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Somedays, I sit, looking at the stars. I muse and wonder. I meditate and reflect. And I find the miracle in a new day of life. Especially since I swallowed so much glass the day before.


Where is Rose?

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Dear long-time Reader, if this seems familiar to you, it might be!

This is a recovered project from what started off as a stupid joke that was eventually deleted, but I decided to turn it around and make something new out of it. It's completely newly written, with a completely new focus and an actual point to it now, although that might not be so apparent. I simply liked the setting and the focus of the writing, which is to be an experiment in surrealistic writing.

So there's actually a story in here, fret not. It's not just weird ramblings! But things might not necessarily make sense until the end. For the ones who enjoy pulling at threads, there should be enough as the chapters go on to satisfy that as well.

For people coming back, I hope you enjoy the new reincarnation of Lily, and for newcomers, thank you for giving it a chance!

And as always,

Thank you for reading.

Huzzah! A new story from Kitsune Risu!

Honestly? It reads like you're aping Samuel Beckett, but without any sort of accessible meta context or humor that actually sticks. It reads like the sort of thing you'd be assigned in a college literature class, but not a highlight of that semester. It reads like something which is technically sound, but not very compelling or memorable.

You're the guy who wrote table for two. You can do funny. You can do thoughtful. Seriously - surrealism is something I can enjoy, but that just wasn't engaging in the slightest.

Are you hitting a slump? Is something wrong? What's going on here?

I'm reminded weirdly of Endgame.

Very excited to see a new Risu story!

Uh. Uh.
I didn't manage to find any particular thread to whatever misterious plot you are cooking up, but that's okay. It's not something I ever found myself capable of doing.

What I found myself doing, on the other hand, was finding interpretations for some bits of this story as observations and/or accusations against the vapidity of modern consume-focused society.

Seriosuly, Riku, your ability and fluidity of writing kind of scares me and makes me feel vastly inadequate. Good job.

I am too dumb for this story, and so far I think I need more information to really get what's happening. However, I gotta say, the style in which this is written really grows in you -- especially if you read it a couple times because your'e trying to find any clue or cipher you're missing, as I have. It's surprisingly easy to read, though. The dialogue is oddly captivating after a bit.

I'm really getting a Jodorowski vibe outta this, even more after the aforementioned multiple reads. And a Lewis Carrol-ish feeling, 'cause oneiric shit 'n stuff. Well-written dialogue, fluid narration, and I have no idea what's going on yet.


Are you hitting a slump? Is something wrong? What's going on here?

I'm all for constructive criticism. Not so much for passive aggressiveness, especially when there's a personal history behind stuff that makes the intent of the comment so clear if you know what's going on.

In layman's terms: I guess from an outsider's perspective this looks like a reasonable comment. But you and I know better. Fucking really, Petrichord? Fucking really?


I think you misinferred? I was referring to the fact that he's got a bunch of stuff in my favorites folder, but three of the last four things he's written - this, Entry #649 and Quoth the Raven - have all been stuff i haven't enjoyed. And i mean, I've mentioned problems i had with Quoth the Raven to him - but my dislike of that was the premise itself, and Lily and Entry #649 were stories where I had problems with the execution. It's just sort of surprising.

If you like, though, i can edit my comment.

Lily is my spirit animal.

Very nice. A distinct "Waiting for Godot"-feeling. I enjoyed it very much. Have a fav.

Obligatory musical reference go!

I would quite like to see this animated. Well done!

You're back?

what the hell.

That came out of nowhere to Samuel Beckett my eyeballs and I loved it

Ah, a continuation to the burning question of a story that I couldn’t quite figure out. It does seem to be coming to some sort of resolution though. Couldn’t let this one sit unfinished, eh?

Whoa whaaaat. Kitsu dude? :derpyderp2:

Yay, more questions with Lily!

Haven't really decided yet, to be honest!

Oh boy. Well this will be interesting.

I've always been horrible about figuring out these kinds of stories, but as far as I can tell she turned into a cact- oh, wait, umm... are the needles not needles... why was there an oven? I have a great many questions and I dont know if I want their answers.

Excellent work, as always! This reminded me of theatre of the absurd, for some reason. Had to do a few scenes of it in the theatre class, and the scripts were disjointed just so, and it was fun to read.

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