually my spouse!

Glad you enjoy the story too!

There's been a lot of suicidal Sunset fics floating around recently. Mostly about the Anon-a-miss incident, Its rather concerning. i'm glad someone reached a hand out to Sunny. As always this chapter was well done and the artwork was adorable (but when isn't it?). I look forward to the next post and I hope you and your spouse are recovering from your recent bout of illness :raritywink:


In my mind the Anon-a-miss is "b" canon, AKA it's not 100% canon to me. I also didn't like the idea of going with that as another suicide excuse, I wanted to do something different.

And thanks! I'm better, but she's still recovering.

And the other shoe drops. As much as I liked this chapter the conflict for it seemed to be resolved far too quickly. Hopefully this subject will be touched upon more in later chapters. I'm happy that you have someone in your life like to keep you motivated and her artwork is always a nice touch to an otherwise already great installment. Honestly i'm kind of jealous. Anyway excellent work Darling I look forward to more. :raritywink:

Oh that conflict is FAR from resolved. ;)

“ “He was picking one me!” Shimmer defended ”.
We’re you trying to say picking on me?
Also great story, I love double Sunset stories.
Can’t wait for the next chapter and then act II. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the correction! I made the change!

And thanks for reading. Act II is going to be even bigger and more epic. :P

This chapter explains quite a lot about Shimmer. I mean....

Violent anger? Potential bi-polar? Murdered parents? No break-ins/out? Police not revealing much? I think I know what happened and it's actually pretty tragic now that I think about it. Of course I could be wrong, but watching that scene is more understandable where Shimmer can get really violent to even crack a table. Still I'm reading up to this chapter so more could be answered in the later chapters.

Well I didn't expect this mystery to be revealed until much later/climax on regarding the parent's death. Clever, but I'm guessing something bigger is going to happen in later chapters then, guess that might mean a return of an old fiend that's been missing for quite a while.

And what friend would that be?

While this would have been a good way to end it I'm happy to see it continue, though admittedly you probably could have also just made act 2 a new story.

I look forward to seeing what comes next.

Hey thanks for reading!

And I ultimately went with one story broken into acts because to do it as sequel after sequel the issue becomes the sequel is too reliant on the base story to understand. So it makes more sense to put them as the same story in different acts as that way it'll ensure people realize you can't read them as stand alones.

I loved that it was soooo cute good job :ajsmug:

New chapters every Friday, so fear not! There is plenty more to come. What you read was just Act I.

This a great story, but oddly, I am only seeing updates in the full desktop version. I use my phone most of the time to read stories here, and the last two chapters just don't seem to show up. No notifications or anything.

It's weird. I just don't know what went wrong!:derpyderp2:

You are doing the work beyond mere mortal understanding, the fiber of the world you weave immaculate. What I am trying to say is, keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

Odd, try clearing your browser cache, cookies, etc.

Hahaha thanks. The story should continue this Friday. Gotta sit down with Applety to talk about the illustrations for next week.

I found the issue, my phone browser decided I wasn't an adult. So a LOT of stuff wasn't showing up. :duck:

Please tell me you're shipping Sunset with Princess Twilight and Sci Twi with Shimmer!!!

So you want Sunlight and more Sunlight? :P

Sorry!! It's just a never read a Sunlight story where human Sunset and human Twilight are a couple and i think you could be the first person who could do it!! Also, I ship Princess Twilight and Equestria Sunset Shimmer.

You'll have to wait and see what happens. We have a looooong way to go and there's a ton more story. :P

Ok!! Just have to say this is one of the best Sunset Shimmer stories I have read along with Firebird Dahlia and Principal of Equestria!!! Keep up the good work!!!

i mean if you think of it from a logical standpoint, the story seems to be mainly based around sunset shimmer meeting her counterpart; thus the perfect setup for the question is it 'incest or masturbation?'

what's that? 'get some sleep your mind is fried?' pfffft shut up.

I can confirm at the very least that some shipping does start to appear in Act II. Can't say who, but you will see some shipping.

Going back and doing minor edits and fixes. Nothing that changes the story, just little fixes. Thanks to people for pointing stuff out to me. It's amazing what you miss sometimes!

Continued thanks to all who are following the story, more fixes and updates to come!

seriously. this story has become one of the highlights of my week. I always look forward to reading the new chapter after i get home from work every friday.

I'm glad you enjoy the story, I hope to continue entertaining you.

Ok, I know I don't criticise people on their work because your writing is really good.... but WHY IN CELESTIA'S NAME ARE YOU MAKING THIS A SCISET SHIP NOW???!! HAS IT ALWAYS BEEN THIS AND I'M KNOW SEEING THIS OR HAVE YOU PLAN THIS FOR THIS CHAPTER ALONE!! I mean I'm sorry if I sound mad it's just that it feels wrong that Sunset and Sci Twi arebaship because ponies and humans should not have a romantic relationship. Ponies are to be with Ponies and Humans with Humans. I'm still going to read this story because you beatifully exploit the sisterly bond of Sunset and Shimmer and i cry evertime they get emotional because me and my sister are like that too.Again sorry about my outburst earlier. I love your story and I'm still going to follow but I am a little disappointed. Sorry

Remember, what we saw was just a dream so far.

I can't spoil the ultimate fate of anyone in the story, but I can say that what currently exists only represents a small fraction of the entirety of the story overall. We're not even at the halfway point and there is a lot more that has yet to happen and much more that has yet to transpire.

I have no real favoritism towards specific ships and if you read any of my other stories you'll see they are all over the place because I see shipping as more of an experiment of "can I find a way to make this work?" rather than just "I want these characters together." I bring them to points I feel would make sense and let it play out as such.

I do however appreciate your continued reading, and your outburst is not taken as anger to me, but as passion. So I'm content that the story has at least made you feel strongly for anything that has happened.

Woah... the way you put it out now make and feel very dumb. Again I'm sorry. This story is really good and beatiful and you really do justice in the characterization of all the characters. And I really like Shimmer as her own character rather than her being a basic clone of Sunset. It's just that for me I feel that Sunset can't stay in the human world for too long because she's ignoring her destiny as pony as a whole and thats not good. Her cutie Mark as a pony represents her affinity with magic and for a pony who lives in the human world, that destiny will not pass. Also, look at the way she lives. Financially now Sunset is stable but for later years it doesn't seem possible. I love how Sunset interacts with her human friends especially Sci Twi. But the way i see it is that they are just good friends who both understand how it was to be corrupted by magic and have gone past that. If anything I said now doesn't make sense, please let me know.

Everyone is welcome to their own theories! There are tons of mysteries that have yet to be solved, like I'm sure you'll soon notice one that you may have not noticed thus far but may become more apparent as time goes on.

As for what will happen... I can say we're on Act II, and there definitely is an Act III.

Sunset's affinity for magic, yes it is quite prevalent isn't it? I mean after all, she seems determined to get Shimmer to embrace magic too doesn't she?

Despite Twilight's dream though, I wonder if sex or romance is even on Sunset's mind at all. Only time will tell.

Yeah... you're right. Hopefully that's the case. Good job on the story and can't wait to read more next week!!!

Feel free to PM me with any of your theories, I do enjoy hearing them.

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